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150-200 calorie snacks/mini meals that are FILLING

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Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Quality good old fasion foods. when you start eating 5 to six meals a day that are in this range of the 200 to 300 range. you will find it hard to get to 2000 cals a day, I know I did.

a cup of beans with salsa

A cup of lentles

two heads of broccoli

a hand full, of nuts

two bananas

a bowl of soup.

a hamburger pattie no bun

a bratwurst

a fillet of fish.

an egg white omelet with one egg and some onions and peppers. VERY LOW

wholesome proteins will fill you up.

Same with wholesome fruits and veggies,

Try to eat two apples and when done see if your still hungry. Then two hours later try another 200 cals, then another in two more hours. You will find that your not hungry at all ever in quick order.


This will flood your body with nutrients at a steady and even pace. Your body will then react by realizing that its not starving or dieing, that its experiencing a time of plenty, and as such, your billions of cells realize they have no need to hang onto that extra fat. And the fat starts getting dumped until your body reaches its comfort maintenance zone. It takes time, but it works.

Also drink a lot of water so your body works correctly, add working out to it, and it goes faster.


  • Yoplait light yogurt (the Red Velvet Cake flavor is REALLY yummy!)
  • a few cups of roasted broccoli (no olive oil- coat it with Pam cooking spray, salt, pepper, and any spices that you like)
  • 1 cup of homemade vegetable soup
  • Half a can of Campbell's tomato soup (will be about a mug full)
  • Piece of whole wheat bread with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter spread on it and a banana (I cut mine up and put it on top of the bread)
  • Smart Ones meals (many of them are under 200 calories)
  • Morningstar Farms fake meat crumbles with taco seasoning inside of a taco shell (I can have 3 medium sized taco shells with 2/3 cup of fake meat crumbles for 200 calories)
  • Curried vegetables
  • Protein bar (there are some that are well over 200 calories, but the ones that I buy, called Pure Protein are 180 calories and 20 grams of protein)
  • Fruit with "Free" Cool Whip
  • Sugar Free Pudding or jello
  • Hard boiled egg, without yolk
  • Veggie dog (you can have 4 of them without a bun or 2 within small buns)
  • Sandwich Thins with lean meats and mustard
  • Pickles

Oatmeal with a bit of splenda and milk is only about 150-160 calories or, depending if you like fish or not, if you get a can of tuna (I like the chunk kind) and mix a little bit of low cal ranch dressing in it (to take the edge off of the kind of gross taste of plain tuna) and then put it on whole wheat crackers (in Canada we have Wasa crackers and they're HUGE for only about 30 calories each) then you have about a 300 calorie meal that is really high in protein, so it keeps you full for hours ! 

Greek yogurt.... high in protein, no fat, i load up on 5 of them at the grocery store on Sunday and bring them to work on Monday.  They have helped tremdously and are filling and healthy.  I either have one mid-morning or mid afternoon.

recently my favorite 200cal snack has been bran crackers with laughing cow cheese wedges. a pack of 10 small bran crackers = 160cals and 2 light wedges = 40cal. very filling and good, but not exactly balanced enough to call it a meal.

if you want something more meal-like, try sauteeing prawns or tofu or chicken with some veggies, and have it on a thin slice of bread.

5 whole grain crackers, a few sprinkles of feta and tomatoes has been a great snck the past few days. About 150

grapes,grapes, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, cherries, fiber bars (not entirely natural, but good for on the go), salad with sliced almonds and raspberry dressing, and here's what I leared last week on cc that has helped me this week:

Make a huge meal one night a week, seperate the portions and freeze some of the containers. When you need a snack, go to the freezer. It's been so gret for me this week.

Also, "smart pop" popcorn is great. It's about 250 a bag, but the fiber is great.  it fills me up and keeps me regular.

Snack with a purpose. That's my motto. Get from it what you don't get in your 3 full meals. You're going to want something that will keep your blood sugar high inbetween meals. Fruits are great for this. If you can't do that and want something low in sugar, go for a pouch of Planter's Trail-Mix. It's 300 cals but it's nuts so it's all good stuff with that. Whatever you do, don't go cheap and just get a low cal bar of some sort. Choose something that's really adding to your diet. Even if it will end up being a few calories over your limit, focus more on the ingredients. Stay away from anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup or (unnatrual) Fructose period. And of course if your meals are all planned out and done at least 3 hours apart, your blood sugar shouldn't drop and give you any cravings, so you'll feel full long enough. =)

Instant oatmeal - one packet is 120-160cals depending on the flavor.
Cottage cheese - for 1/2 cup serving, lowfat (1%) is about 80cals; the 4% is only 120cals.

Oatmeal = carbs and fiber (and whole grains!)
Cottage cheese = good fats and LOTS of protein
Combining these two is an easy, macro-nutrient balanced breakfast for a minimal number of calories, that will be very filling. The protein and fiber will keep you fuller, longer! Add a small fruit and you'll be in even better shape.

One of my FAVORITE breakfasts/snacks is to prepare one of these packets and mix in some cottage cheese. Peach & cream or strawberries & cream are particularly good!

A piece of Orowheat Double fiber bread (70 calories) toasted with 1/2 cup of non or lowfat cottage cheese (80-110 calories). I usually sprinkle some garlic salt on top.

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