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60 calorie snack?

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I have 60 calories left for today.... I want something sweet for a snack.  Any ideas? 

(I've eaten well all day, already had dinner...)

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Swedish fish!! One mini-bag of em is 60 cal exactly :D ♥ swedish fishes
a few kisses, or, they have those fruit and cream bars... I can't remember the brand. but they are raspberry or orange spiraled ice cream bars. very good. under 100 calories, I think about 60. maybe 80.
Sugar free puding....watch the brand some are 60 and some are more.....or fruit.....
strawberries, grapes, blueberries. a small apple that has been cut up and microwaved for half a minute. I really love my fruit. :D
I'd go for a square of dark chocolate!

I think the kind I get only has like, 40-50 cals/square or so.  Those can get rid of my sweet cravings for a long time!

Seriously...I bought a couple bars a long time ago (probably about 8 months ago) and have only made it through one bar =P

Thanks guys!  I forgot about Jolly Ranchers... I found some of those.  That's just what I wanted!  (3 are 70 calories, but 10 calories won't hurt...)

If I was going to go out and get something, totally with you on the Swedish berries/fish.  Those are really good.

dark chocolate, cherries, any types of berries, basically. i think almonds are sweet-like

yogurt now &laters oh man i used to love those

A small apple.
Dannon-Light yogurt<33 yumm =]

MEDIUM ARTICHOKE IS 60 CALS!! (not counting the cals for the margerine, if you like to dip the leaves)

entemanns makes 100 cal brownie packs (which equates 5 small brownie bites)... bought them today, but haven't tried them.

I know rice cakes sound bland and unexciting but I had a chocolate chip peanut butter rice cake, and it is 60 calories.  They are pretty good, although not very peanut buttery.
Swiss Miss Sugar Free Instant Hot Cocoa.  60 Cals.Smile

Fit and Active Caramel Rice cakes from Aldi.  Yum.

Quaker's Cinnamon Apple Mini Rice Cakes are really good too; and exactly 60 calories for 8 mini cakes.


jello pudding snacks made with splenda: 60 cals!

breyers no sugar added ice cream (made with splenda) 80cal/ 1/2 cup (1/2 cup is bigger than you think)

Hershey makes "sticks" that each have only 60 calories.  They have all different flavors.  Dark chocolate, caramel chocolate, and mint chocolate are my favorites.  I love these to satisfy my sweet tooth! If i were to tell myself I will eat 1 square of chocolate, I would eat the whole bar, so portion controlled foods are my best friend!

I also love Quakes Mini Delights... they have 90 calories a bag, but they also have many flavors and taste much better than regular rice cakes. 

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