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I estimate that I ate and drank about 10,000 calories on christmas eve and christmas combined. I did not work out so I burned about 4,400 calories. So I have an extra 5,600 calories. If a lb of fat is 3,500 calories, did I just gain 1.6 lbs in 2 days? Will these extra calories turn into that much fat in 2 days?
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Nothing? Where is everbody?

It's a holiday week.  People are busy.  I find that 10,000 in 2 days hard to believe, but if your numbers are correct, then yes, you can gain weight.  I'm surprised you aren't in the hospital having your stomach pumped.

 Here are a few of the heavier calorie items - 20 beers, 24 oz prime rib, eggnog, eggnog cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, mashed potatoes, gravy, cheese and crackers, potato chips, little hot dogs, little meatballs.

I let myself go wild the last 2 days. I guess I feel like it's ok to do that once in a while.

I usually eat about 300 calories less than my intake with a strict ratio and monitoring of fat-protein-carbs. I only cheat on special occasions. Today I had my usual whey protein mix, smart start cereal w/skim, fat free cottage cheese, wheatables and a banana.

How much weight will I gain? I guess what I really want to know is it possible to gain 1.6 lbs of fat in 2 days? It would take at least a week to get rid of that and only 2 days to gain it? Can your body absorb all that at once?

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I doubt you will gain anything.  You have already gone back to your normal, lighter eating patterns.  You are posting in a fitness forum, so it's safe to assume that you're actively working out. 

If you ate 5,000 calories a day for weeks on end, you would starting putting on some weight, but two days is nothing to get worked up about.
Thanks and yes I work out often. I probably should have posted in the food forum. Thanks for the input.

hi tommy,

i mean, it's hard to say if you gained 1.6 pounds.  (and, by the way, i'd have no problem at all eating 10k calories in two days, so don't feel weird).  if you have a high metabolism due to lots of muscle and are an active person, your body could just use it up and never be the wiser (that's why ppl recommend not making a habit of it). 

but it's also possible to gain some weight.  no one can say for sure.  sometimes it takes a few days for things to register on the scale, so you'll prob never know if all your cocktail franks turned into flab or just fueled your metabolism's fire for a few days.  eggnog and eggnog cheesecake?!  definitely not diet foods, but considering your usual healthy tendencies, i'm happy you treated yourself; if there were only one food on earth that i could call an indulgence, it would be eggnog.  jesus it's good.

AND you wouldn't necessarily gain the 1.6 pounds in fat.  since you work out, it's very likely that excess calories would be used to repair/build muscle. 

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I probably just ate 10,000 calories over the past few days without exercising. I highly doubt I gained 1.6 lbs of fat. Now if I ate 5,000 calories a day for a week, I would definitely expect it.

i weighed 145 on dec 21st and knew i wasn't going to watch what i ate over christmas. well, i don't know how much i ate but i bet it was close to yours minus the beers just replace them with frosted cookiesCool and today i weigh 150. so yes, i think it is very possible. i was at 165 when i started so i lost 20 lbs and then ate a lot. i think our bodies may have went, "omg fooooood! finally enough to save!! quick put it on the hips and butt and save it for when she decides to deprive us again!" which by the way was yesterday haha i was actually hungry for breakfast today for the first time since the 21st.


WOW, clairelaine, what an insensitive thing to say. I had a 500-calorie slice of black forest cake on Christmas day after a large traditional supper. Should I get my stomach pumped, too? Do you think that's a healthy attitute toward occasional overindulgences? We are not talking about a binge eating disorder! I think the physiological and psychological effects of stomach pumping are far worse than a maximum potential gain of 1.6 pounds.

tommy - 5000 at this time of year is not that bad. If you usually have healthy habits your body will resist storing that as fat. You work out and eat well, so I'd expect a minimal gain if any at all. It is definitely ok and even healthy to let yourself go wild on occasion. It may be bad if you didn't recognise it as a very rare special occasion where your diet is less important than relaxing/cooking/eating/drinking with friends and family.

Consider it a social event and a break from your normally healthy habits. You're taking action to watch your consumption and burn, so you're already back on track. Worst case scenario, less than 2 lbs gained, is not the end of the world. I've also over-eaten this week and I'm sure we're in good company.  :)
Call it a cheat day(s), you're already back on track. This may even rev up your metabolism too...

Also "3500 calories = 1 pound of fat" is an estimate, if you're a fit person who overindulged for a couple days, I don't think it will turn to fat.
Original Post by ser25:

WOW, clairelaine, what an insensitive thing to say. I had a 500-calorie slice of black forest cake on Christmas day after a large traditional supper. Should I get my stomach pumped, too? Do you think that's a healthy attitute toward occasional overindulgences? We are not talking about a binge eating disorder! I think the physiological and psychological effects of stomach pumping are far worse than a maximum potential gain of 1.6 pounds.

Yeah, it was kind of insensitive, but it's true.  If you eat that much in a short period of time you'll gain a pound or two.  I just find it really hard to imagine that amount going into someone's digestive system!  I perhaps should have asked if he had a tummy ache instead of contempating stomach pumping. 

There's a huge difference between 500 calories and 10,000 though. Your 500 calorie treat pales in comparison to a 10,000 binge.

Please don't jump down my throat and pass judgement on me for an offhand remark meant as joke.  I've been through a lot in my long life and I guess I've seen a lot too.  If anybody has a healthy attitude about food it's me, and I've proved it over and over.  My biggest challenge has been portion control - I do know a lot about it.

This thread is very interesting. While 10,000 calories over a 2-day period sounds like a lot, that equates to 5,000 calories per day. 

Get this --- the "typical" Thanksgiving meal that includes turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberry dressing, pumpkin pie, etc. is 5,000-6,000 calories.  That's for one meal (ok, it's a big meal, but still...)

Add to that the fact that there will be grazing and snacking later in the day, and I would venture to guess that a 5,000-calorie day around the holidays might be on the conservative side!
So, there is a good chance that I may have eaten more than 10,000 calories! I ate a lot. I will try to input it into CC tomorrow and post my results. I will list the items as well.

I totally agree with abaker.   

Depending on my activity, I can eat 3000 to maintain some days.  And it isn't an uncomfortably full feeling, it's just maintenance.  (Gotta love distance running!)  For a holiday, especially for a guy in his 20s, I would think that 5000 a day isn't really all that crazy.  On a daily basis, sure.  But I wouldn't sweat a day or two of that kind of indulgence. 

I ran a lot over the holidays, but I ate more.  :)  In spite of all the food, today I weighed in less than I was last Friday, and I am even retaining water right now.  With all the nuts and cider that I snacked on, not to mention the meals, I am pretty sure I was in the 3000-4000 calorie range on more than one day, maybe even topping out over 4k. 

It all depends on how active you are, and whether this is a regular occurrence or a special occasion. 

Drink lots of water, get back to being active, and it will work out ok in the end.

clairelaine, I should have had my stomach pumped, too. :)

I can't believe how many calories I've eaten the past few days.

Hi All. I think this is one of the healthiest streams I've read all night. It's great to really acknowledge how many calories we eat over the holidays, and what our bodies will do with them. I don't believe in the calorie for lb of fat theory, because it means our bodies would be stagnant as opposed to dynamic orangisms. I think we are made to accomodate dramatic shifts in food supply, since that's how life in the wild would be; but those shifts have to be leveled by activity and moderation. At any rate, if you gained a pound or two over the holidays Tommy, it sounds like you will work them right off in the next few days. Eating like that might even fire up you fat burning activity as someone else said.

Thanks for posting how many calories you ate. It took guts! (no pun intended)

Oh, by the way, one piece of the pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting that I make is 780 calories, soooooo you do the math for an entire weekend of holiday eating. 10k is is nothin ......

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hi everyone.  i just want to say that i completely understand what you are going through.  the past 4 days i have eaten about 10000 calories a day!  i don't know how i even did it!  i eat very very healthy normally and am a long distance runner, and now i feel like i have gained so much weight (8 lbs?!)...ugh, and i was hoping to drop the last few!  sorry to take over the original post, but my advice is, let's move on and return to our healthy lifestyles.  in the grand scheme of things enjoying the holiday season is more important.  but, i really feel for you.  keep your chin up and take care.
Only 10,000? Wimp! LOL j/k

I easily had around 10,000 to 12,000 between Christmas Eve and Christmas day -- very easy to do with rich foods for 3 meals and so many snacks, desserts, and drinks. After eating at LEAST 5000 calories on Christmas Eve, I weighed myself on Xmas morning out of morbid curiosity and I was DOWN 2 lbs -- water weight I'm sure from all the walking I did while doing last minute shopping on xmas eve and then my cardio workout. I overdid it with exercise but I also ate a ton and actually lost lol.

No worries. I'm back on track since the day after Xmas. I don't count calories on holidays. Then again, I take a free day every 2 weeks and eat around 4000 or 5000 calories on those days so I'm used to it AND it hasn't stopped me from losing 65 lbs since June. Losing weight and keeping it off is a balancing act, NOT an exact science. What you eat in one or 2 days doesn't matter nearly as much as what you eat over a week or 2, even a month. That's why I cycle my calories and it all works out just fine with an average loss of 10.5 lbs per month despite water/undigested food weight fluctuations.

And ROFL @ stomach pumped. That's hilarious. Someone is obviously calorie UNconscious to act like 5000 calories in one day is rare HAHAHA.
I overate too for a few days and I thought clairelane's comment was quirky, different, but not insensitive. It's her reaction to this very real thing and really, maybe we'd all better be more honest about something we all seem to go through.

My personal thoughts about holiday eating is to just forget about it.  If you spend time beating yourself up about it and trying to compensate you will likely put yourself in a scary yo yo eating pattern.  Forgive yourself for what you have done and go back to eating healthy and exercising. 
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