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900 calorie diet!!! how soon will I see results??

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Well i have a goal to lose 30 lbs by April.  Last year i lost 30 pounds soing the Atkins diet, then that just stopped working for me.  i recently started this new diet, I try to intake about 900 calories a day.  From my research, it seems as if is really bad and considered starvation...but i just don't see that.  For breakfast I have less than a cup of oatmeal with a tiny splash of milk and for lunch I have a sandwhich(no mayo, cheese) usually subway, and for dinner i usually have salmon and veggies.  That is a pretty adequate amount of food.  iI also go to the gym about 5 days a week, for about am hour and 15 min and try to burn at least 450 calories.  In how long do you think I can reach my goal... i am 163 and would like to be 133 lbs.  Can you help?

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900 calories are too few for ANYONE. this kind of severe restriction is a violation of calorie-count's guidlines and policies.

From our research, It IS really bad and it IS considered starvation. Why would you want to subject your body to such misery?

Do yourself a favor, follow a sensible diet by eating well balanced meals and continue to exercise. I have lost 30lbs and am the healthiest I have EVER been. Yes, it did not happen overnight but I didn't put on the weight overnight either, so why would I expect the weight loss to be instantaneous?

You'll know it's working when your hair falls out. Good luck!

Why eating only 1200 calories or undereating doesn't work

http://caloriecount.about.com/wont-lose-faste r-eat-calories-q3127

In the long run, you won’t lose weight faster by eating 1200 calories a day.  Under-eating deprives your body of essential nutrients and leads to muscle breakdown to provide energy.  With less muscle, you require fewer calories and you reach a weight low plateau more quickly.  Restrictive dieting also places you at risk for binge-eating which can lead to weigh gain and a life of yo-yo dieting. The Calorie Target calculator in the Tools section recommends ___ calories a day for you, personally, to lose 1.5 lbs per week, and so eat ____ calories, feel happy and healthy, and set yourself up for lasting weight loss success.

Calorie count does not support starvation diets or very low calorie diets.  The minimum for an adult woman (not taking into account exercise and higher than average height or weight) is 1200 calories per day to lose weight.

Although you may lose some weight fast in the beginning it will be water weight and a few pounds from fat.  To continue turning your body into a fat burning machine it's chemistry needs a sufficient amount of calories for energy alone (ie.  you prob burn about 500-1000 calories a day for your organs to function).  By denying your body these calories you body still thinks it is in "starvation mode" and will hold back from burning additional fat and use it for energy reserve.  You may still see weight comming off but it will be nothing compared to the weight you could lose if you eat and excersise properly.  Instead of eating 3 nutrishious meals a day, include an additional 2 (small snacks in between  fruit/ veggies/ grains)  to keep your body believing it is constantly getting food.   These additional calories are good for you because they are not empty calories found in sugary desert foods , white starchy carbs or salty chips.      I have been eating 200-500 cal less then my daily goal on any given day and the weight has been FLYING off.   Good luck.  oh and PS..this is not a diet, its a new way of life.  ;)

wow! when will the stupidity stop! try your diet and then see how fast the weight comes back on! id say 30 in a month!

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Losing weight permanently takes time and dedication, and it's not something you can do by depriving your body of what it needs-calories and nutrients. Yes, this diet will work- and quickly- but it won't last and will damage your health. Lose weight the healthy way. Eat well and exercise- for life.

Oh wow is all I have to say. And IMO people should stop replying to theses STUPID STUPID post. I think people do it for the attention so dont waste your time...

I've done this one before.It's not healthy,but it does help you to lose weight and quick.I lost about 4 lbs per week in the beginning.70 lbs in a year.I'm seeing a doctor regularly and taking tons of nutritional supplements.I currently shoot for 1200 calories a day.My only suggestion to you is to just check with a doctor prior to starting the diet.

WElcome to c-c, I see that this is your first day.

Have you filled out the BMI/CalorieTarget/Activtity Log yet.  They are found in the Tools section.  There is also a diet profile that will tell you what kind of eater you are.

C-C promotes a healthy lifestlye.  900 calories doesn't begin to feed your body.  Your body needs a certain amount of calories just to survive, and if you exercise you need to consume a few more calories.

With you only eating 900 calories a day and burning off 450 of those calories, your body is only getting 450 calories to survive on.  There is no way that your organs are getting enough nutrution to give you the energy that you need to function.  You will get tired easily, your hair and nails will get brittle.  Your organs will breakdown and your skin will start to scale.

Please fill out the above links and lose your weight the proper way.  You can lose weight by eating more.  Alot of us here have lost weight eating between 1500 and 2000 calories per day of healthy nutrutious foods.

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