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I'm fairly new to this whole diet scene. I have been on my diet for about a month now and have lost 20 pounds. Probably mostly water weight though. I have noticed a small change in the way my clothes fit. But my main question is can I safely increase my calorie intakes on weekends. I know 800 calories is way too low and the body will eventually go into starvation mode. But if I eat heavier meals on the weekends and low cal during the week could that keep my metabolism from slowing down? I haven't hit a plateau so far but I know it's coming. 
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Probably not. I suggest you ask your doctor that.

But, honestly, 800 calories simply is NOT healthy!  You really need to up to at LEAST 1200, and not just on weekends.
It's probably a good idea to gradually increase to 1200 a day.  Every day.
1500 minimum if you're male though.  Your gender isn't specified so I don't know. 
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I'm female. 5'6 and 251 pounds.
See your doctor. Minimum 1200 calories a day is the recommendation that most doctors make. If you have not experienced yo-yo dieting and are still young, you will probably have great success with the calculators on this site.

The quickest way to hose your metabolism is to crash diet and severely restrict your calories. It leads to yo-yoing and metabolic slow down.

Please see a doctor.
You do realize that you're essentially being anorexic, and that this is not a sustainable means of weight loss at all, yes?

Other than malnutrition, loss of muscle, fatigue, dehydration, kidney related problems, loss of concentration etc., the problem from a weight loss perspective is that you're setting yourself up for failure. That may sound harsh but it's true. Once you plateau at 800--which you will--you will be forced to increase your in-take, and since you'll be in starvation mode and you'll gain the weight back.

Slowly work your way up to a more realistic caloric in-take before you do too much damage to your metabolism, and, more importantly, your organs.
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I'm 31 years old. I've never even tried a diet. This is my first. I drink water all day so I'm not dehydrated. I take plenty of supplements and multivitamins. And so far I feel perfectly fine. Yet still I know 800 calories is far too low. I have a desk job and don't do any exercise at all. I plan on starting today though. That is really why I was wondering will it help any that I eat more on weekends. I've heard of people fasting and things like that but I don't know too much about it. Right now I'm just confused about everything. I don't have any health problems though. No high blood pressure. My cholesterol is good. I just need to lose weight for me and my state of mind. I thought about getting a lap band but figured I'd try dieting instead.  
Hi there...

I know that a diet can be daunting, especially if you've never tried one before, but I just plugged your stats into the daily calorie expenditure tool on this site, and you burn, even sedentary, 2300 calories a day! 800 cals just isn't gonna cut it.

To lose safely (1-2lbs a week) you should create a calorie deficit of about 500-750 cals a day. That means, that you should be eating AT LEAST 1550 cals a day, which is about twice what you are eating now. Eating so few cals might work in the short term, but your body will start fighting starvation - which is what 800 calories is for your body.

While there is nothing wrong with having a day a week where you eat a bit more than normal, you will really mess with your metabolism and body if you starve it during the week and dump more food on it on the weekends.

There's lots of good information on this site, the members and mods are helpful and encouraging - you can, and will, do this - but 800 cals a day? Not the way to go.
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cchristinyc-I know you're right. Thanks for the advice. It's just so hard to try forcing down all those nasty diet foods. And i don't even like vegtables that is why my intake is so low.
Please read this article (the whole thing including the tips at the end).  It will explain why an 800 calorie diet will not help you lose weight

Obesity at 700 calories a day

I know it flies in the face of conventional wisdom.  We all have been brainwashed to think that the less we eat the more weight we'll lose. 

By the way, there is no need to force down nasty diet foods.  You can eat just about anything.  Here's a great place to start.  Print the list and cross off the foods you don't like.  You'll be surprised at how much is left!

The World's Healthiest Foods

And of course, don't forget our very own calorie-count.com diet!

Calorie Count.com Diet

Welcome!  We're here to help any way we can!
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I read those articles. They were very informative. Thank you clairelaine.
tjohn, you don't have to eat nasty diet foods.

get yourself on a good long-term program -- a for-life program.

you've been given all the good advice that you need.  the only thing I would add is that it is proven in study after study that nutrients from whole foods do much more good than nutrients from supplements.  And if your body is not getting enough essential fats, all the fat-soluble supplements you are taking are just going down the toilet.

I am only 4'11, and I am able to have 1350-1550 calories per day, and I am losing at the rate of a lb a week.  My diet is full of whole grains, fresh fruits, and veggies.  The only "diet" food that I eat is the low-fat yogurt, and the one I eat is just as yummy as the full-fat.  Oh and I use 2% skim milk.  But if your calorie allowance is enough, you don't have to do low-fat at all.  my low-fat yogurt only saves me 30 calories, and the 2% milk not much more than that.

in fact, if cascade made a full fat version of their yogurt, I would use it. 

You say you don't have any health problems now.  Well, you will soon have health problems if you don't get yourself on a healthy diet.  you are just exchanging the devil you know for the devil you don't know. 
tjohnsont....I know many people on this forum that were in a similar situation you were.   For me I am 28 yrs old and weigh 183.  I have been gradually getting in the "diet mode".  But its actually a lifestyle that you want to change not get on a diet and then get off- cuz when you do that you're going to gain the weight back.  Are you going to go the rest of your life with 800 calories?  Definately not....and the "rest of your life" will cause weight gain again.  cchristinyc is right as well as the other well wishers that wrote to you...I wrote you a message, please check!
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Ok, really don't listen to people who just go on and on about eating less than 1200 calories per day and how unhealthy it is. While it is unhealthy for most people, some people have just really really slow metabolisms, and are incapable of losing weight while eating 1200, more over eating 800 calories for them is the healthier option. I would recommend talking to a nutritionist and an endocrinologist about it. It is plain fact that a lot of people I know have been RECOMMENDED to eat 800-1000 per day for some time (2-3months) by their doctors, just because their metabolisms are different... If you are seriously overweight and cannot lose any weight while on a 1200 calorie per day diet, it is very likely that you might have similar problems. Of course it is most often unhealthy to eat less than 1200 calories unless you are sure that it's the right way to go, and you really should consult a specialist to find that out. 

Ignoring that this thread is 3 years old for a second...

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