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900 CALORIE DIET?? or not??

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My friends and I are trying to loose 15 lbs. each........may not seem like much, but it is to us.  7 kids between 3 of us.... takes a toll.  Our biggest question at this point is this.............is a 900 calorie per day diet more effective than the average 1200 calorie per day diet????  although some of us may have only consumed 1200-1800 cal's a day NOT dieting....we were doing it wrong...(not eating allll day....then a large dinner and late night binging)...now if we schedule meals and snacks properly.....should it be 1200  cals...or would 900 help us loose quicker??  HELP....

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ok, smiles :)

It seems like a good thing to eat less and lose faster, but it just isn't so.  Lots of research has shown that a safe rate of weight loss is 1 - 2 lbs.  Anything faster than that should be supervised by a doctor to make sure you are not hurting yourself, developing kidney stones, gall bladder stones, etc...

Also, there seems to be a recommended 1,200 daily minimum calories for women that is considered safe and 1,500 calories for men.

A better approach ~ one that is advocated by this website and many reputable sources is to eat a balanced nutritious diet and to cut back your calories so that you eat less than you burn, and move more.

figure out how many calories a day you burn (living with your activity level) and subtract how many calories a day you eat.

the difference should fall between 500 - 750 cals a day for a sustainable effective way to lose weight....

3,500 extra cals = 1 lb.  If you divide that by 7 days, then you get 500 cals a day.  Eat 500 cals less for 7 days, you lose 1 lb a week but don't drop below 1,200 cals a day :)

You can check how many cals you are burning here:

http://www.calorie-count.com/calories/calorie s-burned.php

If you eat less than 1000 cals, you'll find the weight loss LESS effective (if it happens at all) as your body goes into a survival/starvation mode and tries to cling onto fat.

Try and speed up your metabolism and keep you cals above 1000-1200 (prefeered) ITs better to eat more and do exercise, than it is to starve. Your body will make muscles nad burnt more energy just sitting there.

If you go below a certian number you'll have horrible side-effects.
Also, remember to keep up the fats, but the healthy kind. I am sick and cannot eat fat (much) and now my joints crack and ache. So even tho you think no fat = good, you need some fats, as with cals. You def. need over 900
I don't recommend it if you want to be healthy. People with eating disorders start off at about 900 calories and shrink until there's nothing - I have an ED and I don't condone it at all. People think that with ED's that you're in control and maybe you are the very start but then you lose completely control.

So no, eat 1200 calories a day minimum.

Little small meals throughout the day also spike your metabolism and keeps it working constantly, same with green tea.

Lose it healthy, please.
k8iemay, I agree. My ED started off by eating 1,000 calories a day and has now shrunk to 300 calories a day without me even realizing it.

It is way too easy to get sucked in.

Stick to a 1200 - 1600 net intake, and you'll lose the weight easily.
900 is not recommended.  It is too low and it will lead to starvation mode. 

Read the calorie-count.com diet post before anything else.  It is full of information on what to do and what to look for.

It should be everyone's first stop before posting up a question as many of the questions asked are already answered in there.
This seems to be a much-used trap. I understand the logic behind it. If you can lose 1 lb. a week by cutting out 500 calories a day, surely you can lose 2 lbs. a week by cutting out 1000 calories a day.

The truth is... you can't. I know that we all want to lose weight fast, but.. there's alot of research showing that the best way to lose weight and actually have it stay off is slow and steady, perhaps the slower the better.

Like bigtwinky said, read the calorie-count.com diet, and feel free to ask questions, just understand that cutting your calories too much does NOT help you lose weight, you risk the same issues that anorexics deal with, including the fact you can only lose so much weight and then you stop. ANd the only way to start again is to cut calories even farther. It's a nasty cycle and one that leads to madness. Please please don't go that route. :)

No way!  You will starve yourself!  Like previous posters said 1200 minimum is safe. 

It doesn't sound good to eat nothing all day and then binge at night.  And it also doesn't sound good to eat only 900 calories.  You need your enegry to raise all your children and not be cranky or brain dead in the middle of the day.

Slow and steady is what will take the weight off and keep the weight off. 

I don't think there is a fast way to lose weight.  I have tried all kinds of diets and lost a few pounds fast and then given up because I want and need to eat real food in real portions.

I have just started about a week ago and am losing about 1/2 pound a day on overage, eating 1500 calories a day and walking 1 hour a day. 
Plus you'll be so exahusted, there's absolutely no way you could keep up with your kids! Slow and steady! There's no hurry, you've got the rest of your life, and 15 pounds will come right off! Keep up the good work!
Another reason not to, if you need more reasons, is that you won't be able to stick to it for long.  I'm speaking from experience here.  What happens is, you think of it as a temporary diet, just until you lose the weight.  You lose the 15 pounds and then go back to eating the way you were and gain it back, plus 5 more pounds - guaranteed!

Instead, concentrate on making healthy changes that you will keep to for life.  That is your whole life, not just today and tomorrow. 

You, and your friends, can do this!
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Okay so i am one of the friends of the three trying to lose 15pds....... I am  32 yrs old 5 8 and befor having 3 kids i was 135 pds... 5 years later  i now have a 5yr old 3 yr old and 1yr old ..... And as of sunday jan 28th i was 150 pds...... As of today feb 2 .i am 148 pds....i  have beed eating between 900 and 1050 calories a day....which i feel fine on ... Also befor having kids i always ate good and worked out a lot being that i worked in a gym for many years....my calories befor i had kids where about 1200-1400 a day and thats what i did for years thats how i was 135 pds.so if you think about it 5 years 3 kids later and very bad eating has put 15 pds on me ....  So i know that 900-1050  will work for me. I also only plan on doing this for a short while and then slowly adding a few more calorie in as i start to workout ......

Why does everyone belive you have to eat 1200 or more to lose... Everyone is different what may work for some may not work for others.....

So if i am eating only 150 calorie less then 1200 on most days, how is that so bad its only 150 calories

i would like to know how many calories  you all take in... And is it to lose or for you to stay at you weight.

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No, itstime. We aren't all that different. 1200 calories is a pretty good estimate of what a 19 year old, 5'1" woman, of 'ideal' weight needs. Most women need more (which, btw, is why Cereal Boxes all give RDAs for a 2000 calories diet. The average woman of average height need 2000 calories a day or so. Average men, 2500 or so.)

Please go see your doctor.  Eating 900-1050 calories is probably too few, and what happens is.. your metabolism slows down. That means if you should end this diet and go off to a fancy dinner someplace and eat more than that 1050 or so calories a day, guess what? You put on fat.

Please please speak with your doctor. Just because you feel OK doesn't mean you really are.

Also, for the future, all caps locks posts like that denote you somehow yelling at us and is really frowned upon. Please keep the caps lock off when you post! Thanks!
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thanks for telling me about the caps just how I always type ....sorry to all
There are scientific and medically approuved norms for losing weight, eating calories, amounts of sodium and so on.

There are some odd people here and there who are different and can do things differently.  That is true.  But these are few and far between, the 1 in a million. 

If you truely feel you are different and want to break the mold that has worked for everyone here (or almost), then as hk said, you need to talk to your doctor so they can give you recommendations for you.  They should also be following you closely to ensure the break in norms is not hurting your body.

1200 is the recommended amount beacuse it is what has come out in studies and research.  Not just because we like that number.

I take in 1800 calories per day.  I am a man, 5'10, and I currently weight 183.

I know women using this site who are 5'6 and about 130 lbs and they need to take in 1700 to MAINTAIN their weight.  When losing weight, they amount was around 1300-1400 per day.  And guess what, it worked for them.

But hey, don't take my word for it.  I'm not a doctor.  I just play one on the Internet =)
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i have been on loads of diets.i did once do 800 a day,i got it off but it come bk on.your body cant cope with it.i execise on a cross trainer for 20 minutes every other day,i eat 1000 cals a day.i write down all i consume and keep a diary.i am taking adios slim tabs,which do work (for me anyway) and i am excepting it will come off,but slower,which in the end better.ggod luck.angela
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And you're sure 1000 calories is safe, where 800 isn't, leddiman?

Because, I'm betting it's not for all the reasons we explained above.
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well its working for me,i feel okay,if and when i dont i will change it,by calorie up.
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How long have you been with the 1000 calories? 

And what about days where you work out?  Still only 1000 calories or do you eat more? 
leddiman, Garnet just put together a huge FAQ.  Please read this response.  It explain to you, in brief, why a restricted calorie diet, such as you're on, is not a good idea.
Hi itstime!

I am a lightly active female that began taking part in this community about 5 weeks ago, in the hopes of losing the 17 pounds I have gained over the past three years from having a "desk job".

Understanding that I did not put the weight on over night, I set a realistic goal of a pound a week to bring me to my ideal weight by mid-April. To date, I have lost 8 pounds by eating 1200-1400 calories a day and doing an hour of cardio or pilates 5 days a week.

With more than two months to go, and only 9 more pounds left to lose, I am confident that I will be able to make my goal AND maintain it with the great education I have been building through participating in these forums.

What is the real reason behind your "need" for speed? Both you and your friend seem more concerned about losing the weight, and far less concerned about how you losing it correctly. Crash diets don't generally make people very easy to be around - adding unnecessary stress to everyone's lives.

So try to think of your family too... after all, they are the ones that have to live with you. ;0)

Good luck!
Ok, This is what i did... I may only be 17, but march-june 2006, i lost 65.3lbs in 3 months... may not be very healthy looking but the best thing in a diet is not to cheat... thats what catches you.

I ate 1200 Cal or less a day (being 6ft 5 means VERY LITTLE), went to the gym everyday for 2 hours... Yes evry day, and drank protien shakes, protien Cals werent in my daily cal ust due to the fact that my body deeded them so much more than everything else.

So if you can do 900-1200 a day.
Work out/ walk (atleast 2 hours), or play with your kids for a LONG time, = makes it easier for you to get them to bed, cause you drained them, and you'll be drained tooo, + you will get the best slep of your life!, Not just that, A Good slep = a nice ammount of Cals Burnt durring sleep.

Anyways thats what i did, dont follow it if you dont like, but thats my sudgestion....

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