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Calorie deficit question

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Hey guys,

So this is a really basic question but I just can't get my hand wrapped around it.

I'm trying to figure out how much i need to eat in order to not starve myself when I work out.

CC says I need roughly between 1300-1400 calories to get to my goal weight (i'm 5'3, 120, and i'd like to be around 110-115). I burn roughly 1900 at rest per day. 

So, if I eat 1500 when I workout and burn 300-400 calories, it'd be 1500-1900-350= a 750 deficit? and is that okay, or is that too high? (meaning should I be eating more?)

in which case I see that my calories are obviously passed the 100% limit when I log everything in...

Would appreciate the help :)  


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Since you're within 10 lbs of your goal weight, you should aim for a deficit of 250-350 calories - if nothing else, it makes it easier to switch to maintenance.  I'm just repeating what I've heard other knowledgeable people here say though, and it's something I try to do myself. I have about 6 lbs to lose :)

It's unfortunate that the calorie goal for the day doesn't increase when you work out.  I did 2 hours at the gym, so I should eat an additional 500 or more calories today, but it's hard to do it when you see your bar full at 1,400.  

Are my calculations correct though? seeing as that is what I burnt today, I have a 750ish deficit and should be looking to eat more to have that closer to say 400?

in which case, that's a lot of food and I don't think I could handle that! I'm stuffed and forced myself to eat a kashi granola bar to try and raise my calories to reach 1500.  

I'd say if you're comfortable and eating healthily with the 1500 and having a 700ish deficit then that's good. And I think that eating under 1000 calories is what puts your body into starvation mode, so you don't need to worry about that. To the other person who replied, you can change your intake number in your account settings if you want then higher^^

Yeah, but that's only for one day, right? I only go to the gym about 2 days a week, if I'm lucky.  I don't want to change it for the rest of the week?

I think the danger in 'not being able to eat more than 1500' calories is that you're flirting with suffering later when going on maintenance - It's something I'm struggling with myself.  I've used to eating 1,400 on non-workout days, and on work out days, I know *I* need to eat more to keep my personal deficit above 400ish.  I'm at 1,600 today, post dinner, and I need to eat another 400 calories, but I don't want to.  for me, I wouldn't call it 'comfortable', but I'm not the OP either.

Maybe I'm overthinking it.

I'm with you as I have a 1900 deficit right now at its already after midnight, so not much more time for eating.  Based on the old analysis I have a base burn of about 1860, 2.5hours biking today, and 1 hour circuit training adds up to 1900 exercise calories, so for maintenance today would be 3760 calories, crazy, good thing I am looking to lose another 10lbs, as I have such a high deficit today.  Also looking ahead since I am training for a race, so I will have a mix of swimming, biking, running, and weights 5 nights a week for the next 3 months.  I guess I will be spending a lot of time at the grocery store and lots of time cooking and eating.  I am aiming to average a 500 deficit/day.  Should be down to 152lbs by May 21st (day of the race), started at 193 in November. CC rocks, even with the changes, I am already getting used to the changes. 

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