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Weight Loss
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calorie deficit but NOT losing weight. help!

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For the last month, I've had an average calorie deficit of -323, with 2 days of breaking even and 2 days of going over. The days that have deficits range from -200 to -800 calories. For the last month I have not lost any weight. I've gained!


First off, I'm not pregnant.

Second, I do not do heavy muscle-building workouts. I mainly pump the elliptical at a low-medium resistance with a high step, and walk the treadmill at a high resistance and average 3.5 mph. (Can't run, asthma.)

Any muscle-building workouts I do are limited to hip ad & abductions and a lumbar stretch. (I can't do much else due to back pain that upper body workouts can trigger.)

I've been stuck at 230-238 up and down for months. A vacation totally ruined a month or so of loss so I'm back to my March weight. But I can't seem to lose it again and I've no clue why.


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I'm in the same boat.  I'm sad to see that no one responded with any great ideas. 

Somone else said something the other day that really hit me (pgeorgian, perhaps?).

It was something like - If you are not losing weight, you DO NOT have a deficit. Plain and simple.  I know it sucks, but barring starvation mode, it really is sad but true.

It is possible that you are underestimating your calories.  It is also possible that you do not have your BMR correct (you can really only estimate it - CC is not infallible).  Lastly, you might be burning fewer calories at the gym than you think.  That about covers it I think.

Assuming you are eating enough for your age/size, you may just have to cut cals or up your exercise to create a larger deficit.  Try it 100 cals at a time and be patient!!! Better to slllooowwwlllyy lose than lose too quickly and gain it back!!!

Really good luck to you and be patient!!

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