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Calorie deficit and exercise

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I am supposed to consume about 2174 cals according to the calorie target thingy. This is so I will lose at 1.5 lbs a week.

my burn meter is 2920. This would give me a deficit of about 750.

So what happens when i workout? say I burn 500 cals a day with my cardio and treadmill.

do I need to eat 500 cals more?

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I was kind of wondering the same thing myself, but I *think* that the deficit from exercise is built into the activity level selection.

That is really up to you...most people and this site usually recommend keeping your deficite between 500-1000. That allows you to lose between 1-2 lbs per week. Others have found that they feel fine with the extra calories burned. If you don't feel good (dizzy, tired, worn out, etc)  definitely increase your calories until you feel good. It's all about finding a balance within your own body. Do make sure that you don't fall below the minimum for your sex, 1200 for women and 1500 for men.

"built in" excellent way of putting it! I was trying to say that but couldn't put it into words.

If anyone who knows for sure, could you please clarify this for me??

and if the exercise is "built in" what happens on days that I dont exercise, or I exercise more???

Should I figure my calorie target as sedentary, light, moderate, and heavy and then adjust it by day by how much I exercise, or should I just pick the middle number out of the range??


thanks in advance


People who exercise regularly will find that their body burns energy rather faster, even on days when they don't exercise.  For that reason, I would recommend picking a level of activity that looks like a realistic average and then go with a similar calorie intake every day.  Should, one day, you do a lot more exercise than normal, then eat a little more than normal....

This approach also gives you the advantage of being able to develop a good healthy-eating routine.  One where you enjoy similar-sized meals on a regular basis.   The disadvantage of the approach of setting everything to 'sedentary' and adding exercise separately is that you can find your intake varies wildly from one day to the next... making it more difficult to establish that routine.

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The whole business of counting is chicken-and-egg.  It doesn't matter which came first, and it's the results that matter.  If you're losing 1.5 lbs per week, your deficit is about 750 calories per day.  Keep a log and look at how it all works out on a monthly basis, but remember that the log depends on your honesty and accuracy.  The scale doesn't have those problems. 

For health reasons, respect the minimums for eating and the 1000 calorie maximum daily deficit.

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