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1200 calorie daily diet plan?

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does anyone who follows the 1200 calorie a day have a sample diet plan? i'm just starting and wanna see what i could try for the day.
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wow clavicle255 that is an awesome free menu! I'm printing the whole thing out this very moment. Thanks a bunch.
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ok im not a nutririonist or anything but i do the 1200-1300 calories a day, in food that is i work out about 35-45 minutes or cardio a day an strenght trian/ ab workout 6 days a week. i lost 3 lbs so far:( i was hoping to lose 6 but oh well 3 is better then none. here goes


low sugar maple brown sugar oatmeal w/ skim milk 180 cals

snack apple 1% milkfat cottage cheese(.5 cup) around 160

lunch boca burger, laughing cow wedge cheese, 2 slices low carb bread, ketchup 300

snack spinach egg whites, or peanut butter an bannana around 180

dinner , lean cuisne around 330

total 1150, i cheat with a dark cholate square also so that brings me around 1200-1300

i also love brown rice, granola, broccle, celery wih peanut butter abd tuna all good for u :) good luck
Thanks for the website info clavicle255...I saved it to favorites for when I have more time...I struggle with affording groceries, so it will be useful.
np:]] I'm glad to help.

helps me on my budget and still maintain a diet
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