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Calorie cycling update

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Well it's been almost two weeks. I started out on March 31 calorie cycling at around 297.4. Today... I'm 290.6! I didn't drop at first but then little then bug drops started happening. Even this week when I'm technically in/ beginning TOTM I dropped 3lbs since Tues. Now I know some of it may be water but at least something is moving in the right direction during a supposed off time. I'm very encouraged. I decided I was going to push through even if I didn't see results immediately. I've charted a projected cycling plan for the next 100lbs as I know I'll need to change up about every 10lb loss to keep losing. There are a few questions about the flip flop in cals but I'll bring them up as I get closer to them. Thanks for all the help in figuring this out. Fingers crossed but it looks like I'll make my Apr goal of 10lbs loss!
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*thumbs up* Hell yeah. Trick that body XD

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