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Calorie Count vs Weight Watchers

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So a little over a month ago I decided to try out something new and try a three month trial of Weight Watchers. I have successfully lost about 13lbs but am beginning to wonder about the program. First off I am always hungry and feel like I barely eat anything and all my points get used up quickly. Well lately I've been logging my foods on here as well and am finding that with all of my points used up I am only eating around 1000 calories including the free points from vegetables and fruits! I always heard on here not to eat under 1200? I am confused whether to go with my points or to go with Calorie Count and eat a little more so I at least reach 1200. Has anyone done Weight Watchers? I am considering just going back with Calorie Count after my Weight Watchers trial ends. I've seen so many people successfully lose weight on Weight Watchers that I just don't know if I am just being overdramatic about not eating as much. 

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I personally tried Weight Watchers a couple of years ago! I too lost 15lbs in 3 weeks, however as so as I stopped the program I gained all the weight plus some back! I would suggest counting calories, because it becomes a life style change! Since learning to count calories I haven't gained any weight! Even if I stop for a couple of months I might not lose any but I sure don't gain. Counting calories makes me more aware of what I put in my body!
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Even 1,200 is likely too low.  But it depends on how much you weigh, your height, your activity level, etc.

Are you using the 49 weekly points also? I was on weight watchers for the whole weight loss part of my journey. Then I came here to maintain because Online members do not get the free lifetime membership. I know my mother (who is 50) gets 26 points a day and divides her 49 by 7 and adds the 7 extra points to her daily total every day. so that's 33 points. So she is getting 1485 calories not including fruit and vegetables. You can also manually adjust your daily points +3 or -3 on the tracker too. 

Okay I am 5'4 and weighed in today at 147lbs . I am not currently working out but I have a job where I am on my feet all day and walking around. I've just always felt like 1000 calories was low but I am still losing weight so it is working even though I am hungry most of the time. I do use my weekly points but try to save them for Thursdays because that's the day I go out to lunch with my grandma which often uses up most of those points. I am afraid after I stop the program I will gain the weight back like Kesha mentioned! I just feel very restricted like I can't eat anything without using half of my points for that day. One of the things I enjoy about calorie counting is if you have a craving for a food you can still eat it and stay within your calorie limit. With Weight Watchers it feels impossible to do that without taking away a lot of points. It makes me feel deprived a lot. I literally have dreams about eating cake haha. 

I have done weight watchers before, I went from 175 to 147lbs in about 8 weeks, I then moved area and did not continue my weight watchers membership. I stayed at 150lbs for about 6 weeks and then slowly gained weight back again, it took about 18 months of gradual weight gain and I reached 172lbs, so back to the start again! With weight watchers I regularly lost 4lbs a week. I'm now calorie counting instead and I'm losing 1-2lbs a week, and unlike when I was on WW I'm not as hungry.

I wouldn't say weight watchers is bad as a whole though, I think there are ways to get enough calories and stick to weight watchers, their points are based on sat fat content too, so eating more lean meat and whole grain carbs up calories and don't up points as much. Also with WW I think it is important to stay with them after you've reached your goal for quite a whole because they teach maintainable well too.

I think different approaches work for different people, although it is better to keep a healthy, not too low, calorie intake regardless of which approach you take.

It sounds like they have a great maintenance program which is one of the reasons why I wanted to try it since I usually end up gaining any weight I lose back after awhile. I've been trying to eat higher calorie fruits like bananas so my points aren't affected but my calorie intake is more reasonable. I still like to log my food in Calorie Count as well to keep track of my calories and nutrition. I do like Weight Watchers because it does make me eat healthier. I think both programs have their perks though. 

The whole point of WW is learning to make better choices with what you eat.  High fat/high carb foods will eat up your points faster.  Choosing healthier foods will allow you to eat more and not run out of points during the day/week.

I discussed weight loss with my doctor.  She said she could give me pills to help me if I wanted, but the weight will just come back in the end (no pun intended).  Her recommendation was to go on Weight Watchers.  She said in 30 years of practice, it was THE best way to learn what you are supposed to do in order to eat better and maintain a healthy weight. She said the tools would help her help me if I reached a plateau (she can see what I'm eating because I keep track of it).  

If you are always hungry, perhaps you should look at WHAT you are eating.  


I don't think it matters what you do as long as you eat lots of vegetables, use small servings of fruit for your sugar cravings, and make smart choices with your proteins. 

I imagine people find a lot of success through the WW real-time community and group weigh-ins, but the thing I like about CC is that it doesn't push sugar- or chemical-laden meal substitutes on its members. 

Say what you like about Weight Watcher, but statistically, it is the most successful weight loss program out there and it's longevity is a direct result of that.

And counting points is just another way of counting calories.  As someone else pointed out, you burn up more points with poor food choices than good ones, which equates to the calorie counters maxim "all calories are not created equal".

Consider this.  I can get 100 calories from a snack pack of Oreos or from a tomato and cucumber with a little olive oil and vinegar on them.  Which one do you think is going to make me feel full and which is more nutritious?

I am neither for nor against Weight Watchers, but like any eating plan, whether it works for you is the key thing.  If you are finding the points system more difficult to stick with without feeling hungry than counting calories, then try counting calories and use what works for you.

I use both! I like to know how many calories I am taking in vs. out. So I use CC to log food.

There is amazing support from the WW meeting leaders and accountability. I have a binge disorder, so I really need support, and I have found it there.

You all are right Weight Watchers is a great program and it is obviously very effective. I think it's a great program for me because it kinda forces me to eat healthy which is exactly what I need because I have the tendency to not do so. It also helps me stay on track better because the weekly weigh ins hold me accountable. Like Leslie157 I like to use both CC and WW. CC tells me my nutrients plus I like to see how many calories I am actually taking in to find out if I need to eat more veggies/fruits when I am out of points. I am not struggling too much with hunger anymore as I am eating more of the right foods and stocking up on vegetables and fruits. 

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