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Calorie Count Vs. Weight Watchers

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Hello everyone!! First I do have to say that I love these boards!

Here is my dilema. Last year I lost about 15lbs on Weight Watchers (WW) and that was in about 6 months that I accomplished that. But once I lost I became lazy and not interested in logging my points cuz I would add them in my head. The in the beggining of this year I gained about 10lbs cuz  I went to Mexico and that was a true vacation for me. So again I'm back to where I started ... trying to lose 15-20Lbs. Plus!! I have a wedding in June that I'm a part of and I need to fit back into the dress.

SO latetly I've been doing both.. logging in my calories and logging in my points.. I'm at the point that I'm thinking why the heck am I paying $30/month for WW where this is free. And not that I am being a cheepo.. I'm trying to use the best tools for my weight loss.

I guess my question to all of you is ...have any of you tried WW? is there a benefit to sticking to them... is there a benefit in counting calories over points? what are the pros & cons?

I just want to succeed and I need all the help I can get!

Thank you!
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I think they are both pretty much the same thing.  They both are restricting what you eat.  I think weight watchers takes fat and carbs into account when assigning points, but I've been much more successful with CC than WW.  Like you it took me 6 months to lose 15 lbs with WW, but it only took me 2.5 months to do the same thing with CC.
That is interesting that it took you less time to lose weight on CC over WW. The reason I say that is WW you have to weigh in every week. Unless you were doing the on-line WW.  What is it about CC that makes you more successful?  In your opinion.
hi loxittica. for me, cc is better. i tried ww on and off for a good few years and this is what would always happen - id lose about 7 pounds in a month and then find it difficult to stick with it...and i started bingeing after the month could never stop so id end up putting it back on and a few pounds more too for extra measure! this went on for years - a vicious cycle! then i just stopped. gave myself a lecture and realized i dont wanna be on a diet for the rest of my life...i dont really know why i prefer cc, i guess its just a personal choice...even though nothing was restricted on ww its easier for me to eat a variety of foods on cc- i dont even feel like im trying to lose weight cos im really enjoying my food now and losing weight steadily. maybe its to do with the ideology of cc which is adopting a new lifestyle rather than a diet, so i FEEL better about it and not like im under some strict regime...

having said that what works for me may not work for you!

its a difficult path that we're on but we can and will do it - if you wanna discuss anything else then dont hesitate

good luck!
You have to remember that Weight Watchers started long before computers were in nearly every home and people could join online support groups.  One of the biggest advantages to WW in those years was the support of a local group of people trying to accomplish the same goals, and the feeling of being accountable to that group via the weekly weigh-in.

The other big advantage was the information it provided its members on how to eat healthy.  Again, now we have computers and can surf the internet to get that same information.

so, imo, the $30 a month expenditure is not necessary.

It has nothing to do with the quality of WW's, because it is a good program -- just that the support and information are now widely available for FREE.
Well that's how I've ben feeling! I stay on WW for a few months (in the past) then loose some then I would go back to binging and then go back its like a yo yo  for me! and I dont want to do that! and yes I have to weigh myself on a weekly basis.. I'm doing WW on line.  And like LadyTf said I dont want to be on a Diet for the rest of my life and I feel that with WW I will be.. that is of course my personal opinion. I feel like its a ball and chain that I have to carry around, calculting points with calories/fiber & fat.. and I've come to the point of realizing that CC is some what the same but all together different.. and maybe more accurate.
I did WW. Good program. BUT it is hard to stick with it. WHY? here is why. I have to hold my little Points stick with me all the time to calculate how many points is this and how many points is that whereas everything (almost everything) has a calorie amount on its package. It eliminated my need to calculate. it was easier for me to keep track.
I started WW on Jan 3rd and could NEVER stay within my allotted points for the day.  I found this site about mid Feb and have had WAY more success following this program.  WW is good but they dont teach you really too much about nutrition.  I have a friend that is doing WW and she eats stuff like rice krispy treats and says "its only 2 points" !  I was doing the same thing...still eating "bad" foods as long as I was staying in my point range I thought that was ok.   Hummm .. no wonder I wasn't losing any weight!  Now that CC has taught me how to make better food choices I am seeing 1-2lb weight loss every week. 

I know!! that's the ball and chain that I'm talking about.. WW is a good program and it does work for people but I just think its not for me anymore..

I think I've made my decision.

The reason I was more successful at CC is because I was accountable everyday.  WW has the extra points (I don't remember the exact term) and you can float points around some.  With CC, if I don't hit my total calories for today, I know I can't use them tomorrow or else I probably wont lose tomorrow.  I actually weigh myself everyday, so the weekly weigh In's didn't make a difference.  Also, I think this community is a much better support group than WW was. 

I may be more motivated this time than I was in the past.  Before I was like "I'd like to lose 20ish lbs for now, and the rest later" now I'm like "I'm going to try and lose all 65 lbs this year!" which is more long term of a goal.
i agree with idea of the ball and chain loxottica. i became frustrated with counting the points and figuring it all out (saturate fat and calories) so to make it easier for myself i started buying food from the ww range which showed how many points in the portion/packet clearly..i ended up wasting a lot of money and feeling left out from what everyone in my family was eating. the good thing with cc is i eat what everyone else eats but just less of it, so i dont feel excluded.

some might say that the ball and chain is there with cc too cos you're counting calories aswell but for some reason cc doesnt feel like a burden , i cant put my finger on why but i dont feel frustrated with the counting!

keep us posted of your progress and do what u feel is right!
I didn't do ww, but a co-worker of mine did and she only lost a few pounds over several months.

IMO it's not worth the $$$

Also for that $$$ you can easily put it back in your budget and just eat healthier meals.

The only downside I see is there's no place to go to do your weigh in and all that.   You are responsible for your own diet.   But that's kind of how it should be... this is your life and it's up to you to decide that you don't want the extra weight and you're willing to do what it takes to move forward.

Nicely too unlike WW your support group is here pretty much 24/7.   Sure it may not be the same people every time but most people here seem to have regular time on the boards.

As for this diet in general... this isn't some CC exclsive thing.  This diet is a general diet you can learn about from many sources including probably your local doctor.    So I myself didn't even learn about it from this site... i got my initial info from an MSN article on some older couple that collectively lost a 100 pounds.   Then I found this site and it's helped me learn more, tweak the diet, and just get my head wrapped around eating right for the long haul of life as well as this initial phase of weight loss.

Good decision !

It is so much easier to just look at the calorie count. You will see. I have lost 22lbs since Feb 12  of this year.  The highest I ever lost with WW was 10 lbs. everytime I tried I would be too bored or lazy to figure out the points and little by little I would loose track of it.

One thing I did benefit from WW is that I was able to  carry on my knowledge of healthy choices to CC.

Best of luck !!
I have a friend at work who has lost a lot of weight on weight watchers. So, it obviously works really well for some people. I don't like the idea of having to do all that math to convert and figure out calories, so it wouldn't work for me.

To each his own.
d it works wonders. What I  must say I love about cc is I have instant suport the minute I need it from any computer. the visuals are great for me so I am trying to combine the eating methods I learned some time ago in ww and use that to help me on that quest.  ;)
Hi all,

I'm new here, but I had great success with WW. It's a great program and works well...if you stick with it.  I lost 75lbs in 9 months.  How?  I had a fantastic support system.  My WW leader was also a coworker of mine at my previous job.  She was always there to cheer me on.   My previous job also had a very strict policy about food at desks so snacking at work was limited to breaks.

So, why am I here?  Well I changed jobs,  I don't have time for the meetings and don't have the CONSTANT support anymore (and I can snack all day at my desk).  I have gained back just over 30 pounds in a year's time.  I know the basics of portion control and added activity but I'm just tired of counting points for everything.  This just seems so much easier for me.  I can access the website from home or work  and its FREE! This site just seems to have all the support and tools as WW, without the cost or counting.  I am sure I will have the same or more success with CC as I did on WW.

I did WW online for 9 months had no better success than doing CC-

I couldn't afford the fees so just doing CC now and using the things I've learned from WW and here to eat healthier. 

I had the most success on a different plan but I just lack the motivation to do that again - it was a low fat low carb plan but I like my carbs and dont want to give them up LOL... 

My dr once said any diet plan will work as long as you stick with it - I believe this completely.  I stick wth good eating during the week but come the weekend I just end up putting back on the lbs I lost during the week.

I love this site and would pick it over ww any day of the week. I tried the 3 month period on line at ww and got no where.  The points were vague and I had no idea really how much I was consuming etc.  This site has it all in view.  The calorie intake, the activity points, the analysis of your foods it is extensive and awesome!  It offers soo much more and is free.  I also think the conversations here are much more honest and deal with the true problems behind over eating.  WW was too consumed about the weight .  The weight is just a symptom. If you don't address the issues behind the weight, you will always yo yo.  Plus, the people here are nicer and more supportive.  There were some really nasty people on the ww site.  I found it really odd that the ww people would allow such banter.  To me it is a no brainer.  Get rid of ww and switch over here. 
I have done WW in the past and yes, the price has a lot to do with why CC is better for me.  I also like that I can get instant gratification by entering to my log and seeing where I am at any time in the day or night.   I also feel that knowing the real calorie cost of any food just means more to me than the points.  I am more of a introvert and I like this place because I can join in talking or just pop in to log and away I go...... Oh, and did I mention how much I detested the meeting weigh in? 
Hello all,
This my first post and was prompted to do so because I found the comments about WW versus CC interesting and similar to my recent experiences losing weight via a Veterans Administration program called MOVE. While I have no direct knowledge of WW, I think the MOVE program is similar in that it uses a multi-disciplinary appoach. Initially, my group of vets met for four weeks (2-hour sessions) with dietician, nurse, psychologist and physical therapist. We weighed-in each week and were provided food logs which stressed calorie intake and exercise.
I found this site looking up calories for foods and found it more advantageous to log my intake on-line. An added plus is the activity log which fits nicely into the MOVE program. After the intial four weeks of classes (and exercises), I continue to attend a weekly one hour session (with weigh-in). I have lost 18 pounds so far and attribute that mostly to the MOVE program but think CC has also been an important factor. CC provides an excellent database for finding out food calorie content.
Success to all!
I hate to bust everyone's bubbles, but you will have to diet the rest of your lives -- diet simply is a word that defines a proscribed way of eating.  If you count calories to lose the weight, then stop paying attention to calories, chances are pretty good that you will start to gain weight again.  Why?  Because you have the propensity to at least one, if not more, of these problems:   overeating, binge eating, stress eating, cravings.

A lifestyle change means just that -- a permanent change.  Hopefully we will be able to fairly well judge how much we are eating by sight, but I for one definitely plan to do a regular spot check, just to be sure my calorie count is correct, and my portions have not grown.  It is so easy to do -- to slip in more calories here or there, or to start fudging, almost subconciously on the portions. 

Calorie counting for some is just too much trouble to stay with for the long haul if they have a lot of weight to lose.  That's why some don't even stick with this system.  And I agree, just straight calorie counting is much easier than counting points.

For anyone that is interested, I can mail them a copy of my foodlog worksheet.  It makes counting calories so easy -- and I don't need to be at a computer.  Or you can make one of your own.

I simply divided my 1350-1550 calories into 6 meals/courses, and alloted a portion of my calories for each, but this is just a guideline, not a rigid requirement.  I then listed for each meal the foods I like to eat at that meal, and identify the total calorie count for that meal.  Example, Breakfast has the various whole grain cereals I like.  Total calories allotted for breakfast is 300.

1 cup prepared steel cut oats w/2 tsp packed brown sugar + 1/8 cup 2% milk  = 203  + 50 raisins = 283

1 serving rolled oats w/2 tsp packed brown sugar + 1/8 c 2% = 213, + 50 raisins = 293

1 serving Organic 4 grain plus flax w/2 tsp packed brown sugar + 1/8 c 2% milk  = 193, + 50 raisins = 273

Fiber One  Honey clusters + 1/2 cup 2% milk = 230

1 serving Kellogg??s Smart Start Antioxidants Original + 1/2 cup 2% milk = 260

1 serving kellogg??s Smart Start Healthy Heart w/oat bran + ½ cup 2% milk = 300

 Then, when I choose what to have for breakfast, I simply select the item.  Of course, if I find something new to have, I can add it.  But I look for items whose total calorie count would be 300 or less.

meal 2 is fruit, and is allotted 110 calories.  meal 3 is lunch, and consists of various soups, stews, chili, salads, veggie combinations, and sandwiches -- all listed with their total calories.  lunch gets 400 calories.  meal 4 again is fruit, for 110 calories.  meal 5 is dinner, again 400 calories, and the same set of choices for meal 3

In fact, the worksheet is set up with meal 2 and meal 4 sharing the same list, and meal 3 and meal 5 sharing the same list.

meal 6 is dessert, and is alloted 250 calories.  its choices are finger fruits, such as grapes or cherries, yogurt, and stick cheese. 

As I said the allotment for each is a general guideline.  The total allotments come to 1570, not 1550, but I have never used the total allotment, and quite easily stay under the 1550.  The fruit causes the most variance, because now I use a scale, and fruit varies so much in size.

As I said, I'll send the doc to anyone that's interested.  I really do find it much easier than inputing the foods into a computer program, and I have done the nutritional analysis already, so I know I am getting a good quality diet. 

But the point is, you can't just abandon calorie counting when you get to goal weight -- if you do, the weight is not going to stay off.  You shouldn't have to count and measure every day, but you should plan to do at least a weekly check, just to be sure you are staying within maintenance calories.  Then after awhile you can make it a bi-weekly check. 
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