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Today I have only consumed 70 calories,but thats so far, It's unhealthy, but I usually don't wake up until 2 in the afternoon, so i've only been up for three hours. I also took my dog for a walk for half an hour, but im still worried about tonight. My bf surprised me by telling em we're going out to dinner tonight to a family resturant thats rigt down the street. They aren't a huge resturant chain, so they don't have a website, so idk how to figure out how many calories are in their meals. I don't eat there often, but everytime i do, i get a grilled cheese from the kids menu(i ahve a rather small appetite). and a glass of iced tea. IM worried about eating that and going over my new calorie count (around 900 a day). Is grilled cheese filled with calories?
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Christ almighty 900?!?!?  Have you read any other threads on this site?  Are you trying to hurt your body.  you need to eat at least 1200 cals a day if not more if you are excercising. 

yeah,i know,its not much, but ive got a problem with my weight loss. Ive been trying for about a year on a 1200 cal diet, and i only lost 1 pound in a year. I exercise like mad, because im on a competetive soccer team, and i got to the gym 3 times a week, but i cant lose weight. Its really frustrating, so I talked to a friend of mine who suggested to go down to 900 cals. But if u have any toher ideas on how to do it in a more healthy way,id surely liek to know!

You need to eat at least 1200cals a day just to function. If anything you need to eat MORE as you are so active, your body goes into starvation mode and won't drop any weight because it stores all the energy it can because you are not eating enough. And also, perhaps it is the sorts of foods you are eating? It's all well and good sticking to 1200 but if you're not eating healthily then it's not going to work anyway.


Good luck 

You probably need to eat far more than 1200 if you are that active.  Try eating 1500.  Your body needs fuel for all that activity.  If its not getting enough it will cling to every little scrap you eat, hence no weight loss.  Use the tools on this site to help you figure out how much you should be eating.  I eat 1600 cals a day and sometimes more and I still lose cause of my activity levels.

What are your stats anyway?  Do you really need to lose weight or are you just focused on the number on the scale

i dont think its the types of food im eat..well,it could be. I dont eat chocolate or candy or granola bars or any sort of junk food. I pretty much eat eggs, fruits and veggies, lean meats and small amounts of cheese and dairy stuff. I've never beent told to eat more to lsoe weight..how does that work?
Try the tools on this site, and they will tell you how much you should eat to lose weight. it seems odd to eat more to lose weight but that's how it goes!!
First off, if you've only consumed 70 calories from your 900 calorie limit, you've got 830cals left for the day. One grilled cheese sandwich will probably cost you about 400 calories, more or less, depending on what they put in it, what kind of bread they use, if they use oil or butter, etc etc. So that only brings you up to not even 500 calories, which leaves you STILL with 300 calories.

HOWEVER... like Agana said, you NEED at LEAST 1200 calories. Consuming at least the minimum amount of calories (1200) is super important in weight loss. If you eat less than that, your body goes into "starvation" or catabolic mode where chemical reactions break down complex molecules into simpler ones for energy production. So if energy is produced, it's stored as FAT. Your body begins to feed off your muscles instead of consumed fat.

So... with that said, it's not even worth starving yourself to lose weight because you'll just end up losing muscle. Also, eating less means vitamin deficiency which will slow down your metabolism, and we all know that a slow metabolism certainly does NOT help you lose weight.

Food is fuel for your body. In order to lose weight, you need to eat so that your body can convert that food into energy, so you can work out and lose fat.

Eat at least 1200 calories. Be healthy (and smart) about this.

Love and Alohas
If your body is not getting enough cals (900 is not enough by the way) your body thinks you are starving.  It automatically starts holding on to everything you eat in the form of fat in order to keep you alive.  If you feed it enough it will reprogram and begin burning the fat cause it knows it going to get enough fuel to work properly.  If you are a very active person your body needs even more fuel or it will, again hold on to every cal you eat.  Conserving it to get you through the famine it thinks you are experiencing.

There are a million threads on the site regarding this topic.  Google "starvation Mode" and you will find all kinds of info on it and what damage it can do to the body. 
Yes, I concur @ Minbin... if you're as active as you say you are, you MUST eat more. The more activity you do, the more calories you burn, which means the more calories you must consume to keep your energy going and keep your metabolism going.

this is actualyl helping. do you guys have any healthy meal ideas though?I mean, i usually eat cereal in the morning, but i HATE the taste of it, but everything else seems too bad for me. I wont touch bacon or any kind of breakfast meats,so..
Poached egg on toast?
Everyone has given you great advice, so I wont repeat it.

I substitute turkey bacon or Canadian bacon for regular bacon. It's kind of high in sodium (I don't each sodium in excess though...), but much less in fat.

I like to make an egg sandwich in the morning (2 pieces of whole wheat toast, two egg whites or whole egg substitute, a piece of turkey bacon or a couple of slices of deli turky) and a piece of fruit. Plenty of carbs to fuel my morning and protein and fiber to keep me full.

But yes, please use the tools on the site or see a doctor to find out how much you should be eating. ^_^ Stay healthy!

I have oatmeal or a peanut butter 'n jelly sandwhich on whole wheat bread for breakfast.


Please eat more.

1.  As soon as you sit up out of bed, drink at least 1 to 2 cups of water.

2. Eat a bowl of 5 minute oatmeal w/a bit of brown sugar and a slice of whole grain wheat toast w/fat free jam & a glass of water

3.  two hours later, eat a snack of honeydew & canteloupe melons, mmmmm

4.  take a brisk walk around 3 or 4 blocks, or the treadmill, drink one to two cups of water. (go ahead.....add a flavor mix pack to it!)

5. Lunch? A large salad (watch the pile-ons) stick to veggies. Throw in some cranberry sauce for some extra flavoring.  Add grilled or boiled chicken cubes and shrimp if you like but watch the sodium. Clear dressings like wine vinegar & olive oil mix.  Drink one to two cups of water.

6. 2 to 3 hrs later - Snack time!: ONE - 100 calorie snack and an apple.  Then chew a stick of sugarless gum if you have an attack of the "I've got to chew somethings". Watch the carbs - think fruits & veggies instead of candy, breads or chips. Drink one to two cups of water. 

6a. For your workout - do a bit of weight training.  It builds muscle.  Stay off the scales.  Keep exercising. Let your clothes tell you how your doing as they get bigger.  Remember, it took 2 years to build it, it'll take that and a bit more to tear it down.

7.  Is it dinner time already?  Some lovely grilled chick with plenty of steamed broccli & cauliflower veggie mix, sliced tomatoes on a bed of lettuce sprinkled with some shredded low-fat cheese with boiled egg sliced & on the side. Add a side of your choice of beans.  And yes, 1 to 2 cups of water.

 8. 2 hours go by.....still up? Throw some icecubes in the blender with some plain yogurt, strawberries, a few table spoons of some sugarless chocolate pudding mix, just a touch or two of milk & blend.  Maybe just a bit of sugar to sweeten it up a tad.  (I don't use artifical stuff anymore.  It's not natural and trying to digest synthetics just doesn't sound right). 

P.S. never mind the fact that you have to make numerous trips to the bathroom.  The fat has to go somewhere and it seems best to me to flush it rather than continue to carry it around.  Hmmmm?  Don't lose faith.

Jackeetbs, I can totally help recommend appropriate foods for you to eat so that you will get on track to being the healthier you and weightloss if that's what you desire. But first we need to know what age, height, sex and weight you are. Very personal questions I know, but if you want help on the forum we need to know. Feel free to PM me privately if you feel more comfortable and I can get you started with the tools on this site.

As the others have mentioned 1200 calories is the bare bones minimum you should be eating. You probably didn't lose weight on that b/c like others said, you are in starvation mode. If you continue to eat in that manner you will ultimately destroy your metabolism and have a difficult time losing weight ever. Trust me, eat more = lose weight (although of course within reason).

Feel free to contact me or post on this thread and we can help.

And please, eat the grilled cheese. It won't even remotely put you where you need to be calorie wise. I would maybe eat some ham with it to up the calories or even perhaps a nice salad or soup to start.

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