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Where to buy?

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Pretty much the only store, well the only large store, in my community is Wal-Mart. Where in the world do you go to buy this flax seed stuff everyone's talking about? Can you find it at Wal-Mart? If so, in what particular area of Wal-Mart is it located? I've looked and can't seem to find it anywhere. Also, what are flax seeds and what are they used for, what do you put them in?
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The only thing I use with flax seed is this peanut butter i found in the store. It is really good, especially cause I am a PB&J lover! But yeah, it had the least calories out of all the peanut butters even the low/reduced fat ones, and it is really good for you too, here's a link, it tells you about why the flaxseed is good for you too. http://www.peanutsnack.com/  I would think you could find it at walmart, I got mine at Super Target though.

Flax seeds are similar to sesame seeds but a little bigger and have a nutty taste. You can do some things with them like sprinkle them in your cereal, bake with them in your breads, cookies, muffins, grind them for shakes/smoothies, you can even sprinkle them on your veggies. After getting them you'll figure out more recipies you can use them in. I typically find them in bulk or prepackaged foods sections. If you look for ground flax seeds they are usually in the refrigerated sections of the supermarket. GNC also carries flax seeds I believe. You can also buy them online (as you can with almost anything these days. lol). There are a few good sites that I trust with food product delivery. In Walmart I would just ask, or check out the organic section, if there is one. I think it is the flour/baking product isle in Walmart. Hope this helps!

Most grocery stores have a section for grains and/or organic flours -- you can often find milled flax there.  You're better off getting the milled (ground) seed, because the regular seeds pretty much just go right through you.

You can put milled flax into or on just about anything and most packages tell you how to replace the oil in recipes with the milled flax seed.

Flax seed is great source of natural Omega-3 fatty acids -- similar to the stuff found in fish oil

I have never been able to find flaxseed at Wal-mart.  The only place in my area I can find them is Whole Foods.  I use the flaxseed oil and mix my own salad dressing with it.  Has a nuttier and tangy-er taste than EVOO.

It is possible to find flaxseed capsules at some pharmacy stores in the supplement aisle.  You might check that out at Wal-mart.


It's in the baking section in regular grocery stores (near the sugar, flour, etc). You'll find it at natural food/organic stores too.

I found flaxseed in Walmart.  It is in the pharmacy section, the same aisle as the vitamins.  They have a brand that is in a black bottle.  It is a BIG bottle.  I didn't end up buying it because it was so very much and since I don't know if I'd like it or not, I couldn't justify it to myself (yet). 

edited to add:  I have repeatedly heard from other CC'ers to find it in the baking section but I never did and I hit about 10 stores looking for it.

In our local grocery store, I found it near the raisins, sunflower seeds and dried fruits.
I shop at a military commissary and I found it next to the oatmeal and cream of wheat. 
At my Walmart its right with the flour and yeast for baking breads and such.  I get the Hodgson's Mills milled flax seed...its about $2 a box. 
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My hubby has gall bladder attacks and the only thing that helps is flax seed tea.

Ground or milled flaxseed will spoil quickly.  Keep it in the refrigerator or freezer.  I prefer to buy the whole and grind it as I need it in a coffee grinder that I bought just for flaxseed.  Actually it's a good idea to refrigerate all flaxseed.

One brand is "Bobs Red Mill", which I find in my grocery store near the flour and baking products.  You can go to www.bobsredmill.com to check it out.


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