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Weight Loss
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burnt out

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I'm so tired of working out every single day and resisting all my favorite foods and eating so healthy for the past 5 months and It not make any difference. I've tried everything and pretty much lost all hope that I'll get the stomach I want
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I just don't know what I'm doing wrong

If you have been at it for 5 months n have not lost any weight you are obviously doing something majorly wrong. 

For a start you lose weight if you are burning more calories than you are eating whether the food is healthy or not.

Hope you have checked your BMR and eating a bit above that. Then if you burn about 500 calories a day more than you eat you should lose one lbs a week.

Every single day I burn more than I eat, I am 18, 5'4 and weigh around 120, I'm just trying to lose 5-8 pounds, for a few weeks I was only eating 900-1200 calories but recently have upped it to 1100-1700, I get A's almost every single day, although I am a college student so I'm not getting much protein from meat, but I eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
I rarely ever go more than a day without going to the gym, I lift, I do cardio, I do intervals (sprinting) I walk so much every day to get to class on my college campus, I live at the top of a huge hill so multiple times a day I have to go up so many stairs and hills, I rarely ever eat pasta or white bread or really cheesy or buttery things, I constantly count calories and I think about food a lot but I don't let myself get hungry, I'm trying to give you as much info possible because I've really thought of everything

At 120lbs and 5ft 4 you are already at a perfectly healthy weight.  You say you've been eating so healthy for the past 5 months but 1100 calories a day is far from healthy.

Maybe speak to a trainer in the gym and get a program designed for you to get more definition at your current weight rather than trying to lose weight.  You can't build muscle whilst eating at a calorie deficit so you certainly need to up your calories.

Good luck.

Like I said, I have upped my calories and it doesn't make sense for me to eat if I'm full, I already feel like all I ever do is eat and think about wanting to eat

You haven't upped it enough.  You need to incorporate more calorie dense foods into your diet so although you won't eat more food you will eat more calories.  Add avocado, cheese, pine nuts and olive oil to salads.  Butter is actually good for you in moderation.

18, 5"4', 120 female your BMR is 1,393. You should eat this as a minimum daily to keep your health. At your age the damage you do will have serious repurcussions. If you eat below that your body trys to slow it's metabolism but your exercising should control that. So all I can think, taking your low weight in to account, is your stomach doesn't have much fat to lose. Females naturaly tend to have a bit of a tummy.

Try tinkering with your diet. Up proteins, lower carbs. Eat you calories broken evenly over 5 meals but eat a minimum 1,393. Less cardio more resistence. Basically change things around a bit. That shud give a little kick start.

Thanks, I think around 1300 as a minimum is perfectly do able! And I almost felt like maybe the reason I wasn't losing it was because I wasnt doing enough cardio but I'll try changing things around.. I just never know what's working or not because this whole time I haven't seen a difference besides the fact that I have gotten a lot stronger from working out

BMR1,393 so make that a minimum 1,400 not 1,300. ;-)

That is at or above 1,400 not below.


Best of luck.

She is only 18 so needs a minimum of 1500 and more if she is active.

I feel like I am stuffing my face when I eat that much! But I will try, it just is sort of ironic that in order to lose weight I'm being encouraged to eat more... It's sorta scary

When food starts to get scary that often signals that something is not quite right.  Is there someone you can talk to about how you feel?

You really are a healthy weight and shouldn't be worrying about calories.  Life is too short to get wrapped up in worries about something that really isn't a problem.

With the exercise you do you should be able to eat 2000 calories every day and not gain weight.  Please talk to someone about how you feel before it escalates into something serious.

Take care.Laughing

It's sounds like you are at a healthy weight so why are you trying to lose weight?you mentioned you want to get a you mean abs??? Abs are 100% diet and nearly unattainable for most women...when you see fitness models posing with their 6 pack they have trained for months for that one picture and they use an extreme cutting diet that is clean...high protein..low carb...low calories and they are essentially starving themselves. Sure it's nice to have abs but is it really worth the pain and suffering if you aren't making a career out of it?
we'd all like to have killer abs..including me but it's doesn't happen overnight it can take years of dedication and the right workouts

I would suggest upping your calories like the previous posts recommend.. Also, pick up some weights and start adding weight training three times a week and cut back on the cardio. I have a feeling you'd like to "tone" more than "lose weight". Plus, resistance training is SO good for you. 

You are a teenager.  1800 is minimum for an active one, which you are.  Please eat more and get started on a full body weight lifing program 3 times a week, this will do the most for your "shape".  Decrease your cardio if necessary so you don't feel burned out.  5 days a week is plenty for exercise, especially with all the walking you do. taci-your-new-powerlifting-super-hero/

This is the story of a girl that started eating more and lifing weights, amazing transformation!

^^^^^ amazing article! thanks for posting ^^^

Thanks for the article!

I already lift weights 3 or 4 times a week and I could count on one hand the number of days ive eaten more than 1800 in the last 5 months and it was for special occasions where I went out to eat ,,, there's no way I could eat that much without stuffing my face but like I said I will try eating more!

it's not a question of eating more's eating more of the RIGHT foods and learning a serious lifting program.
If you struggle to eat 1800 calories then it's probably a mental issue not a physical issue...1800 calories is not stuffing your's feeding your body for your workouts

Check out Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer program on has a great lifting program set out as well as a meal plan

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