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Burning more calories than eating

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I didn't log any activities today, but I appear to have burned more calories than I consumed.  Is this normal? 

I took everyone's advice and ate 1200 calories today (more than I have been) but I burned about 1400 so far at 6:30 pm.

Sorry to be a bother, but I'm really trying to get my footing here as a newbie.

Thanks so much!

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Well... yes, if you are trying to lose weight, you should be burning more than you consume. That would in fact be the definition of how to lose weight.

But who is "everyone" that is recommending you eat 1200? You probably need more than that - what are your stats?

Also, by midnight, you'll have burned more cals, plus, if you are set to sedentary, yet exercised, you will have burned even more, so you might end up with too large a deficit, and so will really need to eat more.

Crud, I can't get this.

Other posties enlightened me that under 1200 is starving myself.

I always deprived myself thinking it was good.  And now that I am tracking my calories, I noticed I eat way less than 1200.

So today I resolved to work in an extra banana or apple or so and I'm a teeny bit over 1200.  That's good I assume.

Honestly, I have no idea what I weigh.  I'm 5'2'' and a size 8 and 10 depending, but my size 10 pants don't fit the way I like them to and the 8's don't fit well during pms.

I could guess I'm about 140-150.  I'd appreciate your knowledge if you'd like to continue offering it to stupid me :)

Yes it IS good that you ate a little over 1200 calories today sweety... that's a nice healthy level especially since it included fruit and presumably other healthy foods. :)

If you are trying to lose weight, you need to eat less calories than you burn in a day in TOTAL - the big number on the burn meter should always be larger than the big number on the eat meter. But it shouldn't be too MUCH bigger.  

Hey thanks, that really made sense.  You'd never guess I have a Master's Degree lol with the way I am so confused about this calorie stuff.

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant, and ever since then, I've tried to deprive myself of food thinking it was a good thing.

Counting calories is quite interesting.

Thanks again..I really love all of the answers I've been receiving.

Since you are not very overweight, go to this site http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/

and calculate your BMR. This is what your body burns without doing anything, just lying in bed.

You should not eat below this - your body will respond by holding onto fat stores for dear life, and you won't lose weight like you would like.

This isn't about depriving yourself - it's about making you healthier. Don't get those confused.


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Don't go under 1200 for sure... that is starving yourself and not good. Your body will only hold on to every little bit you are eating and you won't see any results.

Eating less than you burn is key, but remember in addition to your BMR you also have some daily activity so that boosts your burn rate too.  My trainer says that it's good to mix things up a bit to keep your body guessing and your metabolism up.  On days that you work out or have extra activity it is suggested you eat a bit more.

 I'm not an expert, but I am starting to learn about this too.  From what I figured out so far you don't want to go above your BMR or below 1200, I'm guessing in middle is a good target and at times go a little above and below that.

 Hope this helps.

Marakio - no. Don't go BELOW your BMR.

You can eat above it, if your activity level allows you to have a total burn that still gives you a good deficit.

For instance, my BMR = 1450.

On a day that I exercise, I burn about 20-2100 calories. So I eat 15-1600 (500 deficit).

On a day that I don't exercise, I burn 1700 (sedentary). So I eat 1450-1500 (~250 deficit).

The more days that I exercise, the more days I have with a good deficit, and the sooner I'll lose weight. But I do not eat below my BMR, and even on non-exercise days, I still have some deficit, which will (albeit slowly) lead to weight loss.

Okay, here I go being confused again!  lol   The nurse here at school weighed me (OMG haven't been weighed since pregnant).

 It's not pretty- 152

I'd like to lose about 20 pounds in the next 2,3 months.

So, I'm still supposed to be eating 1200 calories?   Yes is what I assume.

Thanks for the BMI help, I just don't get it.

Can I just focus on calorie consumption and exercise for now?  Or will that not be enough?

BMR, not BMI!

And no - not 1200!

What are your full stats - age, height, weight, gender.

sorry - double post.

Okay, so my BMR is 1452

Reaching 1200 per day right now is a challenge.

I feel like I am eating constantly and still under 1200.


you must be just eating lettuce if your eating constantly and ur full.


if you get your daily nutrition in, you dont usually "eat constantly and is full on just 1,200 calories" dont full yourself  

I certainly am full and there is no lettuce in sight.  Since tracking my calories, I found out I was only eating between 8 and 900 calories a day.  This site made me realize that my body won't lose weight if it is "starving."  SO, I have been adding three or four pieces of fruit and an extra nutri grain bar to up my calories (even though it seems strange to eat more in order to lose weight) and find myself these first few days full.

Eating constantly to me is eating between meals.

Hope you didn't mean "Don't fool myself."  That wouldn't be too kind.

Maybe you can list what you're eating here so we can get an idea if you're adding it up right.

For example, I had a fried egg with an english muffin, a little cheddar cheese, butter and jelly and glass of OJ for breakfast (470 calories).  I had half a tuna salad sandwich and a banana for lunch (460 calories).  And for dinner I had a (large) chicken breast, some rice and asparagus.  (425 calories)  That's 1350 calories all by itself.  

Now, my target is 1600 for the day, so when I saw I was low at lunch time, I added a granola bar in the afternoon, and later I added almonds after dinner.  

What did you have to eat today? 

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