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Burning more calories when cold?!

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Alright guys, it is FREEZING out!!

And I do believe that we burn more calories when it is cold outside (increased metabolism?)...

But does anyone know how many more calories we burn when its cold outside?! Like 5 extra an hour?

Just curious!

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I don't think it really makes a difference, unless you're outside all day shivering :)

Soldiers are given more calories in cold weather ops, but they are outside all day and have heavy gear. 
A much more fun way to use cold to burn to drink lots of really cold liquid! It works on the same idea, the body uses energy to heat up the liquid...burning more calories! (though, its really not that much... so wont really be able to use either one to really lose weight).
hmmm interesting! Just curious because I take public transit and commute all the time so I am out in the cold all the time.
I don't think it matters either except in extreme situations (like the soldiers).  If it did, Minnesotans would all be thin!  ;-)
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i agree with gjohnso2, I'm a minnesatan and trust ME we are not anywhere close to being all thin :>
This is weird because I heard something kind of contradictory. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard that when it's cold, your body tries to store more fat to keep you warm (like how in the winters some animals get really fat) and your metabolism actually slows.
That could be true if the cold weather makes you hungrier..

Animals do get fatter, but I believe that's because they eat more, in preparation of winter.  But I could be wrong.
when you're cold, you're body has t try to keep you warm. any effort at all that your puts puts into ANYTHING burns calories. calories aren't really anything on your body, its just a way of measuring energy that your body uses. and when foods says it has whatever number of calories, thats how much its giving you. because youre body has to work to stay cold, its putting in more effort, thus burning more calories. so yes, your body burns more when you're cold
i didnt mention in the last post, burn a lot more when cold. but you still are burning more.

once again, 'calorie' is a unit of measurement for energy, even look it up on or

yes we burn more calories when cold. When the air around us is colder then our body temperature, our body act as an heating device, and we actually loose some of our heat in the air. the colder the air around us, the more heat we loose this way. Our body needs to create more heat, thus burning calories in the process. If it didn't we'd be cold blooded like lizards and we'd die from the cold.

However, passed a certain point, if you were to, let's say workout in the cold, your body wouldn't need to cool itself, which would then lead to the specific exercise to consume less calories because it's not wasting any on cooling.

This also means that if you live in a warm climate and your always hot and sweaty for just being there, your body also spend extra energy trying to get that heat out of you (the hotter the external temperature, the harder your body has to work to cool you down)

To sum up, yes the body uses energy (calories) to combat cold, but he also uses energy to combat heat.

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