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Weight Loss
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how much should I burn on treadmill

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I am using the treadmill 3 times a week each is 1 hour. I am a little bet slow. I burn around 200 cal each time. But I don't feel any difference in my shape and weight. Any recommendations ?
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Calculate how much in average you burn a day, including being alive, and see how many calories you can eat, and still lose weight.

I burn 1800 a day on average, meaning i can eat up to 1800 and still maintain my weight! 
If i ate 1300 calories a day, i would lose 500 calories a day! (3500cal = 1 pound loss) 

it takes time, some longer than others. But, you should feel better internally, mentally and energetically if those are The increased blood flow, oxygen and toxin removal is beneficial to your health even if you havent started losing weight. Keep on movin!

They say it takes 40 days for you to start feeling a difference. From experience its quite accurate....but my friends started seeing a difference in about 3 weeks :)) which is great lol. Be patient, put away the scale and keep doing what your doing. If you could start doing a bit of running that will speed up the process. Even if it's only for a short period. 5 min walk, 1 min run. Anything will help. Good luck

My hubby was running too and after a month we saw the results and he looks delicious lol so keep running/jogging/walking. :)

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Try 30 minutes RUNNING on the treadmill 4 times a week.  Then you need to train with weights as well to build muscle. You don't have to do alot of weight, but enough that around the 15 set mark, you feel a little burning.   You will have to consume more protein that carbs everyday and watch the amount of calories you burn, and compare that to the amount you EAT.  Protein is a little different, a little excess here won't hurt you.

You could conversely run or do aerobics for 20 minutes in the morning before breakfast, and weight lift for an hour in the evening or at lunch.

Now I am assuming that you mean you walk for an hour.  You would get more exercise cleaning your house.

By the way, if you are using the calorie count given to you by the machine, they are completely inaccurate.  You need a good high end heart rate monitor.


Original Post by htarin:

My hubby was running too and after a month we saw the results and he looks delicious lol so keep running/jogging/walking. :)

Just wanted to say I love your reply!

It's so true!

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