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bulging stomach

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I realized that since I've have a binging problem, I've developed a bulging stomach. My stomach protrudes out and I look as if I was pregnant. Everywhere else is okay but its just my stomach. My dad asked if I was pregnant today but I know I am not cos I wasnt having sex. What can I do to sget rid of the bulge.
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stop the binging if you aint already of course and then eat a healthy diet of no less than 1200 a day. Also to tone up and give yourself a flatter looking stomch try doing 20 - 30 mins of crunches, sit ups...etc.
On your non-binge days, how much are you eating (calorie wise)?  I find that if I go too low in calories, I get horrible binges.  If I keep my calories a bit higher, My binges lessen.  It's my body's way of telling me that i'm not eating enough.
Also, posture helps as well. My doctor gave me that tid bit so I suppose it's good advice.
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If you're slim all around but your stomach really juts out unnaturally, then I'd be a little concerned. Check with your doctor to make sure nothing else might be contributing to it.

But then again, some people are different and our fat stores tend to spread out differently. If i gain weight the first place i'd notice it is in my cheeks and obliques.

Crunches are great for reducing the belly. My advice for crunches is to go on timed sets for each course instead of reps. I tend to treat my abdominals as more aerobic than strength.

Posture is good too, standing up straight makes you look roughly 10lbs lighter on your abdomen.
Could be a distended stomach if its happening all the time... (like those african starving tribes you see now and then, skin and bones with a huge pot belly). You should see a doctor and have it checked out...can be caused by a wide range of things.

If it happens only right after eating...then its normal, its just the food you ate ><
"Crunches are great for reducing the belly"

Ick, not true not true. Huge myth. If its fat and you build muscle (crunches) then it only makes you look fatter heh. Spot reducing doesnt work ><
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"Ick, not true not true. Huge myth. If its fat and you build muscle (crunches) then it only makes you look fatter heh. Spot reducing doesnt work ><"

actually, in terms of reducing fat, then yes its not true, but what i meant is its great for reducing the shape of the belly.

If you work out your abs normally, all the muscle gained  ends up pulling the fat back, giving you a flatter belly. Its still the same belly with the same weight but it looks a bit more pleasant.
Yea, it can tone...but the belly is still there. Only real fat-related thing that is happening is by building muscle you are increasing the amount of calories your body naturally burns (its not a lot, but its still a little bit...even better if you are strength training all over your body).

But it doesnt seem like her stomach problem is a fat thing, seems more of an internal thing.
Omg.. That sounds like what is happening to me.. I thought maybe it was giving up on my pop and drinking all the water now.. At night I get really bad my stomach pops up like a balloon and I look like I am pregnant and it feels like I am pregnant .. It is so uncomfortable to even sit down especially under the ribs..  What would cause that?  I have been walking and exercising like crazy, also drinking lots of water still working on the calorie counting thing but one thing at a time a guess.. If anyone finds out what causes the stomach to buldge could you let me know.. Thanks

This is an awesome site.. Have a great weekend everyone
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hi mommy123,

I'm not a doctor, but i've learned that some people's stomach bulge out due to more than just their diets, and other factors affect their body such as stress, type of medication that they're taking, and/or diet intake.  stress is mainly one of the serious reasons that make out body feel abnormal.  i know that when i stress out a lot, especially during midterms and finals week, my stomach bulge out as if I'm pregnant. i cant seem to digest food as well as days when i'm more relaxed. in addition, there was a time when i took birth control pills, and that made my stomach bulge out as if I'm truly pregnant, and so therefore i stopped.  moreover, when i i consume a lot of citrus acid such as orange juice, lime juice, cranberry juice, sour fruits, and candies, my body feels good in that it detoxified all the oily and unhealthy food i ate that day, but my stomach would not digest the food so that it makes my stomach bulge out further even though i didn't eat so much that day.  i hope that this info is just to inform everyone how each body operates differently so that maybe what didnt work for me might work for others.  well hope everyone finds the best way to solve his/her issue.


p.s. here's my tip:

my best way to solve my issue with the bulging stomach is to eat healthy food, exercise frequently, stress little and sleep well.  all those criteria will make your body feel energetic.  last but not least, be sure to smile and be happy about yourself, because a good attitude does more than miracles to fix your body. =)

This is a tell tale sign of bulimia....

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