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buddys needed! trying to lose 10-15lbs by July 4th

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hey everyone!!

since july 4th is around the corner i would like to be in top shape for swimsuit/bbq season :) i am looking for people with similar goals and stats to share accountability with and also to provide motovation and tips!! 

im 23 years old, im about 5'9" and weigh approx 160lbs....my goal is to be in the 145-150 range. i figure losing around 1.5-2 lbs. a week is achievable, and setting a final goal range within 5lbs. will allow more flexability and less room for failure.

anyone else???
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Good morning!

Feeling good, but super tired.  The weeks almost over, though that's something to look forward to. 
carolally:  I do the same sort of thing as you with your hot pants, except mine are skinny jeans that I could never really button up and breathe in.  They are getting more comfortable and hopefully I will have to buy some other goal pants soon!  I also (this might sound weird) feel my "back fat" every once in a while to see how much it has decreased!  That area has always bugged me because it makes me look super fat and feel really self conscious.  I am pleased to say it is decreasing.  Isn't it funny how the stupidest things make you so happy sometimes?!

Here's the plan for today: (I didn't stick to yesterdays for dinner and ended up going WAY over my daily-even for workout days-not bad stuff, just too big a portion.)
Here is my menu/exercise plan for today:
Breakfast:  .5 cup egg white, Lightlife "Bacon", a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, sourdough bun with jam and ICBIB.
Snack:  Strawberries
Lunch:  Veggie wrap
Snack:  Crackers, Luna Bar
Dinner:  Soup and Salad.
Snack:  Banana.
Exercise:  25 min. weights (lower)//30 min. cardio  (I find that I have been getting really tired and shaky trying to do the 40 minutes of weights, so I am going to decrease it and gradually work up to the full 45 min.)

Have a great day and don't let little things discourage you; today is just one day!! 

Is it too late to join this group? 

You all sound like your in my range and I would love to be a part of this to help me get over my plateau I've been stuck on for a year now!!!  I just CANNOT get over it and I'm starting to give up! :-(  My stats are 27...will be 28 June 2nd, 5'9", 150lbs.  My goal weight is 143 and I feel as though it will never happen and I just don't understand!  I work out about 6 days a week...sometimes twice a day and I eat pretty healthy and with the exception of weekends I never go over my calorie target...although I'm starting to think it may be way off since my weight is going nowhere except occasionally up!  Man...it's just a few pounds right?  WHY CAN'T I JUST LOSE THEM ALREADY!!!  I honestly don't think I could exercise anymore then I already am!  I definatly cannot eat any less or I would die!!!  I'm stuck....just STUCK!!  Whoa...I think I may had a little pent up aggresstion I just let out there....sorry about that! :-P 

eeek-I fell of the wagon yesterday.  But hey, at least it was worth it! Still, I wish I could have saved my treat day for my little trip, but that's ok I guess.  I leave late tonight and I guess they have a fabulous salad bar which is good! Actually, I'm one of those people that tends to eat much better on vacations b/c I'm out doing stuff and don't exactly feel like stuffing my face when family/friends are around. Anyone else like that? So many people eat poorly when they're out but I only eat badly when I'm at home! Still...I'm scared, I might cut out some of my carby snacks (goldfish and almonds)-I feel like I need to do something to change it up and shock my system.

Weigh in Friday Morning..142... I guess I'm happy that Im not gaining, sticking around the 143-142 mark, but ive been tryin really hard this week and Im going to see an increase after the weekend for sure, going home to my moms for the weekend and there is way too much temptation there to avoid it all weekend, anyway on sundays i allow myself a nice big dinner.. yesterday after really not wanting to, I dragged my as* to the gym, usually once im there im fine, but could only do 30 mins on the treadmill and wasnt putting in any effort so I just left it at that.Really craving a scone with jam right now and usually as as friday treat id have one but I feel I dont deserve it now after not losing and being a lazy a*s last night!!

I'll be back on Monday guys-it'll be nice b/c I won't be running at all so I'll be changing it up with my workout tapes and swimming in the big pool @ the hotel.  Good luck guys!

morning all!
this morning i was planning on going for a morning run, but it was pouring in Philly, so i just decided to sleep in. Ill be going to the gym after work then nailpolish shopping with my sister. its my weekend to work so im gonna spend my friday night being laaaazy on the couch.  (yesterday i ditched my dinner menu and had 3 slices pizza with salad instead --ahh well, live. learn.)) today ill make up for it.

Breakfast: frozen pineapple with coffee and sweet and low
Lunch: the dinner i was supposed to have last night (chicken with broccoli and light alfredo sauce)
Dinner: soup and a sandwich

90 min cardio
weight lifting: arms, upper back, chest

have a fabulous weekend everyone :)

Good morning!

Well I'm glad to hear everyone falls off the bandwagon once in a while. After feeling great after my workout yesterday and eating a healthy lunch, I had an afternoon snack of 3 big otis spunkmeyer cookies (SO good, and yet, so bad) from my apartment complex office and a handful of little tootsie rolls and starbursts... 

I made up for it some by not snacking after dinner and the scale this morning said 140... 2 lbs lower than when I started, but I'm not sure it was entirely accurate. I don't like to get too excited about a loss until its consistent over a few days otherwise I get so frustrated when I weigh more the very next day that I lose my motivation. 

Breakfast: banana and instant oatmeal

Lunch: either brown rice and veggies OR smart ones frozen meal

Snack: iced chai vanilla coffee

Dinner: chicken and spinach

snack: popcorn

Gym: 45-60 minutes of cardio depending on mood, weights for abs, back, and arms

Happy Friday!

Oh man, so glad it's Friday and it's PAYDAY!!  Whoo-hoo!! AND I get to go out with my momma tomorrow night and have a great dinner at Red Robin.  Oh, and some shopping with a gift certificate, which is so much better than regular shopping, if you ask me!
Today was my weigh-in and I am down 1.5 lbs, which means I broke the 150's (approx 158.5) for the first time in a couple of years.  Only 6.5 more lbs before I am back to my pre-baby weight!  Hopefully I will be seeing that number in a couple of weeks!
I was really bad yesterday.  I started feeling really bad about 2:00 yesterday afternoon due to (what I am hoping is) allergies.  I didn't end up working out, but will drag it over to Sat :(  I had Subway for dinner, a veggie delight, but also had a chocolate chip cookie.  I am on the pill and this second week of pills always messes with my appetite and skin...boo!  Oo, and I also had a reg coke...eh...that's my weakness...BUT TODAY IS ANEW!

Plan for today:

Breakfast:  .5 cup egg white, Lightlife "Bacon", a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, sourdough bun with jam and ICBIB.
Snack:  Iced Coffee
Lunch:  6 in. Veggie Delight on wheat, with veggies and mustard. 
Snack:  Crackers, Luna Bar
Dinner:  Pizza (Frozen, healthy kind!), Salad
Snack:  ??
Exercise:  25 min. weights (lower)//30 min. cardio  (What I was supposed to do yesterday!!)

Have a great day and a great weekend...I will be watching myself closely (I always flub on weekends), but I am allowing myself something yummy on Saturday night!

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I stepped on the scale and I 'gained weight' even though I have been being super careful.  This is sooo frustrating.  5'7" sticking around 1300 calories and doing light excercise (since I tend to bulk easily).  What am I doing wrong??

Anyway, I've decided to up my calories just a tinge.


B: 3 egg whites 1 1/4 yolk + 2 waffles and fruit spread

S: yogurt

L: turkey wrap and throw caution to the wind with some sunchips

D: herb roasted potato and chicken breast

I think I'll have 2 glasses of sherry tonight.

E: Salsa class for an hour today + going out to dance later

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I drank a lot of water and passed it and my weight is actually down now.  I started on Wed at 153.6 or something and now I am 152.0.


I'm very happy!

B: 3 whole eggs + 1 toast + OJ

S: slice of watermelon

L/D: Mexican Restaurant

God, weekend almost over, ate a lot of small snacks yesterday (some good, some bad) drank about 3 litres of water to keep my mind off eating out of pure boredom, seriously had to get up out of the bed 4 times to pee last night, is that crazy? hopefully that wont happen all the time, was sure id put on weight this morning after eating yesterday but managed to maintain now just to get through the big family roast sunday dinner and then im back to my usual routine, I just ate a big healthy breakfast so hopefully that will keep me away from those potatoes.!!!

Okay, so I had a rough day yesterday, didn't feel like working out, didn't feel like doing much of ANYTHING except eat of course! 

I think I ended up eating near 2000 calories with no work out so I need to make up for that today and tomorrow by eating well b/c I am traveling and wont be able to work out. 

Today: B: instant oatmeal, iced coffee

L: 2 bananas, bran muffin, protein water (going to be driving, that's why my lunch is all portable items!)

D: out with friends so who knows but I will be careful!

Tomorrow: B: egg mcmuffin

L: Subway turkey wrap and banana (on the road)

D: brown rice and veggies

Wish me luck! I hope I can stick to this plan!

Good luck emily!! I had a bad day today too, 1900 cals and no wok out either, i ate so much and mostly bad stuff, I feel like bcos im expecting to eat badly on a sunday that im almst excusing myself before I actually do, anyway its over now and I guess i wont put on weight if ive still burned 2150, is that right? im gonna try the 7 day cycling my cals... let me know what you all think, it ought to go like this...   Ex Fat Loss Fat Loss Maintain Monday 1304 1739 2173 Tuesday 1137 1391 1739 Wednesday 1565 2086 2608 Thursday 1304 1739 2173 Friday 1174 1565 1956 Saturday 1435 1913 2391 Sunday 1304 1739 2173

Ill prob aim for 1300 cals mon, 1200 tues, 1500 wed, 1200 thurs, 1500 fri, 1200 sat 1600 sun.... that should leave me with an average of 1360 cals per day. Ill aim to do my tough work outs on the highest cal days... I hope this works, ill keep u updated

hey team! I got home today-O.m.g-6 hour drive really takes a toll on your bum!  I feel more tired after sitting all day! But now it's GORGEOUS and I'm just going to take a leisurely walk! I feel good just knowing I'm going to get outside and not work out strenuously-b/c....I did SO well on my get-away! haha I'm so shocked and feel amazing!  Not only did I eat 1250-1350 cals a day, I snuck in two 12 (yes 12...) minute work out sessions each day!Not much-but it felt great b/c I just got myself moving when I stuck to clean eating so well! I couldn't believe it-I thought I would totally pig out when really-if there's nothing to snack on in my hotel room haha I guess I wouldn't eat then!  I even ate the roadstop Mcdonalds salads and Wendy's chili.  Today I came back and felt so good that I indulged at dinner and it felt worth it! I think it might even help me change it up-my metabolism could use a rev after 4 days low cal.  I really am pretty proud-can you tell? ;) keep going guys!

good morning everyone :)

for starters, i cant figure out if this weekend was good or bad... i ate ENTIRELY too much sweets...BUT i did cardio both sat and sun, burning over 1000 cals. my problem is, i think the more i work out, the more my body is craving sweets. i dont really know why this is. but today is monday...new day, new start.

Breakfast: apple with PB
Lunch: chicken noodle soup and cottege cheese
Dinner: whole wheat pasta and turkey meatballs

Exercise: (attempt) to run 2 miles at lunch ((crossing my fingers that my groin muscle feels better)). cardio 60 min, weights, 30 min.

Feeling very cranky today, i think my sugar levels are out of whack after eating so much **** yesterday, just feeling drained, going to get in a 40 min walk at lunch time, and hopefully feel up for a 4 mile run when i get home this evening, just trying my best to stay drinking water and keeping calories low today, as im trying a week of cycling my cals to average out 1300 a day and today is a low day.. 

Hello! I had a horrible weekend, I ate all bad stuff and drank. My daughter visited her dad this weekend and I had my best friend come into town from Arizona, so needless to say Friday we had a girls night with drinking and girl talk. Much needed, but I could have done without the booze. Saturday we laid out by the pool most of the day. Sunday my boyfriend and I spent some alone time, he took me to Coronado for a wonderful lunch and bike riding around the island. But I don't think my swimming, and bike riding this weekend made up for all the bad food I ate and booze I drank. :( But i am back at it today. My boyfriend and I both said we are back to being healthy and exercising daily today.

So I am not going to focus on the past....

Here is my menu for today:

B: Egg whites and whole wheat toast and salsa

S: Granola Bar with Orange

L: Lean Cusine with a salad

S: Cucumbers

D: White fish with steamed veggies

Cardio: 30 mins on ellipitcal with 30 mins of weights


Happy Monday!

I had a pretty good weekend.  I haven't exercised since last Wednesday (ugh), but I watched what I ate pretty well.  I did indulge (a little too much) on Saturday night, but I went out with my Mom for a well-deserved Girl's Night Out, so I guess I allowed myself.  I worked my butt off cleaning yesterday, so even though I didn't "exercise", I didn't just sit on my butt.  Well, I never really sit on my butt, except for at work!  I am glad to hear that everyone had a nice weekend and congrats chompforchange on your will-power weekend!

My plan for today:
Breakfast:  .5 cup egg white, Lightlife "Bacon", a mini-bagel.
Snack:  Iced Coffee.
Lunch:  2 peices leftover roasted veggie pizza, salad.
Snack:  Luna Bar, Protein Shake
Dinner:  Soup, Salad.
Snack:  Cherries.
Exercise:  45 min. weights (upper)//30 min. cardio 

Have a happy, healthy day and for those of you in So Cal (and other HOT places) stay cool!

I had a terrible weekend too! My boyfriend came into town ( he lives in seattle and I live in los angeles) and I ate basically anything and everything that looked good. It was a weekend full of eating and drinking with no going to the gym! But back on track again starting today.

B: cottage cheese, grapes, and a piece of toast

S: luna bar

L: turkey sandwhich and carrots

S: Turkey, cheese, and almonds

D: Shake from the gym


wow, kinda glad to see im not the only one with a bad weekend :) i guess all we can do is chalk it up and move on!!

45 days til the 4th :)
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