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broke my pinky toe and can't workout , Need HELP!!! Please!!!!

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Hi everybody,

I broke my pinky toe on wednesday and have been sedentary since.  I have also been shoveling done xmas cookies and such b/c i been feeling sorry for myself.  Can anyone let me know what i can do to stay motivated and exercised.  What can i do to stay in shape while being injured?  I been so good for a month and now this.  I have a cruise to go on in February and want to look great.  i would like to lose 8 more pounds and tone up before my trip.  Please any suggestions on exercising or motivational tips will help me out a lot.

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Eh, I broke my pinky toe the middle of November and it is still hurting. I wished I had gone to the doctor straightaway but I just left it... As for exercise, well I ride my bike, and I could still ride in my flip-flops when it was warmer. But lately I've been riding in my ugg boots. It looks stupid but it's comfy for my toe. If you go to a gym you could probably use a rower, or a stationary bike... Good luck.
Stop eating cookies or if you eat cookies, then quit every meal at that day, yeah I have a cookie phobia x) They are all damn bad for you, hate em... still I can't resist to eat a few, because they are everywhere -.-

I would reccomend you to do something interesting while lying there, read a good book or something, just don't get bored, because when humans get bored they tend to EAT and that is bad and won't help you much in losing weight. I would reccomend that you log every tiny bit of cal you take in and try to stay at least at your maintainance intake level of cals, worry about workouts later, when you are actually able to do them ;)

Ouchy, man that stinks.  Sorry to hear about your little piggy.

When I sprained my ankle (years ago) I know it hurt even to stand.  I would think a rower or even a stationary bike would be too painful. 

Try concentrating on upper-body.  You can get some (low) cardio in with the arm bike (do they have one at your gym?  If not you can buy a descent one on-line for anywhere between $40 and $80, let me know if you need a site link if you are not sure what they are)  Do some weights and bands. 

Hope your little pigster feels better soon.

Tone up with pilates.  Only a few of the positions you'll have to adjust for that broken toe.

i broke my toe my first week at college. actually, i got super buff bec i was rushing to get to classes (crutches really slow you down) all the time.  it's definitely cardio, and it definitely works your arms so that you've got the baddest biceps around.

so i recommend lots of all-day shopping mall trips!

I've also had experience with a broken toe, but I refused to stop exercising.  I just made sure my toes were well taped and I actually worked out wearing that boot they give you, because my foot didn't fit in my shoe.  Try not to use it as an excuse to stop what you were doing.  I'm not saying do really hard core stuff, but there aren't many things you can't do.  Adjust your balance a bit so majority of your weight is off your toe and get busy:) 
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I agree, there are still exercises you can do.  As someone mentioned, pilates.  You can definitely do crunches.  Use it as an opportunity to get your upper body super buff!
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