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My breasts and the apple shaped torso

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Okay so here it is: I carry most of my weight in my breasts. I'm 5 foot and weight 167. It's embarrissing and I've become in denial on how big they are I think :/. For the past four years I've been yo-yoing between 10 pounds and now I'm at my heaviest and the only weight gain I've noticed is in my breasts.

I'm now nearly 17 and sick of people identifing me by my large breasts- i'm really ready to diet and train hard. Right now I'm a vegetarian- a bad one- and have been for four years. I think going on a raw vegan diet will help me lose quickly and safely.

I think the main reason why it all went to my chest is because of my early training in tap and ballet. I've always had great stomach and leg muscles but have lacked arm and chest muscles. I look back into family photographs and see pictures of my mom and my late grandmother- they've got perfect slim hourglass figures so I'm not ready to blame this on genetics.

Anyways, I've kind of been going day by day stuffing my huge breasts in a c36-38 when it's quite likely that I'm actually a D cup. I get that "muffin-top" easily and can't workout in gyms without at least an under wire bra, 2 sports bras, and a "cami" type thing on.


Now in this next part don't get freaked out by the image- it's really not as bad as it sounds- but I just want to see if anyone can relate. I remember when I was 12 and had quite round full breasts that had the tip pounting straight forward, (a girl once said they looked like torpedos! i was quite late on the whole bra thing :/) and over the years of forcing them down into this bra I've noticed that my "tips" go a little bit outward and are about elbow length. They only point really down when I have a bra on but otherwise they are pointed like \


This is why I do not like having large breasts and hate when people comment on them. This is starting to show a little in my silloute as well. I'm just woundering if I've damaged them permanantly? Like the ligiments and such? A little advice or help please? I'd appreciate it so much! I'm a little scared :[

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I can totally relate.  I have been a 38DD since high school.  I used to be super self conscious about it and wear extra baggy shirts, and hunch over all the time.  However, now that I'm 20 years older...and now that big boobs are desired (no one got boob jobs back then) I find that they're an asset not a liability. 

Finding a good bra is a HUGE help.  There's nothing at Target or Walmart that fits, I've had great luck with Lilyette bras...I only buy them when they are on sale at macy's.  Last time they were about $15 each.

Sports bras are harder...Sometimes I'll wear a regular cotton underwire bra under the sports bra.  I also have to wear a bra under bathing suits.

As for the shape or the way they point, it's totally normal. 

To be totally honest, I used to hate my boobs and I hated any attention they drew, but now something has changed...maybe it's because my husband likes them or because I breast fed my kids I don't just see them as annoying anymore.  I stuff them in a good supportive bra and choose clothing that flatters them not hides them.  It's done wonders for my self-confidence.  

I hope this helps a little bit.............good luck!

Even if your mom and grandmother didn't have this body type, it's still genetics. Exercise doesn't effect where fat gets stored or lost. Maybe from your dad's side?

I have a friend who has 3 sisters. Between the 4 girls and their mom, they range from size A breasts (the mom), to B, C, D, and DD. It just happens that way, sometimes.

If you've been gaining weight, and it's all going to your boobs, chances are that as you lose weight, it will come off of there as well. Best of luck.

i don't have large breasts but i do fit bras and i encourage you to get professionally measured and find a minimizer bra in your "true" size rather than trying to flattened down in one that is too small.  i'd be worried about the long term strain on your back, shoulders, posture.  as far as for how your breasts hang, not all women's breast tissue grow the same.  some women the tissue grows straight forward, giving them round, "torpedo" shape, and others it grows outwards and to the sides.  underwire helps to redirect the shape more towards the balanced rounded look.

as someone else mentioned lilyette is a great minimizer bra. other popular brands for curvier women include playtex, bali and vanity fair.  often there are "buy one and get one half" off type sales.


I can absolutely relate to your situation. I am a 38DD and have been for many years.  I did lose weight a few years ago and I did get smaller. I think I dropped down to a D or possibly a large C cup.

It is very important to wear a good bra. The cheapo's are just not going to cut it. There is nothing worse than to be sagging or popping out of a bra that is too small.  I wear a minimizer from Bali's. I found one that fits me perfect and I have dozens of the same one in different colors. They are about $15 to $20 each.  As for sports bras - they are tough to find.  I usually wear a bra under a sports bra for the extra support.

The shape, well mother nature and gravity helps with that!  Don't worry, you are perfectly normal. Having the "tips" not pointing straight out is common for large breasts.

I have found that lifting weights to increase the strength of my chest muscles helps with sagging. It wont necessarily change the size but it helps with keeping them up.

I used to hate mine too but over the years you realize they are just a part of you and accept them. There are soooo many woman who are jealous or pay a lot of money to be in our shoes (or bras!) I agree with jodiferjuniper on finding clothes that flatter you. They do exist and you will be amazed at how great you will look and feel!

I carried all of my weight in my breasts & my tummy.  In high school i was definitely known as the girl with The Boobs.  I was probably about a 38DDD in high school.  However, i just wanted to put forth some encouraging words: You are working out!!  that is great.  Trust me, when you get to be a 44H (which is what i was at my biggest), it is downright impossible to work out.  I honestly think that had i worked out in high school and college, my breast size would've been more reasonable.  If anything, it would've kept the rest of my body proportional.  As it stood, by the end of college, I had to get a breast reduction.  It is NOT something to take lightly (especially since most insurance plans do NOT cover the procedure).  I am now a very high C or low D and I couldn't be happier.  Even if i were to go to a DD again, I'd be thrilled because i didn't have boobs (literally) a foot outside of my torso. (That is how bra cup sizes are determined, FYI.  They will take the difference from your bandwidth (the number in your bra size) and your breast width and get a cup size.  My best advice to you is GET FITTED FOR A BRA.  It will do wonders for your boobs (they'll look so much better) and your back and clothes.  When i got the right bra, it looked like I lost 10 lbs.  (no joke)  Anyway, Keep up the good work and go find a store that specializes in bra fittings.  They can probably help you with a good sports bra and can definitely get you into the right "everyday" bra. 

Jeez bra fitting? What's that all about- do you have to go topless while some stranger measures your chest or what?


Plus is it normal that they are kind of numb :/ and the skin is very translusent- I can see all of the veins!

Wearing too small of a bra may be causing a lack of circulation.  The underwire should be against your chest and not any part of your breast tissue.  Also, breasts/nipples will feel differently and respond to different stimuli at different times of the month which is hormonal.

My favorite sports bra is from Victoria's Secret, Shock Absorber, you can usually find them on ebay for about $15-20 and they're worth every penny.  It's a combination of a criss cross back and a normal bra back and they keep everything firmy in place.  Try to get yourself fitted first so that you know which size to order.

haha,  no.  You do a bra fitting with your clothes on.  Any store that specializes in bras/underwear (Victorias Secret; Leggs, Hanes, Bali, Playtex; etc) can do it for free.  It's not as weird as it sounds, and it's not like some stranger is going to be feeling you up.  It's normal for them to feel kind of "numb" or tender.  I actually have very small breasts, so I don't know if I can offer much advice other than that.  Wink

I’ve never had numbness but you can also see my veins. No you don’t get nude to be measured. Also what type of cups are you wearing? I find that when I wear a demi cup my boobs look their biggest (I’m a 40EE), because the design pushes them to the front. I have stopped wearing demis & wear bras that have straps more to the front of the bra then the side. I get better support & my boobs look smaller. The cup is wider & flatter so the boobs are pushed flatter as apposed to out in front of you. Only negative is that my waist doesn’t seem as small, but I can live with that.

Original Post by timeeatthesun:

Jeez bra fitting? What's that all about- do you have to go topless while some stranger measures your chest or what?


Plus is it normal that they are kind of numb :/ and the skin is very translusent- I can see all of the veins!

You don't have to get naked.  They normally do it over your clothes.  That being said, a good bra fitting is ESSENTIAL to finding the correct size bra.  Wearing bras that fit you well are the number one thing you can do to help prevent sagging.  At a lot of stores the sales people can help you find the best bra for your shape.  Don't be embarassed because it's really the best thing you can do for your breasts and you will definitely be thankful that you decided to have it done.  I've had one done and now all my bras fit well and are very comfortable!   

Also, the vein/numbness thing is pretty normal.  I have smallish breasts and I can definitely see a lot of veins.  I'm pretty pale so I think that has a lot to do with it.  My breasts aren't really sensitive except for around the nipples. 

I have had lardge breasts since elementary school and learned how to slouch to hide them.  They were always embarrassing to me until I reached my forties and saw many woman my age getting theirs enlarged.  They all paid dearly for the fake ones, then thought they had to wear tube tops to the PTA meeting to show them off.  Talk about a histerical scene.

After that I stood tall, stuck them out, but I didn't wear tube tops to the PTA meetings.  I didn't have to show everyone what my husband just bought for me.  Mine had been with me forever and I finally appeciated them.

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