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At my breaking point...

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I am literally at my breaking point right now. I am ready to break down and cry because I am so disgusted with my weight/binging habits/body. I have been binging on Easter candy for like the past week. Yesterday, I ate a whole bag of hershey eggs. A whole bag!! I feel so bloated/fat/disgusted today. I am ready to overcome this binging and start focus on healthy eating. I have been trying for the past couple of months to lose the weight I gained over the holidays (roughly 8 pounds!) but I haven't been successful because I can't seem to kick this binging habit in the butt! 

Ive tried eating every couple hours, I've tried cutting out sweets entirely, I've tried so much. Its like I can't stop because its there. It is starting to affect me mentally and emotionally. I know, that by most people standards, I'm not fat. But for me, I need to get these 8 pounds off and get rid of this binging habit. Healthy eating just makes me feel better overall. I have more energy, I sleep better, I feel better. And the fact that it will help me lose some weight is a bonus. 

I am 5'4. Small frame. I went from 116 to about 123. I haven't weighed myself in a bit because I don't want to see whats on the scale. I want to get the eating back under contorl before I wweight myself again.

Any advice or suggestions?? Please help!

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Forgive yourself for teh past today is a new day eat in moderation today. Then take tommrow one day one meal at a time


How long were you completely off the sweets?  The more I eat, the more I want to eat so I stay away from them.  I can easily eat bags at a time as well :(  It often takes a few weeks to get completely over the cravings and you can't cave.  I feel much more in control of my eating now.  Good luck!


I know you feel like you are a bit heavy but for your size, you aren't!  You do have to stop the binging because just a few pounds turns into 15-20 really quickly when you are packing in the empty calories in candy.  

I have been a bit of a binge eater most of my life & I still have my bad days when i can't get enough. I am just trying to binge on healthy food instead of sweets.  If you don't buy candy or sweets or keep it in the house, you can't binge on it. That is what I have had to do - get rid of all chips & candy. It's all fruit & veggies, healthy granola bars & I am keeping Weight Watchers & Skinny Cow frozen treats for the times I need something sweet. If you can survive 2 weeks, your cravings will stop. I now find when I think i want something seriously bad for me, it doesn't taste as good as I remembered. I would rather have a very small portion of something really good than not to have it all. If you deprive yourself totally, you set yourself up for failure in my experience. 

When I want to go overboard, I drink one full glass of water & hit the pavement. I make myself leave the house & walk, even if it's just 15 minutes.  When I get back, I usually don't want the food. At night I air pop my popcorn. I eat about 5 cups of it - no butter & it fills me up, keeps my hands & mouth busy while I am watching tv. That's the best & most satisfying low cal snack I have found. Plus it's full of fiber. 

Good luck to you on your journey - stay strong - you can do it!!!!


I agree with nicolelem - sometimes banning a food entirely make it seem even more enticing.  If you genuinely can't stop after you have one, then that may be necessary, but I find that for me it works better to budget my calories.  IF I have enough calories for a treat left at the end of the day, then I can use those calories for candy if I want.  It makes me feel less like a prisoner in my diet, and more in control. 

Also, drink a glass of water before having your treat, and nibble it slowly, savoring every morsel.  That way even a small treat is more satisfying.  There's nothing wrong with enjoying your food - but 'everything in moderation'!

Stay strong, and find a method that works for you.  God bless!

I like what _autumn_ had to say!  I look at my calories like that--budgeting them.  If I really, really want a treat, I look at where my calories are at, how it fits in with my desired deficit, and then how much exercise will I have to do if I really, really, really want that treat (for me it is not sweets, it's fried foods which are also terribly high in calories and fat).  MOST of the time, I don't feel willing to spend that much more time exercising so I forego the treat.  But, in those rare times that I can't live without it ... then I put in the time and then have the treat.  I figure if I am craving it enough to put in the work, I shouldn't deny myself.  I look at it like budgeting my money.  Do I want to work THAT much harder to buy something?  If so, then I fine ... if not ... then I am going to go without! =)  I think it works well for me. 

Most days, I save myself 200-300 calories for something indulgent.  It could be a pat of butter on my potatoes or a sweet treat or chips or cheese ... whatever it is that I might want for the day.  But, I budget for that ahead of time.  Maybe it would help to figure out how much exercise you will have to do to burn off that sweet treat ... and maybe it will help you to decide if it is really worth that much time and effort to you?  Good luck!!


Thank you everyone for your replies. Its good to know that I have support on here and that there are other people out there who are struggling too. 


Tina0367 - I wasn't able to give up sweets completely for very long. A couple days maybe. they are just so tempting. A lot of the times for me it is an all or nothing thing because sometimes I can't stop at 1. Thanks for the encouragement! 

Nicolelem - You are exactly right, If i don't stop this now then it can definitely get much worse and out of hand. I have actually had it happen to me before. I gained a lot of weight because of my binging problem. I got it under control and lost the weight but am not struggling again and fear that it will happen all over again. Its hard for me to get the junk food completely out of the house. My boyfriend lives with me and he is not much on healthy eating. He loves the cereal and snacks. I can probably keep a lot of the sweets out of the house, hopefully. But I have also been known to stop at CVS or a gas station on my way somewhere to stop and buy sweets because im craving them. And When I did give up sweets completely, I would eat crackers like it was my last meal. I would go through a whole sleeve of ritz crackers a day. 

I do like the idea of drinking a full glass of water and getting out to do something if I'm craving something. I will try to see if I can do that. I'm a popcorn fan too and I have used that in the past as a way to stop my binging and satisfy my sweet tooth. Thank you for all the advice and encourgement! 

autumn and gwen - thank you for the advice. I need to get better at keeping track of my calories. I stopped counting them because I didn't want to know how much I was consuming. But in the end, that just allows me to eat even more without knowing. If I count my calories better, than i will know if I have any more calories left for treats. This has motivated me to try harder at keeping track of my calories and to hopefully get a handle on the the sweets and binging.

Thanks all! :)

There might be an underlying cause behind your sweets and carb cravings.  This article isn't the original one I've read this research on, just the first one I found on google. explained-from-chocolate-to-carbs/

I'm always craving salty foods, especially at that TOM, and I'm terrible at drinking water.  Once I read the article I was able to rein in my addiction to salt very easily by making a conscious effort to drink more.

Perhaps taking a 10 minute break to walk in the sun can distract you and bring your mood up enough to get over the cravings.  Maybe when you're feeling them do some yoga meditation. 

Keep some individually wrapped candies in the house and when you really do need to give into a craving, make yourself wait 10 minutes between candies.

There was a thread a while back where someone suggested having a big glass of water after eating whatever food you are craving.  The poster said that it washes the taste to the food out of your mouth so your can satisfy the craving but then keep your body from craving more.

I find this really works for me.  This Easter I got a bunch of chocolate marshmallow eggs so I have one with a big glass of water and then I can move on.  This is good forme because if I deny a craving I find that I eat a lot more trying to satisy it in other ways and it would have been better to just eat the thing I'm craving.

Also...its a little off topic but have you ever heard of Metro Mint Water.  I LOVE anything crazy love it.  They make a 0-calorie, unsweetened, all natural chocolate mint water that has been a God-Send for me.  I get to have something sweet after dinner with absolutely no guilt!!!!

My only thought is using the CC tools and striving to at least break even most days, and have some days with negative calorie results, once in a while it's ok to go over, but just try to make it the exception rather than the rule.

Then if you really want to get to that goal, up the discipline, and sustain the negative calorie days (I think in your situation you should be shooting for an average -250 per day).

So you probably already know all that, so I guess the other answer would be to address any unresolved emotional issues in your life, maybe there is some sort of action you need to take about something in your life, and you will continue to act out until you take some steps to deal with it.


DARN those boyfriends, lol! Mine is the same but I am slowly converting him to healthier food. I make him store his snacks & sweets where I can't see them. I haven't even been tempted to look for them which is a good thing. He is respectful & doesn't eat them in front of me either. 

I understand stopping off somewhere when you have a craving because I have a Sonic fast food joint & a grocery store across the street from my house!!! It's so hard to say no!

I wish you all the best in your journey!

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