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Weight Loss
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What was your breaking point?

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I was just wondering how everyone knew it was time to lose weight?  What event made you decide that it was time to shed the pounds for good? 

I think I've just had mine.  It's really quite simple. I'm tired of being unhappy, not confident, and dependent on food.  There are so many things in this life that I want to experience, and I have so many positive things in my life; I refuse to let weight or food stand in the way of true hapiness.

What about you all?
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For me it was just always being around girls who were 30-40 pounds skinnier than me, and never feeling truly good about the way I looked. I was never comfortable with myself and now I'm getting better. I was only 143 at that point, which I know isn't at all an extreme weight, it's lower than the goal weight of many people. But for me it just wasn't right. 
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When I realized my stomach had stretched to point where I could consume 3000+ calories in one sitting and still had the desire to eat more.  I felt disgusted with myself and decided it was time to do something.
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For me it came about slowly, but what really set me over the edge, was always feeling unconfortable in public wearing only a T-Shirt.  I would feel very self conscious, and constantly play around with my shirt, or even try to always walk behind someone rather than out in the open.
It was when I got my competition horse. I didn't want her to carry around so much weight, and the fact that even though judges shouldn't be biased - they are. Heavier riders have to work doubly hard to get noticed.
I have always wanted to ride the mules down the Grand Canyon.  Found out you have to be 200 pounds or less with all the gear or you can't I thought about dieting... and then there was that commercial with the woman dragging the scale around like a ball and I thought about dieting....then I read a book about being Younger Next Year and it was the motivation and the turning point for me - not just weight loss but for a healthier me!
Realizing that I had become the "fat mom", "fat wife", "fat sister", "fat friend".... and not being okay with it.
When I passed a mirror and realized that mystomach stuck out farther than my chest (I was only 15 but well developed), and the first time I used a scale and found  ought I weighed 140 (I was 5'3" now 5'3" 1/2).
I couldn't button any of my jeans, and looked like a sausage in my other slacks!
I had been working at it in a half-hearted manner.  Wasn't really losing any weight on a perment basis, but had not gained any in about 6 years.

Then a friend had a gastic bypass and has lost 350 lbs. - He has lost more than I weigh and now weighed less than me.  (I'm 5'6", he is 6'2")

Wrong reason to begin, but now I am doing because I feel and look better.
I had hit my highest weight ever at 232 and was on the verge of having to go to big mens store for pants.  Now I am down to 188 and getting into smaller sizes.  Plus I feel much better physically.
I saw a picture of myself and could barely recognize the chubby-faced girl in the picture.  Funny how I saw myself every day in the mirror and didn't notice then!
growing out of my 1x clothes and refusing to buy 2x. 
Couple things - first dr said I had to lose 20 lbs or else be on high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol meds

Before that I got my arm stuck in my then 14 yr old daughters pant legs of her jeans when I was trying to turn them inside out.
i had a series of eye-opening moments that happened all over the course of one summer. 

the worst was when i was backpacking in cambodia and i was going to see these temples up a mountain and i never got to see them because i was so out of shape i couldn't even reach the half way mark.  it was really sad, because i realized that my weight and smoking was holding me back from doing the things i really loved to do. 

on that same trip, this cambodian moto driver said to my friend and i, "when you come back cambodia you be more big and fat!"  It was funny at the time because we didn't even know the guy and he was a bit off his rocker. 

when i got back i realized, i didn't have to be a victim, i didn't have to be unfit and fat the rest of my life.  i had never let anyone tell me how i was going to life my life - ever!  so there was no way i was going to let weight dictate my decisions.  i just decided to take control of my own life again and made a serious committment to my health. 

maybe i'll go back to cambodia and kick that moto drivers ass with my new kickboxing skills!  haha

When I realized I'd been wearing nothing but long sleeve T-shirts because my upper arms were too big to fit into my nice woven cotton blouses. All of them! Accompanied by feeling like my underwire bra was digging directly into my middle everytime I sat down.


i reached 65kg and i'm only 5'3. then i asked my mum (who is a little taller than me) what her top weight was before she became a gym person and she said it was 68kg!!! And she was a good 30 yrs older than me!

also because i love high fashion and trends and i wanna be able to look good in stuff i love to wear...and being around my skinny girlfriends
Two major moments:

1) When I read research suggesting that heartburn was caused by too many extra pounds (the pressure of the extra fat pushing on your stomach) and that losing those pounds could cure the heartburn;

2) Going on a business trip, requiring me to get out my dress slacks that I hadn't worn in about 6 months (I work at home so I don't have to dress up for work all that often), and realizing I couldn't zip them at all! And then digging further to discover NOTHING in my closet fit but sweats. 
For me there were a few moments that kind of triggered me.  I didn't realize how big I had become until I saw some pictures of myself.  At first you tell yourself oh the camera adds some pounds or whatever, but then I saw the before pics in my profile and I knew I was a lot larger than I thought I was. 

Also one time I was at the science center and I was looking around and there were mirrors about and I was feeling kind of tired and heavy that day and I saw a reflection of this big girl in the mirror who looked probably about my height and thought gosh I hope I get this under control before I get to be her size, imagining how hard it must be to stay energetic thinking she looked tired and was kind of slouched and just seemed to be having a difficult time.  I was hoping diabetes and heart disease didn't run in her family the way it does in mine.  Then I thought gee her shirt looks familiar... it was my own reflection from across the room and I knew that tired person was me...

Also I got to a point where going up stairs was making me winded and I was always tired and always craving crap food and I just didn't want to live that way anymore.  I was too young to feel that old and tired and so something clicked.
I put on a pair of pants that I hadn't worn in a while and while wearing them, the button FLEW off! 
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