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Weight Loss
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Breakfast is useless - stop eating it.

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Can anyone give me one citation for one study anywhere in the English speaking world that finds "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" - from the perspective of weight loss.

As far as I'm concerned it's a waste of calories. I eat, then I go to work and do little exercise. Wow... fine use of food... it's like eating before bed.

Please - someone show me.

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do what you want then. Breakfast is not for everyone. Me, I love to eat in the a.m. I hate eating a big meal at night :/

I know what you mean, it doesnt feel worth it and i like how when i wake up in the morning i feel all fresh and not full up with food.

They do say though that breakfast gets your metabolism going and so that aids weight loss.

Hope thats some sort of help. It's not the end of the world if you dont have breakfast but in my opinion eating at 10 or 11 can be pretty much classed as breakfast anyways!


I sort of wonder about that too. I think it's up to the individual. My ex-husband, current husband, and two of my children can't stand breakfast, they say it makes them even hungrier. My other 3 kids and I wake up starved. I never busted anyone about eating in the morning, I don't think it's the most important meal of the day.

Do you think it was a marketing scam by cereal companies? Who knows? But this, "Make sure you eat breakfast" idea should be handled on a case by case basis. One size doesn't fit all.





do your own research next time. google isn't hard to use.

I'm not going to give you a citation but I wanted to say so what if you're not exercising straight afterwards. The calories are still available later when you do exercise unless you already burned them all off just existing or through whatever your work is. Same goes for eating before bed.

Breakfast is good for many people because it keeps the full until lunch so they aren't tempted to go to the vending machine for higher calorie snacks mid morning.

Eat whenever you want though. Some people couldn't go without breakfast. Some people can't sleep at night without something to eat first.

The later you eat dinner, the less you'll feel like eating breakfast.  Also, late night snacking makes you not want to eat breakfast.

Some would say then, eat dinner earlier and don't late-night-snack so that you'll feel like eating breakfast. That's what I do.

As for a study, I don't think it's studied so much as observed in other studies of successful weight losers habits.

But I did find this

Analyses of behavioral data suggested that eating breakfast helped reduce dietary fat and minimize impulsive snacking and therefore may be an important part of a weight-reduction program.

may be an important part

I guess different things will work for different people.


So based on your logic, if we never exercise then we never need to eat because those calories never get burned off otherwise.

"Though there is ample scientific evidence to support both sides of the breakfast debate, most sources agree that the "most important meal of the day" meme was largely propagated by dairy and cereal producers in the decades following World War II." ( breakfast-is-not-the-most-important-meal-of-t he-day)

AND breakfast_not_s.html

Point is: if you're an adult it is your choice of whether you eat breakfast or not. You know your body best.

BUT there is a lot more supporting breakfast in terms of weight loss: pics/article.aspx?articleId=5 t-eat-breakfast st.htm

And i'm sure you can find more!

may be an important part

scientific reports ALWAYS have to say "may be" or "results suggest". its just a term everyone uses to emphasizes the idea that results from 1 study are not necessarily fact. but it means that the study got positive results.

I could care less about whether it's beneficial; when I wake up I'm hungry so I'm eating.

Well, go with what works for you, but eating breakfast is not useless, and I will continue to eat it since I like it, and I'm hungry in the morning.  I don't need a study to justify it.

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I think breakfast is important to keep your body from thinking you are starving it.  If you eat in the evening, let's say around 6 pm and don't eat until lunch the next day, that's a lot of time for the body not to have any fuel.  It's like a car running on fumes and if you don't stop for gas, it can only go for so long before it shuts down.

I used to only eat 1 meal a day and my weight stayed down and I thought it was fine, b/c I excercised a lot also. Now I understand that the body tends to hold on to the calories for the famine it thinks you are putting it through. Since we don't exercise like we used to back when we didn't have all the technology, fast food and easy going lives it all caught up with me and my body is basically starting all over again. 
Really, the important thing is the reason some think it's important. The metabolism thing isn't true. There is no research that shows a metabolism raising effect from eating. You can do more for your metabolism by taking a walk around the block. However, blood sugar levels can be affected by eating breakfast and craving control can be affected by eating breakfast. For some people that's a really good reason to eat breakfast. For other people, that's not a good enough reason to eat it.

I eat breakfast in the winter when it's cold outside and a bowl of hulled barley or steel cut oat porridge is perfect, but I don't eat it once the weather warms because eating hot food on a warm day is not pleasant and my appetite is not as large in the warmer weather.
statistically, people who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight.  it's part of a pattern.  has it been proven to cause weightloss?  nope. 

i eat breakfast because i feel better when i do.  i haven't always done so, but like the statistics say, when i'm living better, i eat breakfast; when i skip breakfast, it goes along with poor nutrition, insufficient exercise, staying up too late and/or not sleeping well, not being productive, drinking more alcohol, etc.

I hope you enjoy going the best part of 24 hours between meals then... assuming you get home from work at about 6pm and then have to cook dinner, it won't be ready to eat until seven... then you'll do your evening stuff, you'll go to bed, you'll get up and go to work and still not eat anything, and by lunchtime your brain's running on empty.

Haha, I agree with MortalMonkey.

Im hungry a little while after I get up because I dont eat after 7 PM. I dont eat after that time because thats the time Im usually just sitting down watching TV or on the computer. Im not eating, but Im also not being productive.

However, I am very much productive in the AM. Im not hungry till late afternoon, at which time I just have a sensible, healthy lunch. By dinner time, I usually just have a piece of fruit because Im really not hungry.

I guess it does depend on the person. But I do feel a lot more energized now than I ever did not eating in the morning. I felt like a ZOMBIE!!!

I think it is a personal thing but..I have started eating breakfast and have lost weight and feel less huger less throughout the day.

Anyway...why tell people what to do.  Just because you do not like breakfast does not mean everyone needs to stop eating in the am.  It is like saying I do not like to jog so noone else should either. 

I do not subscribe to the Dos and Don'ts of eating. I never have and I never will. If I am hungry in the morning I will eat. If I am not, I do not. It's as simple as that. I often try to eat a little something just so that I am more in control by lunchtime, when I really feel like eating and can easily overindulge. And since I work out at night, I often wake up a little hungry. But most of my life I have either skipped breakfast or eaten a small breakfast. And I have never been overweight.

That being said, I have no problem with eating before bed, either. I eat whenever I'm actually hungry, and I find that does nothing untoward to me.

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do your own research next time. google isn't hard to use.

Ahhh.. I did.  Your first study is paid for by Kellogg, the second, for girls from 9-10 years of age, and the third, which I admit was interesting, focused primarily on behavioural rather than metabolic or endocrinological at the base level.

Play nicer next time or stay out of the  sandbox!

Original Post by pgeorgian:

statistically, people who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight. it's part of a pattern. has it been proven to cause weightloss? nope.

i eat breakfast because i feel better when i do. i haven't always done so, but like the statistics say, when i'm living better, i eat breakfast; when i skip breakfast, it goes along with poor nutrition, insufficient exercise, staying up too late and/or not sleeping well, not being productive, drinking more alcohol, etc.

Statistically people who eat breakfast are more likely to exercise than people who don't... which one is the cause?  See my point?

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