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I'm really needing so quick and easy breakfast ideas besides downing a Slimfast or grabbing a power bar.



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Boil 18 eggs on Sunday and eat a few every morning :) I also eat some grape tomatoes and/or some avocado...and I drink a 5.5 oz can of V8. Pretty easy!

Great ideas! Thank you!

And if you're really watching your what I do...I eat 2 egg whites and one whole egg. Egg white: 16 cals...whole egg...70 cals. :)

or a half cup of feggs(egg substitute or egg whites; your choice since they have the same nutrition of 2g carbs 13g protein per half cup 60 calories) its so filling especially with some lowfat cheese melted in
Are you talking hard boiled eggs? Or scrambling them?

The yolks are the best part.  I eat egg whites sometimes, but egg yolks are soo good, especially in poached eggs.

I was talking about hard boiled eggs...that way you don't add fat when you're preparing them. 

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Not a quick meal but really good pancakes ok here the ingredients

2-egg whites 1 scoop protein powder flavored if you like 1/4 cup oats ( I put mine in a food chopper grind them up a little) A a little bit water to make it the thickness of pancake batter Mix all in bowl, get a pan put a little non stick spray and get the pan hot pour mixture in pan usually makes 2 pancakes top with some sugar free syrup and enjoy mmmm you could even cook the day before then just throw it in the microwave

Buy some old fashioned rolled oats. The night before put half a cup of rolled oats and 1 and 1/4 cups of water in a saucepan. ( or you can add some skim milk in there if you like) Leave it to soak overnight.

In the morning when you get up - turn the stove element on low - go have a shower.. when you get out of the shower ( about 10 mins) your oatmeal will be cooked. Or you can microwave it if you prefer.  Sprinkle a little brown sugar or honey over - slice a half a banana

you have a really nutritious/delicious breakfast of 242 calories :)

Active preparation time - almost 0.


This is my first post. I have been hesitant to post in the past because I've seen some questionable replies and I hope that everyone really look at what they are eating and make sure that it is healthy for them. I don't know what your height and age is, but your weight is near what I am at now. I see a nutritionist once a month to evaluate my diet. Right now I'm at 191lbs and I started at 230. I have a 1300 cal/day diet that is to give me a 2lb/week weight loss. The ratio of what I eat is; Carbs @ 50%, Fat @ 25-30% and Pro @ 20-25%.

I'm a vegetarian, so eggs are not an option for me. A great source of protein for me is Chobani brand greek yogurt. They have a high protein count compaired to other brands.  I get the 0% fat ones because they have the lower calories. Read the labels because they all vary in nutrition. The ones I eat have 120-140 cal.

Do you have a Trader Joe's store in your area?  They have a frozen steelcut oatmeal, flavored with brown sugar and maple syrup, that comes in two single serve packest. All you have to do is heat it up and eat. Takes about 2-3 mins to heat. They're 150 cal.

I have one oatmeal and one yogurt for breakfast. All under 290 cal.

When I don't have time to fix a meal, I keep these in my car; Justin's Almond Butter. Orchard Bar  Pineapple Coconut & Macadamia and Luna Vanilla Almond. I only eat these in an emergency.

Good luck and I hope that you achieve your goal of becoming a combat medic.

On Sundays  make flaxseed muffins and hard boiled eggs, then you have them for the week.  Fruit is good, too.  Yogurt cups,  almonds.  These  are my favorites quickies.

I am not a morning person AT ALL so quick breakfasts are always a must for me! I like to vary my breakfasts otherwise i get bored and am more likely to go off track. A few of my favorites include:

-a protein shake in the morning, either 1 - 2 scoops w/8 - 16 oz of water. Is very filling and a great source of protein.

-Kashi GoLean Honey & Cinnamon Hot Cereal - i just recently discovered this particular hot ceral and love it! i am a big fan of Kashi products as they are filled with whole grains, protein, and fiber. This tastes pretty good, is only 150 calories, 8 grams of protein & 5 grams of fiber. best of all, it takes about a min & 1/2 to microwave :)

-i love love love eggs! when i have time in the morning to make some i am one happy girl :)

What about good old fashioned cereal and milk?

I eat a bowl of Fiber One Honey Clusters and fat free skim milk.  About 205 calories and I get half a day's worth of fiber from my breakfast!


Here are some of my favourites:

Fruit and a cereal bar

Whey protein shake (vanilla flavour blended with a banana, yum!)

Fruit smoothie (banana and strawb, banana, avocado & a little oatmeal)

Yogurt and fruit

Oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins.


Thanks Kelly for posting the pancake recipe, I'm going to try those this weekend, yum!

Yogurt, banana, apples, and a cup of oj or grapefruit juice.  Super fast and easy.  Although some people are a little wary of drinking juice because of the high sugar...

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