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BORED AT WORK!!! How to keep from eating?

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This happens to me at about 3PM. I need a mental break, and I eat sugary food. I've brought fruit, but it doesnt' feel "rewarding" enough. Sometimes I shop for something online, but clearly that isn't the answer! Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Nuts are usually a good snack, really any kind you like.  If you really want something sweet, the (Edit - Slim Fast) snack bars are good and around 120 calories.  The crunchy peanut butter one tastes like a Butterfinger.  They do have a little sugar alcohol so be careful.  Another good option is keep some sweet ( or any) dry cereal at work.  I have a small bowl of cereal as a 100-150 calorie snack.  It tastes good and is usually decent to good for you. 

I keep a drawer in my office fully stocked with nuts, cereal, granola bars, snack bars and other good snacks.  I find that if I have them available I really crave other things much less, or actually not at all.


I work in a bar, and if i work from 5pm till 1am, i eat quickly before i go to work but then if the bar's quiet i just snack my way through the shift, on peanuts and chocolate and whatevers lying about!

What can i eat that is okay eating late at night and that i won't just Keep picking at?


I bring lots of food to work just so I don't get a craving and the only thing available is the boss' chocolate dish.

I suggest bringing a novel to work, and when you need a short break you can read a chapter!  You'll be absorbed in the story so your mind won't focus on food.

I have almonds in my desk and a 0% Fage yogurt in the fridge at all times at work just for this. Works for me! Also taking a short walk around the block or to the news stand.

- Chew Orbit Gum

- Drink Decaf Coffee sweetened with Stevia

- Eat Cherry Tomatoes/Bell Pepper Strips/Celery 

- Drink Sparkling Flavored Water 

- Drink Hot Tea 

before your 3 pm snack, go brush your teeth then eat what you want. After brushing my teeth, I don't really want to put anything into my mouth...

thank you everyone!!!

I have become an Orbitz gum addict.  I actually go through half a pack a day at work.  That's why I started tearing the pieces in half just to have something sweet to chew on.  

A serving of reduced fat Nilla wafer cookes is only 110 calories (9 cookies)  Not bad!  :)

I also think I might start bringing my toothbrush and toothpaste to work so I don't feel the urge as much. 

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