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Yes, I see there is a post below me about booze, BUT mine is a bit different.

I love the sauce. Not in an unhealthy, try-to-make-me-go-to-rehab kinda way. But I'm young and I live in NYC, so my weekends naturally involve going out to bars. And I'm not a 1-2 drink max kinda girl...Saturday nights were meant to be forgotten, if you know what I mean.

Before any judgement is passed, please know I'm just trying to be real. I eat well and work out all week, and occasionally do a happy hour, but mostly just drink on the weekends. I don't see this changing anytime soon...but is alcohol really the worst thing to do while 'dieting'?

My drink of choice is a vodka-soda with a splash of lemon. I logged my cals after I went out one night and it was something like 1,500...is that right??? (I may have underestimated the number of drinks I had...oopsInnocent). That's really crazy.

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts/experiences about this. Not the "You should cut down on drinking" type, but the "Yes, I drink as much as you and I lost 50 lbs - here's how". Maybe I'm being a little unrealistic, but a girl can dream, right?

Thanks in advance.

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from one saucy girl to the next.....you're not gonna wanna hear this, but the thing that got me out of "the plateau" of not losing weight despite diet and exercise was holding back on the liquor =(

Alcohol unfortunately does all kinds of crazy things to your body, but the main thing I noticed was that it made my face, arms and tummy super puffy (which I never really noticed until I quit drinking so much and it went away).......at least it's a great way to save money! And you can always still have soda with a lime, or whatever and still go out with the girls!

Thanks, Doc. I don't see myself cutting it out 100%, but I know I need to definitely cut it down. It's just so hard after a long work week...ugh. How is that there is low-cal EVERYTHING except alcohol?? 

Good luck in all your endeavors. Hopefully you won't see me out at the bars... 

haha if booze were the answer to weightloss you would see your eyes full of recipes filled to the gills with alcohol=) Thankfully for me im not a drinker but I have heard my friends complaining from all the recent weight gain due to the clubbing during the weekends and just saying the hell with it all and drinking till they are in a drunken stooper. I think its fine in moderation but when you do it every weekend till you are falling down drunk its certainly not going to help your weightloss endeavors.
I don't drink personally. I hate the taste and hangovers..

Marijuana, now that's cal free, no horrible hangovers..

Mood taming as well . ;)
i can't give up "the sauce" completely either.  if you can't cut it out completely, i would stick to strictly weekends.  when i first started CC i had a drink maybe every 3 weeks or so.  and you know what?!?  my tolerance went wayyyyyy down and it only took like 2-3 drinks to be sloshed!!

also-lately i stick to bacardi and diet, and avoid the sweet stuff and beer. 

so...you can still drink, but keep your goals in mind!  GOOD LUCK!!

have to agree, take a two - three week break and your tolerance will get to the point where you don't need as much.  that's my current plan.  :)

sigh, went out this saturday and tried to be good, except ended up drinking somewhere around 1500 calories in vodka/sodas and tonics.  I was easily losing weight before then, and now have gained a pound that doesn't want to move...

I've lost 44lbs in just over a year and to be honest I drink 5-6 nights a week. 2/3 days I'll just have a couple of vodka's and diet soda but on weekends I drink anythin gI want from pints of cider to jugs of vodka Red Bull (normally in large quantities). It is doable, but it does slow your weight loss down. If I'd cut the booze out completely then I'd probably have hit my goal weight by now but they say the key to success is lifestyle changes you can stick to and giving up alcohol is an unrealistic change for me to make.

Good Luck with your weight loss journey

I have the same issue, I too am an unapologetic drinker and while I know its my downfall I'm not willing to give it up.

For me I try to be really good all week with exercise and eating. I've stopped my midweek pints with coworkers or atleast limited it to once a month. On Saturday mornings I do a bit extra with a step class followed by a weights class and I eat well all day.

Saturday night I try to choose low cal drinks and stay away from the greasy foods that accompany late night drinking. It's worked for me so far, it means weight loss is a bit slower but I also never feel like my diet gets in the way of my life.



You don't have to go cold turkey to lose weight but you do need to be aware of the high number of calories in alcoholic drinks.  Some of the more exotic drinks can pack close to 1000 calories a single glass.  Log all of you calories including alcohol and if you really want to lose weight you will know what you need to do.
OOOHH the late night drunk eating is the worst...but the best!!!

I LOVE beer!  Light beer of course....If I know it's a boozer night, I just work out a bit more that day to accommodate the extra calories i'll be SO HAPPILY taking in :)


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Ha! No advise, but just want to say, "glad it's not just me".  I've only been on my diet for 2 weeks, but I have given up all mid-week drinking, which has been difficult some nights, but not nearly as rough as I thought it might be, and of course, it's saving us a lot of money.  I would drink 3 glasses of wine, and after a "rough day", would even have 2-3 gin & tonics.

 I am allowing myself drinks on Fri & Sat, but not "fall down drunk" drinking. I was hoping that just cutting out the drinking alone would make a significant different in weight loss, but so far, I've only lost 2lb. However, I think my metabolism needs a good kick start too....

 Good luck!

you're like me... vodka and diet soda is the way to go. so at least you're on the right path. i don't think that drinking inhibits weight loss at all, especially if you have our habits. and i did lose 65lbs and i'm a hardcore drinker on the weekends. it is possible, it just takes a little bit longer i guess is the advice you're looking for. i don't think theres any reason to quit drinking just because you're on a diet, thats actually all the more reason to drink! heck, you're kicking out one pleasure (food), so why not replace it with another!? otherwise... your life will be deprived. yes. i've thought about it a lot! and i hate to read posts where people say they quit drinking because it was inhibiting their weight loss... well... as long as you stay away from the drunk munchies, it should be all good. i usually wake up 3-5 lbs lighter the next day anyway! so there you go.

I did!  I went through a divorce and decided to lose some weight and hit a party phase.  Was eating light, and going out several times a week and lost about 30 pounds!  I did not even work out, unless you count dancing my a$$ off.  I was 32 at the time, not sure if it would still work now, so I am abstaining from booze except for special occasions!


If you mix your alcohol with a no-calorie mixer (diet soda or club soda) you can cut some calories. I just looked and each ounce of 80 proof liquor is 64 calories.

If you are drinking vodka/soda (as opposed to vodka/TONIC-which is high calorie), you would have to drink 23 single-shot drinks, or 11 doubles to get 1500 calories in an evening out. Does that sound like how much you're drinking?

I have decided to cut way back on my drinking as well, and I'm not very happy about it! I am only drinking on the weekends and I've decided the 'night-caps' need to go. I'm saving the alcohol cals. for when I want to drink a bunch, instead of using a little every day ...without the pleasure of intoxication!Laughing

I, too, enjoy the sauce!

I'm with ya, I am a drinker (20-somethings are supposed to be, right?) :).

I was able to lose 35lbs a few years ago without curbing my weekend partying and a not-so-occasional nightcap. And please, spare me the lectures on drinking regularly. I've heard it all.

Anyways, I gained the weight back because of meds I was on and a total lapse of exercise and healthy eating. I have cut back on the drinking, but Bacardi & diet Coke are still my drink of choice. I just started back up, and I'm losing even w/ the occasional bar night.

Like someone else said, though, just stay away from the sweet drinks and the mixed drinks (margaritas, daquiris, etc), because they use premade mixers that are FULL of sugar. And if you want a beer, go light!

Good luck, and take care. Party it up girl, while ya still can! ;)

Tonic is not a low calorie mixer..go for a diet 7&7 or diet jack & coke, whatever you like to drink.  I'll have a screwdriver or a greyhound because the juice has some nutrients and not too many calories.  Make sure you're standing instead of sitting around, dance if there's music and you'll burn off most of what you drink.  Alternate your drinks with ice water.

I usually go out once a week or once every other week.  I make sure that I get enough exercise and eat a very healthy diet that day.  I figure that my body responds better to the booze when I don't substitute a meal for it. 

if you like beer, Beck's Premier Light only has 64 calories so you can basically have two beers for the amount of calories in a normal one.....I am trying to lose a little weight and am definitely having a hard time with the whole alcohol thing since I am in college right now and of course have friends that always want to go out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights (if not during the week as well)...I try to drink only one night but it definitely is not helping my getting into better shape!

I did lose 55 pounds (and counting) without cutting drinking out of my Friday and/or Saturday night schedule. The day of the night out I would make sure I ate well throughout the day and most importantly drink lots water (this helps me to fend off the hangover of the next day). Exercise as normal or perhaps a bit more than usual.

As others have said, make wise choices in what you drink, stay active throughout the night (dance, stand!) and don't just sit there and sink a few. And whatever you do, DON'T GIVE IN to the late night feeds.  (I've been lucky with these and haven't ever really done so. I get home, and go straight to bed.)

The next day: It's typical to crave greasy foods. To satisfy this, I choose a Healthy Choice one serve pizza (about 400 calories) for lunch and it does the trick, minus the guilt. So my suggestion is finding a low calorie alternative (I have heard that South Beach pizza's are good, also.) Once again, make sure to drink lots of water. I try to push myself (no matter how late in the day/night) to get exercise no matter how I feel.

I have yet to gain a pound after a night drinking, but I can't say I'll always be this lucky. I can only hope (unlikely, though.)

I'm so glad you wrote this post.  I drank a whole bottle of red wine last night.  It was Amerian Idol night at my brother's apt.  The boys usually drink beer but I at least made a healthier choice of drinking organic wine.  But a whole bottle of which affroded me 500 calories!!!  I knew I was going to drink so I made the decision of choosing a "healthier" alternative before I began the night.  I was still under my 1500 cal goal.  But I certaintly didn't want to get up for work this morning.  I did and am at work and hust had some yogurt and a banana and am feeling good.  I used to get greasy but oh so yummy bacan, egg and cheeses in the a.m. after a night of drinking but no longer do that.  So at least I feel good about some decisions I make.  Good luck to all you boozers out there.  I'm irish what can I say?Tongue out
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