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Weight Loss
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Ok, kinda embarrassing, but I just have to ask so I can figure out if this is just all in my head or not.

I don't own too many bras that fit ... I guess because of laziness to put effort into finding the right one plus social phobia which makes it hard to ask a sales person for help... not to mention that stores that specialize in bras and actually offer help are damn expensive!

But anyway, I basically have one which has always fit me perfectly and does a good job at making my little melons look somewhat mentionable. But now I think it's feeling a bit too big... so either it has gotten larger or my boobs have gotten even smaller O_o

I've only lost about 10 pounds since starting on CC. Can that affect my boob size, or am I just imagining things and it's just my one good bra which is finally falling apart?

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I definitely lose in my breasts when I lose weight, which is awesome because I am a generous 46DD. The only thing that dismays me about losing weight in my breasts is finding new bras and giving up the ones I have now. I splurged a year ago and replaced all my bra's with much nicer, comfortable and better quality ones. They were expensive but worth it. Now some of them are too big and actually look a little off under some clothes. It's sad to me when I move one into my "items that don't fit donation box" but hopefully someone else will be able to use them as they are in excellent condition.

Edit to add - And what someone else said above, money saved on junk food and crap can always go towards new pretty bras!

I plan on buying new bras I like when the time well worth it!!!



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