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BodyPUMP or Jog tonight?

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It's been a hectic week with family and friends coming from overseas so I haven't exercised all week!  Also, this weekend is hectic with a friends wedding etc etc...

So anyway!  I only have tonight to exercise to make up for the past week and to compensate for the long weekend ahead (next exercise will be Tuesday next week).

So in my free hour tonight, shall I go to BodyPUMP or for an hour jog?

(Note:  I've been eating way above maintenance the past week and will probably go over maintenance this weekend but I've accepted it and will get back on track from Tuesday).

Thank you.

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I'd vote body pump I think it'll burn more and more for you longer. Plus I enjoy it more haha

Cool thanks done!  That's the answer I wanted actually haha - but was worried that because I'm eating more than maintenance that the run would be more beneficial to get some form of deficit!

I did my first BodyPUMP this week, and I am in love with it.  Tonight will be my second class.  So I vote for BodyPUMP.  So when I feel myself beginning to fade I'll think of you doing it, too.  Have a great week-end.

I went to PUMP :)  Glad I went - I was so tired but I kept thinking of the saying 'the worst work out you can ever do is the one you miss' so just went and did whatever I could :)  better than eating those easter eggs huh!! :)

Thats awesome good for u!!! Good choice ;) haja
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