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BodyBugg vs other calorie counting devices

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Hello All!

I'm interested in purchases a BodyBugg in order to ascertain how many calories my body burns throughout the day.  The problem is, the BodyBuggs are pretty expensive, and I've seen other devices (different brands) that claim to do the same thing.

Have any of you purchased any of these gadgets?  If so, can you recommend one?


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I have a timex heart rate monitar and it seems like a burn a lot calories when I work out. I always wonder how acuriate it is.

My co-worker said the same thing minus the accuracy part and lost a lot of weight with the bodybugg.


Thats all I got. .  . sorry

Just bought the GoWear Fit system-- made by SAME company! It's less expensive, measures sleep efficiency, and is working GREAT for me already! Laughing

BodyBugg v2 didn't measure sleep, and v3 is supposed to, now. But! Being new, it's high $! GoWear already did the sleep function, and the newest is small like the BodyBugg v3 now is-- looks identical, but less expensive! Laughing

I studied a while before I bought-- and there were various things in the meal logging, etc, that I don't remember exactly now-- but the GoWear Fit, newest version, was the Best from what I saw... Wink

Ebay, from a very-high feedback seller, never used-though-opened and owned for several months, was the way I got mine... and LOVE it!!!! Cool

Hope that helps-- compare the two and see which suits you best. Laughing

Thank you so so so much for the information!  I will definitely be checking out those products soon!

I've also read about Fitbit (http://www.fitbit.com/). No idea if it's any good but thought I'd throw that idea into the ring!

First, let me say that whether you go with the GoWear Fit or Bodybugg, I don't think that you can make a bad decision. The hardware/armband is the same for both & so you're *should* get the same results no matter which one you purchase.

I started out with the bodybugg as a user. Since I'm a personal trainer and nutritionist, I immediately saw the potential benefits to my clients & how I could aid them.

It helped me in a few ways:
1) My workouts were stellar, but I didn't realize how sedentary I was the remaining 23 hours of the day.
2) Some days I would workout really hard, but wouldn't eat enough & so the next day I would have a crappy workout & eat too much: I wasn't losing wieght because I was flip-flopping. THe bodybugg allowed me to ride that cusp of eating enough, but not too much that I wouldn't lose the weight. I was shocked when I reached my 10 lb goal in 12 weeks!

So that's my endorsement. I've also written extensively on my blog about it. Here are some entries that may help.
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Feel free to ask any other questions. I"m glad to help!


I have Lose It!  it's a free app for iPhone/iPod Touch.....it was a good selection of foods in it, and you can add your own.

The cal eaten and burned are similar to what I get using the Food/Activity Log here.

I've had my Gowear for about a month now.  I love it.  Since I was already counting calories for food intake, I just needed to know how many calories I burned (didn't want to do all the calculations for every activity I engaged in....I'm lazy).  Gowear has helped me in maintaing the calorie deficit on a daily basis and also helped in losing more pounds!  The best part is that it has also motivated me with parking the car a bit further, taking the stairs vs. the elevator, etc.  I'm still lazy but a lot less lazier than pre-Gowear.  It would be best to get the display watch as well....that way you don't have to upload to the computer each time you wanted to see what you've burned.  

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I got a bodybugg on ebay, brand new and it came with a 6 months subscription to the web based program.  What no one is saying here is that once you sign up, you have to maintain an account to use it.  After the 6 months, it's like $10/month. I haven't gotten to that point yet, but apparently it doesn't work without the program.  Having said that, it is awesome! Very motivating to move and it offers many workout options and resources. I do recommend.

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I've had my Gowear for only a few days now. I have done heavy research before buying this item and thought I had made the right choice. For some reason I have had many complications with this item thus far. The first problem I encountered, was that the web site that they direct you to use is wrong. You have to log on at bodymedia instead of gowear fit. Also, before you can use the software which sync's to the device you have to purchase a year subscription in order to use the device or for a higher fee on a month to month basis. You also only get one free month instead of six free months like the bodybugg. Now the real problem is that after only three days of having the Gowear my steps taken are not reading. Now this morning, nothing is reading. I can not figure out why? Also, since it is the weekend I have to wait until Monday in order to contact someone about the problem. They do not have weekend hours. So you can only reach them during the regular 9-5 working hours Monday through Friday. Which this of course is of no help to me. This is an expensive item! The Gowear is only $20.00 less than the bodybugg. I thought the Gowear was going to be better because of the sleep monitoring and a few other factors but I think I may have made a mistake. I'm greatly disappointed with this item so far.

I have carfully read the instructions and followed them fully. Also, the instructions were not clear for the start. It took a little work to figure everything out. So it is my personal opinion only, but I wish I would have purchased the Bodybugg instead of the Gowear.

If anyone has the Gowear and knows why the arm device is not reading please let me know. It's fully charged, worn properly and brand new. I hate to go an entire weekend with this. This is my Christmas present to myself and I really want to get my life on track. Thanks! Undecided



I just purchased the GoWearFit complete with the display unit.  There are 2 major problems so far.  Number one, according to the calorie burn readout I am burning anywhere from 3200 calories to 3700 calories a day.  Mind you I am 60 years old.  According to the readout I have burned 450 calories by 5 AM  and all I did was sleep.  If that were true I would never have left the 120's of my youth. Secondly I have contacted them repeatedly and with the exception of an email request for more information I have not gotten any response.

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