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Weight Loss
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Body wraps for inch loss

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Has anyone tried a body wrap for inch loss?  What can I expect?  How long does it last?

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i did a coffee and honey one on my thighs at a higher weight.
it killed the lumpy bumps for about a week. i didnt do measurements though.

what i did:
-coffee grounds with high caffine content

massages the thighs a bit first then smeared the coffeeground paste on the back

stuck cling film on the back so i could sit down to do the sides and top. then wrapped it all up and sat an hour.
scrubbed off in the shower.

it makes your skin really soft too from the exf. grounds and honey.

my one friend did that on her face and caught a caffine buzz from it. lol
(she is really sensitive)
What can you expect? Incomfort and waste of money!

Weight loss is all about calorie in - calorie out.
Man, I so need to make up some gimmick to make some quick money off of people...
All that a body wrap does is make you sweat and lose a little water weight.  Some regular exercise would be a better option, in my opinion.
If you are doing it at home and want to try something new... go ahead. If it's for money, don't even believe any word they tell you. It's useless and no apparent results/changes. They want you to come back over and over, as one said in the above postings, you can lose MORE water using other ways for FREE!!! I did it with so called professionals, paid $200 and it did not work :-( Don't waste your $$
herbal wraps you do at home are really good at making your skin smooth and pretty - but they aren't going to get rid of fat.  I sometimes take lotions or body butters that I make from scratch and add a bit of relaxing essential oil to them and spread them on thick then wrap up for awhile.  I do it in winter because I have very dry skin and its similar to a body wrap.  For fat loss though they don't work, simple as that. 
i agree..its more like a beauty treatment for appearance of what you a facial wont rid you of wrinkles...but it removed dead skin cells that make you look more wrinkly...its like that but with excess water in the body instead of dead skin.
For Valentines day, my hubby got me a spa day. Full on treatment. One thing included was a wrap. I enjoyed it, it was relaxing and soothing, but I didn't notice any lost inches. It did smell really nice and it was warm and pleasant though!

I am a mother of 4 (2 girls and my twin boys). A year after my boys were born, I entered a weight loss competition. I was hoping that with diet and exercise I could get rid of my loose skin and stretched out stomach.

After the competion I lost 3 dress sizes, but random people kept coming up to me and asking me "So, when are you due?" It was awful--strangers coming up to me assuming I was pregnant and I wasn't!

Anyway, I was a bit hopeless and then I met some ladies who were promoting an inch loss wrap---they said when you put it on any area of your body (stomach, hips, thighs, neck/chin, etc..) that actual inch loss would occur--actual fat loss not water loss.

I was really skeptical, but willing to give it a try. So with my first wrap I lost 2 1/2 inches of fat off my stomach. The next day an additional 1/4 inch. Although the inches were coming off and I did the measurements myself, I was still hesitant to get excited. So I did another wrap, and this time my husband wanted to try. I lost an additional 2 inches and my husband lost over 2 inches off his love handles!

Needless, to say I haven't had anyone ask me if I'm pregnant. I have lost over 9 1/2 inches of fat off my stomach and went down another dress size. I am soooo happy that I found these wraps. Now all I need to do is recondition my abdominals because I have Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) from the multiple pregnancy and I will have my flat stomach back!! I'm pumped about it!

I can't speak for other wraps on the market. Most of them are water loss wraps, but you can learn more about this one on my profile page.

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