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My body weight times 10 for min. daily calories?! Is that right?

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I heard somewhere that I should eat my body weight times 10 (at least) in calories a day to make sure that my metabolism stay revved. Is that right?  That would mean that at 131 lbs, I should be eating at least 1310 calories a day? What do you think? Sounds reasonable to me. Will that keep me from "starving" myself?
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Just bumping you up, but I think that is a good estimate, if you were trying to lose weight.  If you are trying to maintain, it sounds awfully low.  Others here know more then I.  There is a good calorie estimator on the USDA food pyramid site:

I feel like that can't be right; I weigh 110 ish and that would mean that I would only need 1100 cals/day. I KNOW that's not right for me.
And that would mean I need 1900.


That's a freaking lot to me.
I actually heard from one of the health sites...maybe msn health or webmd...i dunno... thats it's 7 cals per pound when your losing and 12 cals per pound to maintain.  Thats exactlly what this site said too...(im 200 and eat 1400 cals...)Laughing
You're missing the last part, adding your body weight.  I put the info below.  Remember it's for sedentary people, so you need to eat more with exercise.  Another way to do this would be to simply multiply your body weight by 12-14 (to get daily needs for a sedentary person).  But it's all an estimate:

For adult males - Multiply the body weight by 10; add double the body weight to this value.
[i.e., for a 150 lb male, 1,500 + (2 x 150)=1,800 cal/day BMR]

For adult females - Multiply body weight by 10; add the body weight to this value.
[i.e., for a 120 lb female, 1,200 + 120=1,320 cal/day BMR]
My understanding of this formula that was to for losing weight you should take your llbs and times it by 10 for your calorie output. To maintain weight and not gain you should times your weight in lbs by 115

So I

110 lb woman will lose weight at 1100 and will maintain at 1565 according to the formula you are referencing. Remember it's been around for ages and is just a very general guide...
i beleive that the10: 1 ratio works out your basal metabolic rate therefore at 140lbs my body burns around 1400cals just functioning on a normal basis, add to this any activity etc. Therefore you are right the 1310 would give you all your body needs to live day-to-day, any activity on top of this will become your calorie deficit.
oh sorry to add to that above this is based on a normal person of normal composition (which at 131lbs you are).

However, considering that muscle needs 30% more energy than fat this formual needs to be altered a little if you are an althelet (13cals for ever 10lbs of muscle) or have very high body fat (6cals for excess body body fat).

But yes in short 1:10 should be about right

Ok ya'all got me confused.

I weigh 278 and am moderately active.  I'd like to lose 2 pounds a week.  But I'm looking at the formula and it's crazy...How many cals should I be eating?  BTW I'm pretty solid so I'm guessing I have a good muscle base.


278 x 10 = 2780 calories

278 x 6 (to lose)= 1668 calories

Here is another way of using the weight * 10, note that everyone gets some sort of activity/digestion factor on top of their basic needs. 
http://www.ehow.com/how_5138_calculate-total- daily.html
why not use the tools on this site to calc your required cals?
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