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Body type: Which are you?

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Hey everyone. What body type are you and how do you think this affects how you look and where you want to lose/gain weight?

Apple (triangle downward)Apple shaped women have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips. Fat is mainly distributed in the chest, face and abdomen. This is the body type found mainly among female athletes, particularly where emphasis is on the arm and pectoral muscles.

Banana or straight (rectangular)The waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hips or bust measurement. Body fat is distributed predominantly in the abdomen, buttocks, chest and face.

Pear or spoon or bell (triangle upward)The hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement. The distribution of fat varies, with fat tending to deposit first in the buttocks, hips and thighs. As body fat percentage increases, an increasing proportion of body fat is distributed around the waist and upper abdomen.

Hourglass shape. (triangles opposing, facing in)The hip and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. Body fat distribution tends to be around both the upper body and lower body. This body type enlarges the arms, chest, hips and rear before other parts, including waist and upper abdomen.

A study of over 6,000 women carried out around 2005 found that 46% were banana (rectangular), just over 20% pear, just under 14% apple, and 8% hourglass. Funny, isn't it? All the magazines and image of the woman makes me feel most woman are/should be hourglass and I am just a freak! (Another study has found "that the average woman's waistline had expanded by six inches since the 1950s" and that today women are taller and have bigger busts and hips than those of the 1950s)

 For example, for me, I have very narrow Apple hips, but Pear legs (so the worst of both worlds in this sense!). This affects how I look as even though I'm at a healthy weight, just a bit of tummy fat from my Apple figure is very obvious but it looks 'top-heavy' compared to my small hips. Therefore I need to be super healthy and do lots of aerobics to look hot!!


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PEAR all the way lol.  I am around 33 25 34 give or take a few.  This makes me sounds thin but I have pretty big legs and definitely have a butt so I am 100% a pear.  I'm okay with being a pear but it can be annoying knowing I will never have thin legs...unless I lose like 20 lbs. in which case I would literally have NO chest (small enough as it is) and I would look anorexic from the waist up.  Soooo I will just try to keep the legs I do have toned, which I think looks better anyway :)

double post. my bad!

I'd say I'm a mixture of pear and hour glass, I'm not as disproportionate as most pears, but more of my weight is in my lower body. 

I'm normally an hourglass, but currently with a hint of pear... Undecided

I'm not sure what I would be - I definitely used to be an hourglass, and carry my fat like an hourglass, but now that I am slimmer my waist measurement is only 8 inches smaller than my hips. I don't have fat in my abdomen though at this point - I just have a thick waist since the bottom of my rib cage is fairly close to the top of my hips. *shrugs*

I am definitely a pear shape. 36/29/39

I'm a Gabrielle.

A stupid apple.  Stupid stupid apple.  I've had to say no, I'm not pregnant thank you, too many times :)

Ugh, I never know which of these I am. I'm 37-27.5-32...so I have hourglass bust/waist measurements, but my hips just mess everything up...I'm a total mismatch of shapes, which makes clothes shopping a nightmare, lol.

I need to edit...I got measured today for the first time EVER.

Turns out...I'm a flippin' board. :P Definitely a banana. My bust and my hips are EXACTLY the same and my waist in 1/2 an inch smaller. Since I'm broad-shouldered, I guess my hips just look narrower than my chest. :/


I'm a starfruit!

I am a hideous pear!  I hate it.  No matter how hard I try to tone up and lose weight my thighs and hips won't budge.  My ribs stick out in a grotesque fashion, but my saddlebags will not go away.  My measurement are 32/27/36, but my thighs are enormous!!

I've haven't measured myself in ages, but I am MOST DEFINITLEY a darned pear...UGH!  (Thank you, grandma! )

I may go swim suit shopping this weekend, and even though I've lost 30lbs I'm still not looking forward to it because of this pear body I have.  At 25, I have to buy all the "skirted" suits because my bottom half looks awful.  It's really hard trying to find the line between not looking 12 and not looking 40.



I am definitely a pear. Small chest - usually small waist and boy, do I have a bum and thighs! They are a full 20 cm wider than my chest... ( althought -I have pretty wide shoulders) 

I have found the best swimsuit for pear is an all- in- one.. no 2 pieces! I generally try and get a sexy low cut top ( pears usually have small breasts ) in a solid colour. and a slight rise on the leg. Boy cuts only emphasize your thighs. You need a slight cut away - but definitely NOT baywatch style - HA!

I have learned to love my curves.. I am shrinking them, slowly but I will always have wider hips and a bum. Turns out some men are 'boob-men' and some LOVE bums... so we shouldn't stress too much! Celebrate the Curves! I know my hubby does... We are meant to have a shape - whatever it is... Celebrate it! Just try and stay healthy on the way!

I am most definitely a pear!

31 1/2 -  27 1/2 -  39.....YEAH.

Most of the time I love my body! I think it is good to be different. I always think wouldn't it be boring if we all had "model/ideal" shape?

(Don't get me wrong sometimes I have body issues)

I am a hourglass (mixed with a little pear). It's strange because no matter how much weight I gain or lose, my natural waist stays the same and it's tiny compared to the rest of my body. It makes buying clothing a living hell.

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Don't know what all you lot are moaning about I'm a 45-42-50! I used to be content with  40-36-46, (it helps that I'm 5ft 9 (roughly1.80m) tall. 

No need to worry there's bound to be someone out there that will love what you've got! The real injustice is that I find you can never loose inches where you most want to.  I gain on abdomen and bottom half and loose on face and bust where I least need to!

Yep, you're not alone on that one.. to get jeans to fit my thighs often the back gapes -

It's a pain! 

In Africa, Levi's have brought out a range called EVA it's for fuller bottoms... 

I think they are brilliant!!!!!!! 

I think we're all pretty much just a bowl of fruit salad :P


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