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The normal body temperature is 98.6ºF or 37ºC

I've tried 4 different oral thermometers and 1 ear scan one, so it's not like the thermometers are broken because they all say the same. I've also done this tonnssss of times before so I'm sure I'm doing it right as well.

But my temperature reads at about 94ºF or 34.5ºC
Is there something wrong with me??

Also note that I'm not underweight

thanks for any help?
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heh.. "normal" body temperature, like everything else, is different for everyone.  my "normal" is about 96.5.. which means that if i have a temperature of 99 or so that's a fever.. i know this because i took a temperature chart for a month (3 times a day) and then averaged it (i did this in college)

that said, 94 does seem kind of low.. heh.. :)
It also depends on where you take your temperature :-)  If you stick it under you tongue or under arm you will register a lower temeprature than other more invasive methods (rectal thermometer).  It's your core temperature that is supposed to be around 37degrees.  All your extremities will be cooler.
I have read that when your body temperature is consistently low (that is VERY low by the way) that it may be a symptom of "Wilson's Temperature Syndrome".

http://www.wilsonssyndrome.com/WilsonsTempera tureSyndrome.htm (the "m" is supposed to be connected with the ht.. it just hates me today. )

I don't know if that is a real condition or not, but it might be worth looking into.

I suggest making an appointment with your Doctor. A low body temperature is also a sign of thyroid problems (although which end, hyper or hypo, I am not sure).

Do you have any other "symptoms"?



Your Rectal is ONE degree higher than your body tempature really is, so if you took it rectally you would subtract one degree and that would be your real temperature.

ORALLY is right on. Wait at least 15 minutes AFTER you eat or drink to get an accurate response.

If you do it under your arm then you ADD ONE DEGREE to get your real temperature.
I do have Raynaud's syndrome, which is somewhat related so that could make sense. I'm going to the doctors this week anyways, so maybe I'll ask her about this
Thank you three :)

I also have Raynaud's.. do you take anything for it? 
no I don't take anything, I didn't know that you could
what's raynauds? I'm curious
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Low body temp could be related to slow metabolism also. I know as you get older your body temp drops because you internal furnace slows. Exercise raises body temp but only by a degree or so.
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