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Weight Loss
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My Body is In Starvation Mode

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hey i posted a few months ago and havent since

short story:

Qct 2011: 381 pounds

June 1st: 250

Now: 245


my body has slowed losing weight. I dont count calories, but im aware of what I put in my body. I feel like I need to eat more food. But its a double edge sword bcuz i dont want to eat too much food that i will gain weight.

what are good foods to eat to get past this starvation mode.

here are some more helpful info

height: 6'2

activity level: I elliptical or treadmill 3 miles a day, every day and weight lift train every other day


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The body after losing a certain amount of weight can need time to adjust or maintain for a while before it can start losing again. You can either trail maintenance or wait it out. But you don't count how do you know if you are under eating or at maintenance? Maybe it is time to calorie count (even just for a trail) to see if you are under eating or not, if you are, you will have to eat more, cause damaging you metabolism will only make things worse, isn't worth it.

Hope this helps :)

Sun, are you eating refined white carbs?  That can keep your hunger going.  Would you be able to add some beans, whole grain rice and veggies to replace some bread or pastry?  What are you eating?

haha i avoid pasta / breads at all cost


here is an avg day

protein shake -350 ish cals

egg whites + sausage + onions = ??

snack- veggie chips - around 150

dinner- chicken breast

 veggies (green beans + corn)

salad- lettuce + dressing (120 cal)

cereal - 300 cal

end of day ...


I only eat rice if im havign sushi and i havent had it in months. bread comes once in a while- like croutons on a salad if im eating out. same with crackers.

The cereal... but such a small amount shouldn't be a problem.  Are you eating enough calories?  Perhaps calorie tracking again for awhile would be good and upping your intake to BMR or even a bit more.  It's not good (sustainable) to be hungry.

Try dumping the proccessed food: Protein shake, veggie chips, and protein shake.
Sorry, i meant protein shake, veggie chips and CEREAL. Maybe you could use fruit, ice, and milk to make a smoothie. Then, eat real veggies for a snack. Oatmeal in place of the cereal?
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