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A body that hates me or just plain bad luck?

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Hi I am posting here today whilst once again feeling ill this seems to happen every 3 weeks, since I started out with my excrcise/healthy diet. I was just wondering if this could be related its been about two years since iv stuck to anything healthy for longer than 2 days. So far I have lost 14lb which is apparently impossible for me according to my doctor as I have thyroid probs. The illness has been flu and sore throat but who get that twice in a 4 week space?

This normal consists of a diet thats as balanced as possible (I usualy get A'S) and this usualy comes in at 1400kcal - 1800kcal I often do have a cheat food every day like a tiny choc bar which is only 110kcal. I have a maintenance day every week.

My excercise is cardio only + my job, tho I started my resistance today at least.

I don't know what is more frustrating sometimes watching my weight be static or go up or wondering how much I could have lost if had felt well enough to excercise and had eaten right. The last time i got ill was my annual 2 days directly after Christmas when i got flu and this is something thats normally like clockwork.

It just seems like I changed my lifestyle for the better and this happened.

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I had a really frustrating day yesterday. It felt alot like your posts. I felt like I quit drinking alcohol which was a 1000 calorie per day habit, I started working out 6 days, my calories are good and good quality food as well and still nothing....

HOWEVER, if you read alot of the posts on here from some of the old timers, (petite powerhouse, spiro, iamme, melkor, ... so many more), they all say it takes time especially when you are weight lifting. (Which I personally think you need to increase because muscle burns fat.) I can tell when I look in the mirror now that my arms are firmer, my butt looks lifted, my thighs are getting shaped. The scale is not always your best tool and again just give it time. If you are serious about this stick with the advice you are getting on here and tell yourself not to even measure your progress until the first month. I know it's hard. We live in an instant gratification soceity.

I actually quit doing a very healthy regimine last Summer after I didn't lose a single lb for 2 weeks of hard work. I get to the point to where I want to say "I can sit on my sofa, drink beer and eat potato chips and weigh this." (Which is sadly true.) This time I'm convinced that there has to be rewards, my body can't hate me that damn much. Lol.

Hang in there!

Thanks sometimes things can be really frustrating its actualy this site which has both educated me and convinced me to weight train to and these are two very diffrent things. Education happend on day one but for some reason I didnt begin until today.

Im completely with you that I need to increase my resistance.

Im pretty happy and suprised with how quick the weigth has come of I wasn't aiming for this much weigth in this short time so I suppose a total of 14lb 6 weeks were only 4 have been actively doing something. 

I think what is really getting to me is that iv switched to healthy food and im now bothering to excercise and by body is like "I dont think so sweedie" and blocking me by getting ill.  I was mostly wondering if beginning a new lifestyle change shocked my body into becoming ill or altered my immune system.

When it comes down to it I have lost all this in 4 weeks really as iv lost 2 weeks to illness. I can fit into my work uniform now too which is plus in the disguise of the most awful outfit known to man.

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Good for you!!! That is awesome! But as for getting sick, I'm not sure. I think it's probably just that time of year. Sorry I wasn't answering the right question. Lol. But you seem to have it under control. I must have got side tracked on the "does my body hate me" part after the day I had yesterday. Lol.

Best wishes!

LOL no worries I know what you mean it just feels that way especialy when you try so hard to get to were you want to be I recently was desperte just to get into the 170 - 179 lb range and could noway get from 180lb that was just after i recovered.  I try to tell myself the scales aren't everything and i tell myself to to get on them but it doesn't work so I just use the obsession to the advantage like making low sodium choices and the good thing is that its the healther foods tend to be low kcal.

You were right anyway I do expect instant gratification in time for summer

you mind reader you

It could just be the time of year...but what are your stats?  How much are you exercising?  Your body could be rebelling because of too little nutrition combined with too much activity.  It could be telling you to take it slow.  Too many changes all at once can be a deterant for sticking to a healthy lifestyle as well.  I'm no expert by any means...

My stats are 5\'5\" 178lb medium build, sedentry + regular excercise.

I also have a new theory as my throat swelled up awful after eating seafood I think I may me allergic to it.

It just seems every time I eat macrel I swell up, this never used to happen but I dont think iv eaten this much before.

I love seafood and would eat it often but not this often so when I switched to healthy (as in no more melted choloate bars and chips for an eving meal) I figured what healthy food do I love and of course I though fish I love al of it besided I knew I needed my protine but didnt fancy eating other meat so often.

Ive eaten a ton plus fruit an veg and other meat to like turkey and lean beef mince occasionaly.

Mabey I went ott im going to cut this out for a few days though iv spent my food budget and only have frozen meals but it will help me to see if my throat stops swelling then I will try eating it again if it happens then I will know for sure.

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