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Body fat percentage

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Just a thought .... does no one talk about body fat percentage anymore?! I've been a member for only 2 months and just recently started browsing the forums a lot, but I haven't seen any mention of losing body fat %.

Weight is only one indication of health and fitness. I don't get stressed over my weight, but I watch my fat % because hellooooo muscles are more dense than fat, and weight doesn't take into account bone mass etc. Before working an overnight job, I was very active at around 130-140lbs with ~21% BF. Fast forward a few years and I'm at 155lbs and 29% BF (I've recently lost 1% BF woohoo lol).

Personally, I find it more motivating and less stressful to concentrate on the BF % than the number of pounds. Does anyone else think like me? Thoughts?

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Definitely true that BF% is more accurate, but the scale weight gives a good base as to where to go. I for one know I should hit my recommended body fat around 150, so it gives me something to aim for.

Where/how are you calculating your body fat percentage?  Is your doctor doing it? How do you know how much of your mass is bone? Etc Etc Etc. 

The scales that show BF% are always way wrong so the only thing the 'average' person can use is weight and a mirror.  I personally don't care what my percentage number is. I'd much rather pass the mirror test than the body fat percentage # test anyday.

The biggest problem with the scales is that people use them right out of the shower, rendering the bf% results useless. I have an ideal bf goal and a weight that I think will correspond with that goal, but It's easier to track my weight than it is to track my bf%.

I use the BF # on the scale as an approximate, and track how the number on the same scale changes over time.  I'm not overly obsessed about it or the # in pounds, but its a good gauge over time to see how I am progressing.

As I get closer to my goal, I'll probably do a more accurate body fat test such as a dunk tank to see where I am at. :)

I just only started to check an approx of my bf% since being in a healthy BMI same goes for measurements. I must say when in the overweight range I wasn't fond of looking at any of my stats, scale was just a starting point, till I did feel good enough to monitor. Now I monitor all three and will continue to till I am satisfied with an end result :) 

My goal about 20% or a bit under bf%, 27-28inch waist (under 0.8 hip waist ratio, since an apple I like so extra breathing room hip/waist ratio wise), fit comfortably in my size 28/6 jeans and get to a 36C cup. I am predicting a 135-145 goal weight range (but! the scale number will not control me as long as my other or most of  my goals are met :D).

Thanks for your responses guys!

Years ago I had a trainer measure my body fat % using both some fancy looking scale, and recently I've had it measured by a nutritionist at my doctor's office. I have a scale at home that I use but who knows how accurate those things are since you may have fat deposits in other areas if you know what I mean, how much water you've drank that hour etc etc.

I think I'm going to get my bone density measured, because I honestly think I have heavy bones, and it's not a "I'm not fat I'm big boned!!" excuse. Don't know how they do that, but it's probably an x-ray or something. 

Often what I see in the mirror and what the scale says don't match and it's kind of frustrating to see such a high number :( but I don't want to become obsessed with the scale # either

Brian I totally agree with you... I think I'm just gonna stop weighing so often and just judge by how stuff fits and the mirror test! :)

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