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Body desintoxication?

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I am not sure where to put this forum but anyhow.. I saw a TV add about a mixture of natural products that suppose to desintoxicate your body. They claim that it is not a laxatif but that the product will put you bowel and intestine (...) to work better so that it removes the toxic stuff from your body. They also say that usually a person will loose from 10 to 15 pounds after the 30 days program.. I am not specifically interested in the weigh loss but if there is really 10 pounds of toxin in my body I want to get ride of it!!! I was wonder if anybody tried, is it safe? and how much it cost? What do you think about it? I actually donā??t remember the name of the product..
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My friend was telling me about this the other day. She didn't have any major details. My mother in law is big into herbal rememdies etc. and I told her to find me a natural body detoxifier(sp). I really think if I detoxify my bosy it will help me loose better. I just want a healthier body that is for sure. I can't wait to see some replies on this one.
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Hey I have some stuff like that, thyme oil or something...but I mostly use it as a laxative (by taking more pills than you should on an empty stomach), I'm a bad girl :-p Though actually I haven't taken it in a while...maybe I should tomorrow morning because I ate too much today! At least I know it's all natural (double check the ingrediants on the one you're looking at).
I have been taking a liquid vitamin supplement that is similar to that it is called vibe. I noticed it definately cleaned my body out -- I spent a lot more time in the bathroom the first week -- but I definately feel better -- It was kinda expensive but a friend recommended it because my husband has IBS and it is supposed to help with that.
Have you ever tried a detoxifying herbal body wrap at a spa. LOVE THEM!!! so relaxing, check your local spa. You are wraped up in steamy hot towles soaked in herbs. Makes your sore muscles feel great!
oh Sorry for my bad english I did not mean my body was on drug... oups! Thanks for your comments...
French women use the leek soup weekend. You boil 1 lb of cut up leeks for 2 hours on med with a soup size pan. You drink a re-heated cup every 2 hours and when you get hungry you can add some of the leeks to your 2 hour drink. You do this plan for 2 days straight except for the last night when you can have 3oz of fish and greens. You should lose 2 lbs of water of course, but it detoxes and sets your body up to know when you are full.
A pure fast, or a juice fast (taking in only liquids) do the same thing. Stop eating solids for two days and it cleans you out. I did it at the start of my diet. It does clean you out. I don't want to get too graphic, but your bathroom visits will be "better", assuming you stick to a healthy diet after fasting. Just by not eating you're giving your intestine rest so it can use all its energy on emptying out the old stuff. But be careful, because not eating reduces you're metabolism.
oh.. how do you manage to not eat in 2 days...I'll be starving...
anyway, mariposa, if you like leek, try this: drain the leeks and add some vinaigrette dressing and eat as a is good...
I bought a bottle of the Hollywood Diet which is yeah a juice fast for two day... suppose to drop like 10 lbs in 48 hrs... i plan on trying it but i thought i'd work on dieting for a few days or a week first so i am not totally starving to death for 2 days.. lol
rcole8, I drink that Hollywood diet juice all the time. I usually go down about 4 pounds during the two days I am drinking it but that is because there is no food in me and then when I sart eating the third day I go back up 3 pounds, so that's only one pound lost. I still drink it about once a month but I look at it as a cleansing tool instead of a weight loss tool. Let me know how you like it.
Yeah, like the others say, fasting is for detox only. You cannot permanently lose weight by fasting unless you do it for months. After two days or so of fasting, your metabolism will shut down and everything you eat is turned to fat. It's basically hibernation in humans. You don't need to buy any special juices, anything natural will work. Again, I stress that you should do that to clean your colon, not lose weight. And if you do it, you have to eat really really healthy the day after or else its fat. If fasting is not up your alley an enema works even better, but some people don't wanna try that.
Or you could save money and eat only fresh fruits and vegetables for two days.

Back in the day my prom dress was too snug so I did that for two days and then my dress fit perfectly. I never weighed myself, but it seems like a better way to do it.
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Has anyone ever done a 24-48hr detox? I read somewhere it was good for you to drink lemon water only and not eat anything, thus allowing your body to cleanse itself. Has anyone tried it, is is hard, does it work?
yes abby I have done the lemon juice thing a few times, usually to clear my gallbladder.  It is not a hard thing to do but if you really want a cleanse I would suggest the master cleanse to just lemon juice.  It should clear most things (unless it is a major medical situation, then go see  your doctor) no pun intended LOL.  google it as "master cleanse" to get the recipe it really has worked wonders for many people for many years.
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Sounds ok then, I must admit time without food - mmmmmm, but hey I will try xx
I have done a few detoxes (Wild Roses brand) but they are not for permanent weight loss I don't think, just to clean out your body.  I haven't really noticed that much difference with them except you go to the bathroom a lot.  But it is supposed to be good to clean out your intestines etc which I think is important so that's why I do them.
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