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body changes and weight loss

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hey everyone, i was wondering if people wouldnt mind sharing where they noticed the body changes after each milestone of weight loss. for instance after a weight loss of 5lbs, i notice the change in my face, after a 10lbs loss, i notice it in my upper arms. i have never lost more than 10lbs in my life, my goal is to lose 20. so id like to take baby steps and know what i have to look foward to during the process. thanks a bunch!
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I never really noticed any gradual body changes or milestone body changes. Looking back at my 'before' pics (see my profile) I can see I lost a lot of weight in my face but because it is such a gradual change, its hard to pinpoint when it happened. I know my waist has changed cause all my clothes fit looser and...this is kinda weird, but my fingers are slimmer cause none of my old rings fit.

Weight loss is different for everybody, though. I am sure you will notice changes that maybe other people don't. Just keep up the good work!
I can't really put any milestones to it either but it does come off everywhere.  My cycling helmet has gotten a little lose and I had to tighten the strap on my swim goggles.  Who would of thought that my head would get thinner, lol.
After losing 8 pounds and doing mild/moderate exercise...I have better defined calf muscles and ankles. YAY!!!

I thought about losing weight and my face got thinner!

At around 10 lbs, my jeans were fitting loosely and I didn't feel as if my stomach was as jiggly.  My arms also weren't as jiggly.

At 15 I was down a pant size.

At 20 I'm close to being down another pant size and I have literally turned back the clock by 5 years.  I'm going to wear a dress to an event that I've had since I was 25...it's really going to look fantastic and slinky.  I'll try to take pictures.

I'm at 163 which is still overweight for my 5'5" height, but I think I'm still losing 1-2 pounds per week so I'm happy.  Also, my weight is distributed all over so I look like I'm 15 pounds lighter than I am.

i see my first changes after around 4-5 lbs in my face too, so ppl tend to notice first before i can feel tht i've lost weight. then my belly, hips and thighs after dropping around 8-10lbs.
The first thing I noticed was that it felt different when I put my hands on my hips.  I didn't really see the difference, but I could definitely FEEL it.  That was at about 10 pounds.

Now that I've lost 26, people are stopping me and telling me... you LOOK different!  Of course, I have a lot more still do lose, and a lot more than you!!

But I just wanted to tell you to spend some time putting your hands on your hips along the way.  It's fun to feel the difference! ;)
I'm 5'0" and 41 years old. I started in January around 120 at a size 6p. This is to the best of my recollection:

At around 117 (Feb): Second chin disappeared (leaving behind some saggy skin, which took awhile to go away). Heartburn stopped. Hips were down one inch, thighs down two inches. I'm back in my size 4p's.

At around 115 (mar): another inch gone off the hips. Size 4's looking loose... some size 2's are fitting.

At around 112 (may): yet another inch off my hips, and another off my thighs. Finally starting to see some changes to upper body (underarm flabby bits, back, cafeteria arms), and gradual reappearance of my waist. I'm back solidly in a size 2p, some size 1's.

At around 110 (jun): clavicle reappears - yeah! arms down substantially (I wish I'd thought to measure earlier - the first time I measured was in June). A smidgen more off my thighs and waist. I'm starting to fit into some size 0's.

Today, at 108: arms are down one full inch since June!!! And stomach flab - my trouble zone and always my last place to lose - is *finally* FINALLY starting to go!!!!
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One of the weirdest discoveries for me was when my university ring became too big.  This actually happened fairly early in the process.  In all the years of scrutinizing my own body, I'd never worried about my fingers being too fat, but apparently they were carrying some extra.  The ring proved it : unlike clothes, there was no way to blame the size change on it stretching out!  It used to fit my right ring finger perfectly, then started flopping around.  I've moved it to my middle finger, and it's started to get loose there, too.  I hope I don't have to start wearing it on my thumb. 
I really cannot pinpoint the way my body changed while losing weight.  To date I have lost 46 pounds and am down 4 dress sizes.   I still have 31 more pounds to go and it is really becoming a bit of a struggle.  The remaining 31 pounds are not budging (LOL).  I think I really started to notice when my clothes were starting to fit lose.  I think after 20 pounds people started commenting but I told them that I have not been losing (LOL).  I can say that my face and body have definitely slimmed down.  I have lost lots of inches and my body is more toned.  I currenly wear a size 12 and can fit into some 10's.  My goal is to get into a 6 or 8. 
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