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My body is all over the place!

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Hey all, was hoping I could ask you for a bit of advice!

I'm been trying to lose weight slowly and steadily for the last year, it's started quite well but recently I seem to have hit a massive goal. My goal weight is roughly 180 pounds and currently the scales are telling me my weight increasing by a pound every day! (211/2/3/4 pounds). The funny thing is, I haven't lost 2 stone yet and I've managed to drop two dress sizes aloing the way??? (I've lost a total of roughly 20/22 pounds)

I go to the gym twice a week (cardio, weights, a little bit of boxercise and occasionally aquafit) and I don't massively pig out. I recently lost my job so I'm not moving as much as I used to, mainly as my job involved me going right into canary wharf, but I try and go out for at least an hour's walk every day, which I know isn't a massive amount but at least its something.

I feel like I should be losing weight, but I have become a lot more toned lately - but getting on the scales today has really dented my confidence. I seem to be working really hard and not getting any results, and I'm a little bit stressed as my headshots are being redone in 10 days and I want to look good!

Any advice would be welcomed!

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You've dropped 2 dress sizes... that's AWESOME!

And I doubt you've indulged in an extra 3500 calories per day for the past few days so your extra poundage is most likely water weight.

I'm not sure what "going right into canary wharf" means in terms of movement, but have you recalculated your caloric needs if you were heavily active there as opposed to now?  That's not where your weight is coming from, but it may make a difference in the long run. If it was a lot of exercise, maybe add in a day or two at the gym instead.

Mostly, I guess what I'm saying here is don't worry so much about the scales as much as how your clothes are fitting.  They're a great tool to use, but they're not the be all/end all of body recomposition. 

I'm dealing with the same thing right now! I've been steady for the past few days but then today I was up a few. I lifted hard yesterday at the gym, and I read when you strength train, your muscles retain water the next day - so I'm HOPING that's why I'm up. I realize I didn't actually gain fat -- but I totally hear you, it's really discouraging to see hard work and a healthy deficit do nothing for you. 

You're doing an AMAZING job! 2 dress sizes is a huge loss. Keep it up! SO much easier said than done, but let your clothes do the talking - not the scale. (And I'll try to take that advice too haha.)



Try not to weigh yourself everyday, weight fluctuates A LOT based on different factors like digestion, water weight, time of day, etc.

The best plan is to weigh yourself once a week at roughly the same time. Like Monday mornings at 10am or something like that.

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