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Can your body adapt to food routines?

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Recently I've decided to switch up my workout routine because I am stuck at that last 10 pounds.  I am wondering should I also switch up my food?  I have been eating the same breakfast/lunch/snacks for the past year...

Breakfast:  Kashi granola bar, cup of coffee, handful of almonds  340 cal.

Snack: banana  140 cal.

Lunch: 1 cup of dry oatmeal (makes a huge bowl)  300 cal

Snack:  fruit or string cheese  80 cal

Then I workout and go home to eat dinner... and usually that leaves me with 800 calories or so to eat to reach 1200 + what I burned from my workout.

So, might be a dumb question, but does your body adapt to the same foods?  Any suggestions?

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Yes - switching up your routine will help keep the body guessing. :)

Also - it's good to get used to eating other foods so that when you're thrown into an unplanned eating out situation - you are comfortable picking healthful low cal items on the menu. :)

Good luck on that last 10lbs! :)

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I honestly would try to eat less at night.  Put some more calories in your breakfast and lunchtime meal.  Try shifting the calories from at night when the body eventually goes into rest to morning where it is just gearing up for the day.
Get more protein during the day too!

you definately need to make some changes to your diet!

Mix it up in the morning: egg white omelet and add lots of fresh chopped veggies (you really need to step up the veggies), muesli and yogurt, fresh fruit with yogurt, english muffins topped with no added sugar jam + chopped berries or banana

Snacks should be protein packed, so peanut butter with fruit and veg or cheese on craqckers with veg etc

Lunch should incluse lean protein (chicke, fish, tofu) carbs (rice, wrap, whole wheat bread, beans) and lots of ...... VEGETABLES!

Same goes for dinner.

Make it exciting!

Good luck on losing those last 10lbs

I tend to have the same problem. I hate changing my routine. Call it a 'bout of OCD. :P So I tend to eat the same things all the time and my family, especially my father will look at my choices and go "Aren't you sick of eating the same things all the time?" Honestly, at times, but it makes me feel comfortable and I don't have to do all that calorie guessing, etc. But, lately I've been challenging myself to try something new each week. Mostly in my lunch meal. Then through the week I'll eat the same thing, but at least its new for that week. I guess small steps. I have heard though you should def. change it though for your metabolism and for nutrients you may not be getting.
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