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Which BMR? Current weight or the desired weight?

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Hi everyone. I have read a couple of threads on calculating your BMR and adjusting your calorie intake according to that. However, there are two different views on doing this. One is that you calculate your current BMR and consume that everyday, the other one is that you calculate your BMR according to your desired weight and consume that everyday. Which one is correct?

I'm 5'5", 154.4 lbs, and 23 years old. I  joined the site few days ago and started to eat 1350 cals a day because that is the BMR at my desired weight. So, am I doing this wrong? Should I be eating 1500(BMR at 154.4 lbs) cals instead? My activity level is sedentary, so my burnmeter is at 1800 + 500 from workout = 2300 cals everyday.

Any help will be appreciated.


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current weight, current height, current age, your trying to figure out how many calories your body needs now, not how many it will need in the future.
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current weight definitely because the BMR calculation is what your body needs to function at that weight. As you lose weight you can lower it but you don't need to lower it too often.

ok floggingsully, so I probably sounded like an idiot for asking that question but I got confused after reading this:

http://caloriecount.about.com/forums/post/768 84.html

She says :

now when saying you should not go below your BMR, do not not go below your healthy weight BMR.  For example, if you have 100 lbs to lose, figure out what your bmr would be at your healthy weight (to have a healthy BMI) And fool around with that number. this is why doctors will tell some of their patients to eat less than their bmr.  When you are overweight your BMR is taking in account the energy required to carry all that weight.  At a healthy BMR there isn't much extra weight to carry.  Me for example, I'm already in a healthy BMI range so eating below my BMR is not good, but someone is is overweight and has a BMR of 1800 and their healthy goal weight has a BMR of 1400, could probably get away with eating 1400 and be ok.


No, it isn't a stupid question. I agree with Floggingsully, and don't agree with that portion of the old post - eat for your current BMR.

However, if you are obese, there are those who say that you can safely eat (somewhat) under your BMR. But if you are in the healthy-moderately overweight, use your current BMR.

I believe the reason people suggest the obese people can eat under their BMR is because the forumla's often used to get an estimate of someone's BMR will likely over-estimate the BMR of someone with excessive bodyfat, they would also probably under-estimate the BMR for someone with lots of muscle and very little bodyfat.
Original Post by floggingsully:

current weight, current height, current age, your trying to figure out how many calories your body needs now, not how many it will need in the future.
OK, so what about taking in less 500 cal. a day to lose a pound a week?  I am still confused about this.  
Could/would someone please explain this to me?
thanks in advance 


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