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How many BMI Points have you lost and how many more do you need to be in a healthy range?

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Nice thread, isn't it?

How many BMI Points did you lose so far?

I'll start:

highest BMI: 30.9
current BMI: 26.5

BMI Points lost: 4.4! 

Just .5 BMI points left to  step into the "healthy range" - it took me 6 months to get where I am now, but it really kicked off after I found this site about 3 months ago :)
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I'll join...

Starting BMI:36.8

Current BMI:30.3

BMI points lost: 6.3

Points to be "overweight" instead of "obese" (ugh, I HATE that word!): .4
starting BMI:30.3

current BMI:23.6

points lost:6.7
Starting BMI: 40

Current: 35.9

Points lost: 4.1

Started 27.1

current 24.3!


.3 away from "healthy range!" woohoo!

starting 28.3

current: 26.3

lost: 2 points

Goal: 22.9

left: 3.4 points
highest BMI: 31.6
current BMI: 24.7

BMI Points lost: 6.9

I hit my healthy bmi just two days ago and my body feels awesome.  I have to credit two C-C.com Jul and Aug challenges for the motivation to lose the last 1.9 bmi pts. I was stuck in such a rut, but weighing in publicly, albeit anonymously, really helped minimize binges and overeating the past six weeks.

starting BMI: 34.2 (at my highest weight of 212)

current BMI: 21 (at 130 this morning)

BMI points lost: 13.2 :)

and I am at a healthy BMI.. :)

good luck to those still looking to lose :)

highest BMI: 33.1
current BMI: 23.4

BMI pts lost 9.7... eep! lol.

already back in a healthy range, but my goal is BMI of 21.9, so 1.5 to go.
HIGH BMI: 34.8

BMI pts lost: 13.7
BMI to go: 2.6

the tail end of it all.....

its the most annoying!
i didnt really diet seriously at first. i just cleaned up my overeating and too much junk food.

had to start really being attentive as soon as i hit the healthy ranges. the overweight pounds naturally went away on thier own with all the bad habits that put them there. (whole pizza who?)
hee hee

Jan 2/07 BMI = 35.3 severely overweight

Aug 13/07 BMI = 29.3 moderately overweight

I've lost 6 points so far. 

4.3 points to go.

curses, why do you want to get your BMI in an unhealthy range(under 20.0)?
Starting BMI:  41.3

Current BMI:  31.6

Goal:  21.8

BMI Points Lost:  9.7

Still to Go:  9.8

nhowell1990 - under 20 is healthy. 18.5 is the cut off for a healthy bmi. my frame is very small. i only know one person on here thats the same frame size. (wrist 5''-5.25'' @ 5'7'')
calorie count's cut off for dieting on thier tools is 20. most people with medium to large frames cant drop low like that. and if they do it can look not so good. medically though its 18.5 not 20 for the cut off.

i plan on going to 115 and maintaining 120ish and not going over 125. the cut off of 18.5 is 118lbs for me. i am going to 115 because i know as soon as i eat maintain cals 5 pounds of water weight goes on me. so that will take me to 120 in a dinner. hee hee

ive been thinner than that without trying just because i was 18.
my natural wt then was 100-110. eating like a total hoover it was 115-120. i got heavy from medication/age/food/drink i think. but really the medication did me in.(paxil-dropped that stuff)
i was focused on school and hoovering food scale-less and my wt caught up to me. normally in the past i would just stop eating junk if i gained 10 lbs and it would come right off. i didnt keep it in check.

i mean...if i can get to 135 with just diet and having the sedentary lifestyle that i do...i know that means i am naturally genetically thin. i just got screwed up by a medication and too many frappaccinos.

Highest: 46.3

currently: 36.5

lost: 9.8

Almost 14 more to go to get to 22.6 (bmi at goal weight)

Highest BMI: 30.9

Current BMI: 26.9

Lost: 4 Points

I've lost 26 pounds so far and only 1.9 points to go to be in a healthy range, but I have 37 pounds to go.  I may rethink that depending on how my clothes are fitting me.  My goal is to get back into a size 8 and since I am exercising for the first time in my life and have changed my eating habits, I may actually weigh more but be a smaller size.  Time will only tell.  Smile (My bmi at my goal weight is 21.3 so still within the healthy range)

Highest: 23.1

Current: 21.6

Lost: 1.5

i've lost 9lbs since then though
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Started at 27.1

Currently at 24.6 (only .6 points til healthy!)

Goal is 23.5--only 1.1 points to go!
impressive, so many points lost, goodwork everyone keep going!
Started at 36.5 (class 2 obesity)

Currently 31.9 (class 1)
Highest BMI = 29.4

Started Counting at 28

Current BMI = 24.1

So...5.3 points lost overall.  I'm healthy now as opposed to "moderately overweight"
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