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blue hands and freezing

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I've lost weight and for a month now I've been experiencing extremely cold hands.

Also, my hands have been turning a blue color. My doctor knows about me being cold, and said to add more fat to my diet.

I was just wondering if anyone had any insight on this and/or it has happened to them?

Please let me know! Thanks!
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Hmm thats interesting. My hands don't turn blue but after losing weight my hands have gotten unreasonably cold a lot of the time. Weird.
Check into Raynaud's Syndrome.  It's pretty common.  If you ask, your doc should be able to tell you about it. 
My sis and I have cold hands and feet. Her conditions actually more because she also hv cold sweats at the same time. And we are talking 2 girls from tropical country, and hv cold hands/feet in a 98° temp lol.
Winter here is killer... My palms visibly yellow/blue after a HOT shower. Or in the morning before i have anything in my stomach.
I am not a doctor so I am just guessing from what I experience: Your body probably adjusting to your new routine - your workouts could be using up calorie/energy usually used by your body to keep you warm. If thats' so then eating more (not necessarily fat!) could help. If you have problem with blood circulation (which usually what cause my cold feet/hands) may be do some workouts like tai chi which supposed to help your blood circulation and breathing?
That is so weird, I have had cold hands the last couple of weeks.  I know it is getting to be winter here in upstate NY, but I am usually very warm.  I guess I need to exercise more to keep the blood pumping into the extremities.
Okay welp Ive recovered from starving myself for 6 months now.  When I was starving myself my nails were really vblue and my hands ice cold their still ice cold ALL the time practically but not blue aynmore.

Hmmm could it be youre not eating enough? 
i started a topic just like that here! I seriously am always cold. but not always my hands. you could check out what some of the really helpful people had to say about it. i would consider getting your blood sugar levels and thyroid checked if you think it's serious.
Are you a smoker? I had some violet toes before quitting, and it's not even that cold here in Colorado.
Hm, Im a light smoker (maybe 1-4 a day, sometimes none) and Ive Always had cold hands.

Maybe I need more Iron... Ive noticed that Im bruising a lot easier lately...

OH Good news sports fans! I'm at my goal weight!!!

WOO! 120,120 wootwoot.

:) Sorry, I had to.
If your doctor says to eat more fat, I'm curious how much you average a day now?  If it is any less than 30 or so grams a day, I'd agree with your doctor, because that seems to be the absolute bare minimum to stay healthy for most folks...  If it is more than that, it could still be too little depending on your activity level, height and weight.
oh no, i don't smoke

the fat I'm not too sure how much i'm getting right now

I have been increasing my calorie intake each week now by 100 calories, up to my maintaining level, so hopefully this will help

thanks for everyones input and if you have anything, feel free to add!!!
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I always have purple nails. It's just a thing. I get cold hands and feet. It's pretty normal, I guess. I've always had it, before and after losing weight (if 3 pounds counts). I also lose hair easily, but grow it back just as quickly. My hair isn't thin even though when taking a shower I lose a huge clump of hair. OKay, why am I talking about my problems?
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OH MY GOD, i can't get rid of being cold 24/7!!!

i purposely ate higher in fat just to stay warmer but no.. didnt work.

My toes and feet are cold 24/7 wether its hot out or not. I can't handle the winter.. it almost hurts to be outside haha. I wish i knew a way to get rid of that.
I'm the same way.  I wear sweaters all year round at work.  My hands and feet are almost always cold.  I figure it's bad circulation.  Can changing your diet improve circulation?
Yeah, Raynaud's Syndrome is the first thing I thought of.

I'm ALWAYS cold but hands and feet turning different colours is one of the first symptoms of a couple syndromes; my doctor actually suspected I had it but my hands don't turn colours so he decided I didn't...

Tell him about the colour changes because if you just told him you're cold a lot that doesn't tip him off in the right's aren't psychics.
hipsdontlie asks:
Can changing your diet improve circulation?

For some people, especially the morbidly obese, the answer is yes.  I have circulation problems in my legs due to my excess weight however I am noticing, as I am losing weight, that it is becoming better.  You don't have as much pressure from the weight on your arteries and veins, so the blood is able to circulate better.  However, even after losing weight you find you are still having symptoms associated with bad circulation, you might want to have a physician check you out to rule out anything medical, such as a clogged artery or vein.  (If the symptoms are severe from the get-go, have it checked out immediately.  My symptoms are not severe and as I said, have noticed them getting better as the weight is coming off.)

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Also, some medications, like Atenelol and Metoprolol (both of which I have been on - on Atenelol right now) can drop your body temperature as a side effect to controlling your heart.  If you find that this side effect is really bad, let your doctor know.  When I was on Metoprolol, I would get freezing cold - I would be wearing a turtleneck, heavy sweater AND sweatshirt, sit under a comforter and be SHIVERING from being so cold.  That's when he switched me to Atenelol.  I am still cold, but NOTHING like before.  Usually a sweatshirt keeps me warm enough.
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