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Birth Control options that DON'T make you gain weight?

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I started at 210, went down to 205. That was in March. Then I fell off the wagon and have gone back up to 210. My short term goal is to be under 200 (even if it's only by a pound!) and my long term goal is somewhere between 120 and 130. Mostly I would like to have a single-digit sized wedding gown 2 years from now. I was never above a size 10 until college and now I'm to where my size 18s barely fit. My mom took me over Christmas to buy me what I call my "fat clothes" because I didn't have anything that fit to where to work. Now I barely fit into that stuff. I don't know where it's all coming from! I don't feel like I've changed that much in my eating the last few years and if anything I've been more, not less, active. The only thing of I can think of in the past year that I've changed is that I got on birth control last August. At that time I was around 170. Still not a healthy weight for my 5'2" frame, but not horrible. So I've gained (eek!) 30 lbs. in less than a year. I am on Levora. Does anyone know of any birth control pills/patches that don't make you gain weight? Is this something out of my control?
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I have struggled with the bc problem to. SOOOO I have solved the problem forever! I recently had an IUD inserted. It took about 5 minutes and it lasts for 5 years. 5 YEARS! On top of never having to remember to take a pill, not having to worry about gaining weight, 98% of people will not get bloating or ttom! I have never been happier with this decision. I have no more of those horrible pms, bloaty, nasty weight gain NOTHING! most insurances cover and you just have to pay co-pay if you have one! BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! Also if you decide in 3 months or in 3 years you would like to have children it can be removed at anytime. No problem!
Yeah, I'm thinking about getting the IUD too. I have been on birth control pills FOREVER and they never really made me gain a lot of weight, but they did make it hard for me to lose it. I stopped taking my bc pills last week and have already lost 4 pounds
I highly recommend an iud!
Try the mini pill. 
can you change to a lower dosage or something? or else there is something here (in Germany) nad I think released this year in Australia, not sure about the US, where you insert a ring impregnated with hormones inside yourself and leave it there for 3 weeks, then take it out for a week. repeat. Apparently it is not generally noticeable during sex, or if you need to I think you can temporiarly remove it.  because it is delivering the hormones directly apparently the dosage is lower. One of my friends has it and she loves it. 

Alternatively maybe it is worth going off you taking bc and using condoms for awhile and see what happens.
kcnae3- Or I'm just gonna make my hubby get "snipped" lol ;)
I'd say stop using hormonal birth control and switch to condoms.  Hormonal birth control is freaky, in my opinion ... and so is sticking something in my uterus. 
Missy81 - Ya good luck with that! i tried that route and he said HELL NO!!!! Poor baby cant take it! Men! we have four already so this was the best long term plan for us!
I switched to just using condoms and being "careful" with em, since using birth control for 3 years made me gain like 70 lbs, and it is so much easier to fight craving and stuff now.
Being careful dont work!!!! I have 2 living proofs of that! ya think I would learn my lesson after the first time right?  But noooooooooooooooo... I thought that could never happen to me twice! Their names are Kodie & Collin!
kcnae3- Yeah, I'm sure I'll end up getting the IUD, men are such babies lol

I also have a daughter from being "careful"
Essure procedure.

All my female friends swear by it.
are reading this Sarah_11235? If you dont want kids right now stop using the careful method! IT DOESNT WORK!

ive gained 2 and half stone in about a year and 4 months, hence why im on the site trying to lose the excess weight
essure procedure is a permanant thing right?  No going back?
I just did some research on the IUD thing, and the site I found said that it can cause future infertility. This would be fine if I was "done" having kids. But I'm not! I haven't even started yet! As for being "careful" this just won't work. I have a lot of friends who are currently raising their "being careful"s. I need something that is at least 99% effective. As much as I want kids, I do not want them now.

Are you on a high dosage or low dosage? If your on a high dosage maybe just look into switching to a low dosage pill
I have never heard of anyone having problems with infertility with the IUD. They also say that about the pill if you are on it to long. Pretty much everything has its risks so you just have to decide which works best for you, what are the percentages of the risks etc... good luck!
I was just checking out the IUD's and it sounds kindof risky.  They say to feel for the string every once in a while - does that interfere with "intercourse"? (question posed to those who have an IUD).

Also - the essure, I checked out, is permanete!

My best friend was on the shot and had some prollems and they can't put her on any birth controls at all for a while!

My stance is that my husband doesn't want kids - but if we don't last, I want to still be able to have kids so I'm not doing anything permanent and I've told my husband that if he doesn't want kids he should just go have a vasectomy and get it overwith so I can stop throwing money out the door with birth control pills and such!  However - Thanks to Ortho Tricyclen, my skin is clear and i'm regulated... (you should have seen my skin in highschool, I looked like a Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lover's Pizza!!!  YIKES). 

Honestly - I'd like to hear from those of you who have the IUD.  How was the insertion process?  Was it painful? 

Well, I just found a nice link on the IUD.
I use the NuvaRing and I love it....I had so many problems with the pill and Depo-provera that I thought I'd go crazy.....Yes, the ring is a hormonal method, but because the ring is placed where it needs to work (at your cervix), the AMOUNT of hormones is almost nothing compared to other methods.....I haven't had any weight gain, my periods are short and light (they used to be 7 days and gross heavy) and my skin is perfect! Plus you only have to think about it every 4 weeks...LOL
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