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I was hoping someone could enlighten me in regards to biotin supplements and their general benefits for weight loss.  I've been taking biotin for close to a month because I would like to grow my hair longer; since I'm counting calories and trying to lose weight I've been reading articles to see if there were any negative effects in terms of my current weight loss goal.

Instead, I've found multiple articles that suggest biotin is actually beneficial for someone who is working on losing body fat/dieting, etc.

has anyone had any experience with this? Can anyone suggest the best form in which someone can add this supplement to their daily diet to support and enhance a current weight loss program?

Thanks in advance!

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Since biotin is a B vitamin (I think it is a synthesized B7, but am not positive), it does function in metabolic processes and aerobic respiration. The only time I've ever heard of it effectively helping weight loss is if you are diabetic, because it can really help the body keep insulin balanced.

Unless you've actually had a biotin deficiency (which is fairly rare in the US because biotin is available in many foods), supplementing will only help your hair and nails. It's a great supplement and I love it, but I haven't seen it do anything for weight loss.

Ah, that's what I kind of figured.  Thank you for your reply! At least I can hope my hair is awesome by the end of all of this.

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I was just looking up the effects of biotin and I found this thread.  I normally work out on a regular basis but have taken a break for about a month.  I was recommended Biotin by my barber being that my hair is thinning on top.  But I've noticed that I am loosing weight and think it may be the Biotin.  I started taking it about 3 weeks ago and have dropped about 8 pounds and I haven't changed my eating habits or anything.  The only change is me taking biotin.  Is it the biotin, I'm not sure but its the only thing I have changed.  I use the 5000 mcg biotin from walmart once a day.

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