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Do you think my binges are caused by not eating enough?

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so I do really well for a few days, then I suddenly want to eat EVERYTHING in sight and end up binging, then taking a few more days to get back on track before the pattern repeating itself.


I don't count calories - instead I just eat 3 meals a day with no snacking. This is because I used to be bulimic and counting calories is what set it all off, and snacking triggers it. If I just eat 3 meals a day, I know when I have to eat, and it just takes away the..variables..which snacking involves.

But I don't have massive high-calorie meals and I'm active so I'm thinking maybe the reason I keep binging is because when I do well, I don't eat enough?

I'm 17, 5 foot 8 and weigh 155, I want to get back to my pre-ED weight of 140/135 that sort of area. I'm pretty active - I used to run 3 times a week for half an hour and do weights twice a week for half on hour, on top of that I own 2 horses and usually ride 1 or 2 per night and also generally lookin after them, then also walk/cycle to get around. However I've just joined a gym and have been doing that instead of my running/weights ect.

So I was thinking maybe I should do a week of calorie counting my 3 meals to get an idea of how much I should be eating? But I'm not really sure how much to eat, most of my time at the gym I do classes and hardly any of those classes are listed on here so I don't know how much I'm burning.


Does anyone have any idea how much I should eat per day sort of on average of quite a busy lifestyle? Then I can just try and eyeball my meals to try and get it, without being too exact with CC.

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Hi! I'm currently trying to stop bingeing also, (never bulemic but I used to restrict/exercise alot after binges) and I don't particularly like counting calories-I actually do better when I don't weirdly enough. Could you give a sample day? It would be easier to tell if you're eating enough that way. And I am currently trying to eat just like you are, 3 meals a day, if I really need it one snack but snacks are what I binge on, and then I skip meals so its like a vicious cycle which I'm trying to stop. I'm pretty active too. Also, you are pretty tall so you need more than the average woman, lucky lucky haha!

Well if its a good day, lets say


I'd have


Breakfast -Either Cereal (probably about 1 and a half times the normal serving size cos its tiny), like frosties or cocopops with skimmed milk and a peice of fruit


Or 2 bits of toast with peanut butter and jam with a peice of fruit


Lunch will be something along the lines of

Toasted pitta bread with ham & cheese with a peice of fruit or salad

Sandwhich with fruit or salad

Pasta with fruit or salad


Then a dinner which is never over 500-600 calories (I use a lot of recipes from a book I have which states calories, thats how I know) and a peice of fruit for desert


I'll eat like that for up to a week and then the binging start.

and yeah I know entirely what you mean! and my ED still hasa voice which is like..encouraging me to have tiny meals or skip them and its really hard not to, which is another thing which is making me think I'm not eating enough cos if I don't watch it, my portions get smaller and smaller.


In the last couple of months I've lost 6 pounds in total, though what tends to happen is I lose a lot of weight quickly (up to 4 pounds a week) when I eat well, then binging puts all of it back on and so on and so forth so I'm pretty stuck..

I do the same thing with the smaller portions which leads to me bingeing I think. I would guess you are eating the bare minimum calories right now, so maybe you could add in a little treat or something at least every couple of days to add a few calories and make you not feel deprived.

Also, don't be too hard yourself, you are doing really well! The fact that you do well most of the week is really good, you shoudl be proud, and you have lost 6 lbs in the process! I feel like consistency is the key, and you are doing pretty well with that, so be proud of yourself for all of those accomplishments!

It does sound like you're not eating enough - your meal plan looks like roughly 1500ish to me, and the calorie calculator at http://www.bcm.edu/cnrc/bodycomp/bmiz2.html estimates that you need about 2670 (if moderately active) to 3250 (if very active).  So, you might need, say 2800ish to maintain, and 2200ish to lose. That's a lot more than you're eating!!

Also, the cereal/ skim milk/ fruit breakfast has no fat at all, and not that much protein.  Since you need to increase calories, how about adding some nuts / putting PB on the fruit / adding some eggs / eating some cottage cheese / etc.  Eating too low-fat can also trigger a binge.  I'm not sure what you're putting in your sandwich or pasta, but it's important to include protein & fat in all your meals, especially for recovering bulimics (so says my nutritionist - I'm a trying-to-recover bulimic myself).

It looks to me as if you are eating a lot of fruit, which is great, but are pretty low on healthy fats and protein, and maybe on the low side of vegetables.  Also, that for your height and activity, not really eating enough, and hardly any whole grains, which are very nutritious and satisfying. My bet is you are undereating, and this is indeed triggering your periodic binges.

Since you are in a healthy BMI range, it is going to be hard to lose weight, and I believe, given your age and activity level, you should plan to lose really slowly so that you are fueling your activities and your development.

Losing really slowly means you should be eating a lot more at meals.  Maybe you could eat more at meals, and at the end of the day enter your meals in CC without triggering your ED?  That would give you an idea of how much food to add in.  Or try to add in some healthy foods that are higher in calories, things like cottage cheese, eggs, nuts, whole grains?  And if you plan your snacks out, it might help to keep them from becoming binges, especially once you are eating enough to satisfy your needs.

Thanks everyone :)

When I make pasta I always include veggies and usually meat/cheese/quorn, and I always have veggies with my main meal and often a salad, I wouldn't really be sure how else to include them when I'm just having sandwiches or toast for lunch and breakfast?


Whenever I have pasta/bread/rice ect its always brown/wholemeal/wholegrain, I never have white bread ect.


Thanks everyone, I'll definately try and eat more, it's hard because I then get very paranoid I'm going to gain weight but after a week or two where I'm not gaining weight I'll be better.


Although I didn't use to be blumic, I was in the exact same boots as you have been after I had my first daughter. I was trying to lose 40 kilograms that I put on while I was pregnant (believe it or not). 

What I noticed with myself was that my binging was totally emotional rather than due to hunger. It was all about my motivation and I think subconciously reminding myself that I can't eat some of the foods I really liked or maybe not as much as I normally would. does it make sense? 

Could this also be playing a role in your case?


Original Post by ahrena_angel:

Thanks everyone :)

When I make pasta I always include veggies and usually meat/cheese/quorn, and I always have veggies with my main meal and often a salad, I wouldn't really be sure how else to include them when I'm just having sandwiches or toast for lunch and breakfast?

For lunch, if you're eating at home, you could have a side salad (either a spinach base or topped with lots of vegetables - lettuce alone doesn't have much nutrition - add some dressing/ nuts/ seeds for extra nutrition & calories too) or some steamed or stir-fried vegetables. If you're eating on the go, you can bring a little bag of carrot or celery sticks, or edamame or sugar snap peas with you. You can also stuff veggies into the pitta along with the ham and cheese.  A sandwich alone definitely is not a lunch anyway; a sandwich, salad with dressing, and yogurt is more like it.

I don't think it's essential to eat vegetables at EVERY meal, if you eat a nice sized portion at dinner ever day, and a portion at lunch most days, no need to eat veggies at bfast.  That said, you can have an omelet or scramble with vegetables or salsa some days, or have a sliced tomato on the side if you have toast, or have sliced avocado on your toast (so so good!). Or, you could have oatmeal or cheerios with berries some days, which is a bit more nutritious than sugar cereals (no need to cut out the sugar cereals entirely though, they're fine a couple days a week!) And the wholegrain toast w/ PB and fruit is an awesome, balanced breakfast.


You're totally not alone. I've been losing weight, and I've been trying to limit my calorie intake to about 1600. 90% of the time, however, I'm craving food that would amount to about 2000+. I just had a ~400cal breakfast, and I'm "starving", craving donuts. I could probably eat a whole dozen.

My binging is not totally emotional.... I'd say half is. The rest is totally chemical.

Eat. Eat. Eat..... I want food NOW. Like permanent PMS. I've been like that for about 2 weeks.

Luckily my binging is a rare occurrence now.

For your weight I'm sure 1500cals is plenty (500/meal).

What's helped me, honestly? Just don't BUY what you binge on. It totally works. Until that one weekend when it doesn't because you couldn't care less at that moment... But, 90% of the time it works.

Original Post by antiquitas:

For your weight I'm sure 1500cals is plenty (500/meal).

1500 is the minimum CC recommends for short, sedentary teens! At 5'8" and as an active 17 year old, the OP should NOT be eating at this low a calorie level.

ah, I'm confusing with wanting to LOSE weight. I'm aiming for 1600 at 5'10 to lose lots and lots.

Im recovering bulimic and currently working with a nutritionist.

First i hated to eat bigger portions and to eat something every couple of hours.

But it really works! You should really check you portions/calorie intake because when you just have healthy meals and healthy snacks every 2 or 3 hours it will get better and what also worked for me is that i knew if i'd start to binge, id just gain weight!

So just recheck your portions and intake, dont think you'll be cured right away but it really does work!

Good luck!

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