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i just binged and dont know what to do =(

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i just binged and have been working out and doing so well. eating enough and keeping the right balance. i think im down to my goal weight even though i know i could go lower but i didnt wana end up binging from weighing to little. i thought i was being smart. im not sure what triggered it now but i just couldnt stop and ate everything. i totally ate enuf today etc... im 5"5 and am 21 and weigh like 130.. i dont wanna gain everything back. im so scared.

what do u think will happen? what should i do? i feel soo horrible. its 11 at night and im just on my bed about to burst into tears =(

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relax. Whatever you do, Forgive yourself. Even if you went 100,000 calories over your daily intake (which is very unlikely!!!! At the most you would be 2,000 - 3,000 over your daily total)...You will not help yourself if you are self loathing. Any guilt at all, will eventually make you binge again.

Just get back up, and try to go easy tomorrow. I don't binge in front of people, maybe staying busy would help you? Make sure you keep your excerise regular. If you gain anything, it might be water. I've weighed a lot more a couple days after bingeing, and it's goes away without even cutting calories sometimes.

Don't look at the scale, don't look back, tomorrow is a fresh start.


Hey determined00,

Dont worry :)

So what you binged - we all do some times. Tomorrow you will be back on track. Be gentle with yourself.  Tell yourself you're not perfect and tomorrow's a new day. 

more of this :))   less of  =(





Trust me when I tell you we've all been  there done that! The key is to get back to clean eating and that is exactly what you will do tomorrow. You might gain a few pounds from your binge but know that it is likely the sodium in the food you ate that will trigger your body to hold on to a little water. There is also the actual weight of the food you ate. So what I'm saying is; if you are up a few pounds it is very likely water weight. So drink at least 1/2 gallon of water tomorrow (I try to drink that amount every day) as well. This will allow your body to let go of any excess water it may want to retain following the binge. Bottom line; it's no big deal and you will recover just fine. Take it from someone who has lost more body fat than you weigh, it happen and it's no big deal as long as you get back to clean eating right away. Now, rest easy and sleep well. Tomorrow is a new day.


I think anybody actively trying to lose weight through diet and exercise has been where you are. 

First off, I think everyone's right in saying to calm yourself down a little. In order to gain a single solitary pound, you'd actually have to go over your normal calorie expenditure by a whopping 3500 calories. Depending on what you ate, you might have a little extra water weight, but you can get rid of that easily enough by drinking plenty of water.

Secondly, I'm not sure if you're familiar with caloric cycling, but a high-calorie meal can be good every once and a while. Our bodies get used to what we do to them/ put in them, so changing up the amount of calories we receive per day/ per meal can actually be a catalyst to weight loss. It's sort of like cross-training, but with food.

And if you still finding yourself wanting to cut back a little on calories tomorrow, do it! But only ever-so-slightly.

And soon enough you'll be right back on track and feel right as rain. 

I think you should try eating 6 small meals a day, instead of restricting your calories so your body always knows food is available. :)

It's about the long term, not a single day. Just because you had a bad day (a day that didn't meet your goals), doesn't mean you are ruined. Like the others said, you'll just get right back on track.

If you still feel bad about it, try checking your 30 day averages. I focus more on those than on my daily stats. One single day has very little effect over time, even as short an amount of time as 30 days.

Another thought - do what you would normally do, with diet & exercise, but don't weigh for a week. If you do weigh - only for scientific inquiry, as in: This is how my body reacts to a single high junk food day.The effect will probably be a lot less than you think.


Another suggestion, besides giving yourself a break, would be to figure out why you binged in the first place.  If you are so upset you want to cry, you might be trying to stuff or dull an emotion rather than dealing directly with it.  And who hasn't been there?

I tend to 'over indulge' at night when I'm bored.  It's easy to pick a little at this and eat a little of that until I've put down God only knows what, because I wasn't even aware of what I was eating.  But if I log everything, then I don't feel as guilty.  I know I can figure it in during the next day or two and keep my deficit going.

I give myself permission to eat whatever I want without guilt about once a month.  That way, if I want to go to Texas Roadhouse and eat peanuts for 20 minutes, then eat a roll with cinnamon butter (yum) AND chew down chicken tenders and fries, then I will.  I just plan on it a few days in advance (lower fat & sodium than normal) and for a few days after.  Everything seems to modulate itself.  I have taken off almost 50 pounds since May doing this, and I feel pretty good.

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